Contradictions Within Science

Desdemona has an article title “Global sea level rise accelerates since 1990 – Greenland ice largely responsible for the accelerating pace of sea-level rise

“The annual rate of sea level rise increased to 3.3 millimeters (0.13 inch) in 2014 – a rate of 33 centimeters (13 inches) if kept unchanged for a century”

It is this kind of bogus reporting that continues to deceive a uncaring public. The take away is “oh, it’s just 13 inches over a hundred years, no big deal” when the REAL sea level increase will be over 9 feet (108 inches) in that time period.

Science continues to deny itself and acts as if scientists are completely uninformed about other research and estimates. Virtually nobody accepts a 13 inch sea level rise in a hundred years. Estimates ranges from 1.5 meters to 3 meters (4.9 ft to 9.8 ft) with some fearing even higher.

Climate scientists can’t seem to stay on point. This is a HUGE PROBLEM in a rapidly declining world. They are constantly sending out these ridiculous mixed messages. What is the public expected to think?

The public will read a very few of these reports and perhaps a couple of the points will be remembered for a short time – but they won’t read all of them like I have, and they won’t realize that they are being deceived by bad reporting. Neither will the media, who lazily reports what their editors allow in their publications. The real news on sea level rise is simply almost never making it to the public.

Its absolutely no wonder at all that climate science is widely discredited and disbelieved. This group cannot seem to get its act together – and they do not even believe their own measurements and results or seem to understand what this means. Their still allowing themselves to be manipulated by their governments, institutions and agencies and the public. And yet – yet, they are the alleged experts (who cannot agree among themselves) who SHOULD be issuing clear warnings, but aren’t.

The situation is utterly, completely, ridiculous. It’s a comedy act.

Why don’t they FIX this problem? It’s clear what needs to be done. A global consortium of scientists needs to establish themselves independently of their governments and institutions – and take a concise stand on their expertise, results and predictions. They need to be issuing clear reports to the world’s media (not relying on poor journalism to do this job for them).

I have tried to get this published elsewhere and it is being censored (removed) again and again (Climate Change: the Next Generation, Real Climate, Paul Beckwith). It is evident that better ideas are being suppressed. Very very strange considering the ongoing climate emergency that is unfolding.


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