I’ve refrained so far from making any comments about the deluge occurring in Texas, but definitely have a few things to say. First off, do the math:

Increased temperatures = increases evaporation = increases precipitation = increases storm activity = floods = some which will be ‘catastrophic’

It’s very simple. I’ve seen a lot of claims that this is NOT due to climate change, which is patently ridiculous. When did Texas EVER experience something like this? Or for that matter – anywhere in the world?

I’ve said and have long known that we always had Nature on our side – our “opinions” about climate change and global warming and whatever “experts” we trot out to “prove” our position are ultimately irrelevant. Nature will have the final word. Well, she just spoke – loud and clear (again).

I would have thought that the thousands of exploding craters in Siberia would have been AMPLE evidence, or perhaps the absolutely country-sized iceberg breaking off in Antarctica, or perhaps that stupendous amount of melt in Greenland, or any number of events that have occurred all over the world. Yet all of this factual evidence has been routinely denied for years by the propaganda industry.

That’s why I have repeatedly stated that people had to die before they would finally start to ‘believe’ something that is counter to their assumption and per-conceived bias. I do blame the propaganda industry for misinforming people so badly, for so long. And they’ll keep at it. But now that people are drowning, a few more will stop believing the liars and start believing the truth. Global warming is here – and it’s catastrophic.

And it is going to get a lot, lot worse. Well documented right here on this blog for over a decade. The Earth has a GARGANTUAN energy imbalance now and it will result in catastrophes.

Don’t anyone assume that this is a “once in a lifetime event” because it’s not. It will be, and has been, happening elsewhere. There are catastrophic floods, mudslides, rainstorms and thousand upon thousands of people suffering in other parts of the world – stories that the American media almost NEVER bothers to cover. Use Google to search these out if you don’t believe me, they’re everywhere. But Americans are soft, pampered and constantly lied to, especially by the connedserveratives who continue to deny that climate change is even real.

Well Houston – do you believe it now?


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