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Emergency long term storable food. Our freeze dried food and dehydrated food can last decades. Food storage is a fantastic investment with rising food prices, climate change, crop losses, disasters or any disruptions in the national or global food supply. You need to be prepared for emergencies in advance!

How prepared is your survival portfolio? Have you made the best investment of all? Do you have any long-term storable food that can last decades? Emergency food is one of the first things you will need in ANY crisis.

Huge storable food units unmatched anywhere for price, size, variety, and nutrition! The Gold Standard for your family food storage needs since 1996!

We carry the best freeze dried food and dehydrated food from America's leading emergency food companies, with a fantastic shelf life, great taste and the absolute best quality. Our dehydrated and freeze dried food is every day food - shelf stable, long life, and ready whenever you need it and can be eaten every day saving you money years into the future!

Learn how to eat better and stay healthy at a lower cost from the most informative food website in the industry! Everyday low prices with instant cost savings. No fancy advertising, fear-mongering, gimmicks, coupons, points, gift certificates, or membership required. Only the best storable food products for real emergencies and healthy living.


Why should you choose Survival Acres?Mountain House FoodsAlpine Aire Foods

  • 1600+ freeze dried and dehydrated foods available!
  • Great choices for family preparedness!
  • Gigantic food plans - many exclusive to us!
  • Compare our emergency food plans and prices for best value!
  • Our information on food storage is unmatched!
  • Incredible shelf life = great long term investment!
  • We only carry the best brands!
  • 19 years in business!

We only carry the finest long term storable foods from the best companies in America. Freeze dried food are perfect for long term storage, emergency storage or any outdoor activity! If you're looking for a reliable source for great food for your next adventure, you've found it! Our food products can be eaten every day, or used for any emergency. Food storage is essential today as global food supplies continue to decline. Whether planning for an emergency or your next camping trip, Survival Acres has what you need.

Rainy Day Foods Dehydrated Foods, over 1000 dehydrated food items.

Rainy Day is the lowest cost and best tasting dehydrated food with 1000+ products to choose from. Perfect for long term food storage and family preparedness planning! Unprocessed real food for the healthiest choice!

Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food. Mountain House is the world's largest freeze dried food company!

Mountain House is the world's best freeze dried food with a 25+ year shelf life! Emergency food always ready! Quickly and easily prepared "no cook" feature makes this a fantastic choice! Lightweight makes this perfect for outdoor recreation!

Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Units, Real Meat, Emergency Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life.

100% real canned meat products and emergency food units with a 20+ year shelf life! Cost is 50% less than Wise Foods! Fast and easy preparation! Fast and easy emergency food for any crisis!

Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Food

Alpine Aire offers the largest selection of freeze dried food. An excellent choice for an emergency food supply or any outdoor activity. Great taste, and easy preparation!

Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit

Van Drunen Farms specializes in providing premium freeze dried fruits and vegetables at the lowest cost available! Delicious freeze dried fruits and vegetables!

Natural High Gourmet Freeze Dried Food

Natural High offers delicious and lightweight freeze dried foods for your family or outdoor activity. Made with all natural ingredients and no additives.The outdoor favorite!

Firebox Outdoors' Compact and Portable Cooking Stoves

Lightweight, compact and portable cooking stoves requiring no canned or bottled fuel! These are great for camping, backpacking, hiking or any outdoor activity!

Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

Kelly Kettle cook stoves can be used anywhere, are extremely fast and efficient while being lightweight, boiling hot water in just minutes! Perfect for emergency cooking and camping!

Country Living Grain Mill

The Country Living Grain Mill is the worlds best grain grinder. Built to last a lifetime!

Survivor Industries survival kits MRE

Survivor Industries Mainstay food rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F, making them ideal for storage in vehicles, aircraft, boats, and conditions where extreme temperature fluctuations would destroy typical food products!

SilverFire Camp Stoves

SilverFire makes some of the best biomass rocket and forced air stoves in the world! Innovative designs that are built to last a lifetime!

Super Spectrim Vitamins and Minerals

Super Spectrim makes some of the most scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals and supplements. An essential part of your long term food storage planning!

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