A Very Important Announcement from Survival Acres ...

What if I told you that you and everyone you know was going to face severe hardship in the future no matter where you lived?

What if I was able to clearly document this fact and prove to you that it was going to happen?

Would you take just five minutes to examine the evidence, just to be sure that this wasn't some kind of hoax?

Do you owe it to yourself and your family to check this out and verify whether or not there is anything to this claim?

Please, I'm begging you to not brush this off - to check this out for yourself so that you are not uninformed. After that, after just five minutes of your time, whatever you do, is entirely up to you. It may be the best five minutes of your life that you have ever spent!

I am not here to scare or frighten anyone, but I am here to tell you that I have spent the past twenty years studying and documenting these concerns and have written nearly 3000 articles relating to this topic already.

Who am I? My name is Jonathan Richards of Survival Acres, one of America leading researchers and bloggers on preparing for the future. I have spent over twenty years of my life studying and writing about the issues that are impacting our world and civilization.

So without further introduction, here is what I know and how you and your family need to be accurately informed about what is facing every human on the planet today.

Climate change will affect the lives of everyone you know deeply impacting planetary survival and habitability for humans!

The situation is already serious and getting worse. This is not a play upon words. I have carefully documented the known science and state of affairs around the world. Despite little to no actions by world leaders, the risks to human survival are rapidly increasing.

Please read this information and stay informed! I'm going to share the important points on what is now unfolding worldwide for all of humanity.

Agriculture provides the world's human population with food and is totally dependent upon a tolerable climate, which means daily temperatures must be within the range of plant survival limits, and sufficient water must be also available (not too much and not too little). Soils must be fertile with sufficient nutrients for plant growth and the growing seasons must be long enough to provide plants opportunity to ripen and be harvested.

Every year, billions of tons of food crops are harvested for human consumption and transported by ships, planes and even trains around the world to supermarkets everywhere. This just-in-time delivery system has brought huge varieties of food to grocery stores all year long. Because of this ability to harvest and deliver food in any season, Americans can enjoy every kind of food at anytime.

Unfortunately, climate change is now impacting food crops in virtually every growing region of the world. Extreme temperature variations, excessive rain flooding fields, blight and pests and even extensive droughts has dramatically affected harvests resulting in a huge jump in prices and food availability.

Many food crops that humans depend upon are now declining in quality and harvests. Farmers can no longer depend upon a normal growing seasons and harvests due to the extreme disruptions of climate change. Crops are often ruined or even left in fields to rot because of too much water and mud!

Global food shocks in the largest grain-producing regions of the world are now expected. This will have a dramatic affect on prices and availability!

It's not just food crops being affected either, it's also affecting bees and their ability to pollinate the plants we depend upon for food. Bees have been declining around the world. Bees pollinate a huge variety of important human foods, including potatoes, onions, celery, kiwi, okra, beets, mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, peas, peppers, many different kinds of beans, apples, almonds, watermelons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, coconuts, canteloupe, melons, cucumber, squash, carrots and many, many more foods humans depend upon.

Wintertime temperatures are literally all over the map now, which affects plant growth dramatically (they think it's suddenly spring).

extreme winter high temperatures

Increasing temperatures

Even the birds and the bees are confused, arriving too soon or too late when the plant food they depend upon for their survival is no longer available. Plants and trees can try to bloom too early, then die from shock when it turns suddenly cold again.

Each summer as temperatures continue to skyrocket, air conditioning demands are placing a major strain on power supplies, and each winter, extreme cold is causing heating bills to sky-rocket. It's getting harder and harder just to keep temperatures regulated to tolerable limits! But this is even more true in the food growing regions and farms around the world!

A serious water problem from flooding, droughts, rising seas and ground water depletion!

Climate change is also impacting our nation's infrastructure, highways, roads, dams, levees, power stations, buildings and even our homes which were not designed for these extreme weather events!

The problem is either too much water comes all at once (deluge and flooding), or too little water arrives during the rainy season (drought), and the wild temperature fluctuations we are experiencing which can occur now at any time.

can now occur at any time in any season! Increasing melt from snow packed mountains raises streams and rivers past flood stage, traveling thousands of miles downstream, flooding farms and homes, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Mega droughts are being projected for the Western States! NASA projects severe drought conditions in the American West which will affect millions of people and available water supplies in western states (and food production).

Soils are drying out

Water resources are increasingly threatened with escalating demands by industry, agriculture and growth affecting the available water supplies. Climate change is excacerbating these demands tremendously. According to the United Nations and many scientists, water is one of the most threatened resources for human civilization with a tripling in demand for food production with 4.3 billion people already under conditions of moderate to severe water scarcity.

That's over one-half of all humans on Earth!

Escalating water scarcity

Aquifers (underground water sources) are being depleted faster then they are being replenished. According to the USGS, ground water depletion in the United States is already very serious.

Groundwater Depletion

Aquifer depletion

Salt water intrusion into aquifers from rising seas is also affecting coastal regions throughout the world, affecting fresh water supplies, forests, crops and infrastructure.

Too much water in the form of extreme rainfall, floods and even snow melting too early in the season is washing away topsoil into the world's oceans. Too much water can even cause salinization, making it impossible to grow crops. This is already a huge and growing problem in important food growing areas of the world!

Evaporation, precipitation, drought and flooding increasing

Spring, Summer and Fall are now plagued with huge forest fires, tornadoes and "unseasonable" hurricanes with increasing ferocity. The severity of these storms is literally mind blowing, increasing in intensity and size!

In the western states, large forest fires are now very common and increasing because of climate change. It's already now more then four times as likely that a major forest fire will occur in our nation's forests. Forest fires cause immense damage to streams, rivers, lakes and soil erosion, along with emitting massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will actually lower plant nutrition in some critically important human food crops.

Because of the varying winters that would normally kill pests like bark beetles, millions of acres of forests are now dead and dying, creating more fuel for some really huge forest fires in the near future. They will be utterly unstoppable because they will be so large, even creating their own weather patterns due to their sheer size!

Lightning strikes are now on the increase due to higher temperatures, making more and more fires a reality every year.

Mother Nature is now way out of the normal energy balance that provided habitable conditions for human life, and is now creating extreme weather events around the world. Rising temperatures are increasing evaporation and precipitation dramatically. The resulting extreme weather events (storms, floods, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow fall, ice and even droughts) are the result of a highly disrupted jet stream affecting global weather patterns.

ALL of these factors are now being seriously threatened by climate change! Our food production, what we depend upon for our very lives is already seriously threatened! This is a worsening situation season by season now!

And this is a big concern - climate change can lead to war over food production, water and border security. Don't take my word for it, check out Time magazine's article on this. It's happened many times before.

Perhaps what is the most shocking of all is how unprepared world governments are for the massive displacement of people who will be affected by climate change. The number of affected people is truly staggering - over 2 billion people will be impacted by rising seas, floods, droughts, mega-storms and extreme weather events, affecting food production, infrastructure and industry throughout the entire world.

One half of all humans live within 60 kilometers of the coast, necessitating a massive relocation effort ahead. The majority of these humans will need to relocate inland. Most will not travel far, moving only slightly inland, creating immense pressure and problems on housing, infrastructure, economic opportunities and resource demands. Fresh water will be increasingly difficult to to supply. Impacts on global food production are expected to be significant accelerating to severe.

Significant sea level rise is now a known certainty. Recent studies have shown that even if human-caused emissions of were to stop entirely, their associated atmospheric warming and sea-level rise would continue for more than 1,000 years! In the United States, Miami, New Orleans and New York will be devastated with over 25 million people affected (this number is rising rapidly as higher sea levels are now expected). Much of Italy is now expected to be submerged, impacting over 6 million people.

Rising sea levels are threatening global shipping more and more every day. Sea level rise by 2100 is expected to exceed 9 feet in the latest estimates, with some estimates even far higher then even this (30 feet, NASA). This will cause a total shutdown in most sea ports which will have their infrastructure flooded (buildings, cranes, warehouses, roads), making it impossible to load or unload ships from shore and shutting down global trade worldwide! Millions of Americans will be forced to relocate!

Ocean dead zones are getting worse, globally due to climate change and will have a dramatic impact upon marine life and the food production for humans. Over 3 billion people rely upon the world's ocean for food and income.

Even the world's oxygen supply is declining. Obviously, this can't be good either. The real problem will be with the phytoplankton in the world's oceans which produce up to 85% of the worlds oxygen. These single-celled plants are in global decline and are the base of the food chain for the world's oceans.

Phytoplankton decline not only means lowered oxygen levels for everything that lives, but less food for the world's marine animals, including the fish that we also eat, which have declined over 87%!  This might also explain the very high levels of starvation now being seen in many marine species.

We're even running out of arable land in which to grow the food humanity depends upon! Virtually all of the usable, fertile and arable land worldwide has been used up. Undeveloped lands such as the Far North have unsuitable soils and short growing seasons making them unusable for food production. Many other regions simply have no water!

Clearly, there will be a rising tide of humanity seeking greener pastures where human survival is still possible! There are already 70 million climate refugees in the world today - a number that is expected to exceed several billion! People are having to abandon their homes and ancestral lands to regions where human survival is still possible. The two primary reasons are food and water! Many of these people are already facing famine and starvation due to drought and extreme climate change, others are having to relocate because of rising seas and flooded farms.

Countries like China, Viet Nam, India, Bangladesh and the United States are among the most affected right now by rising seas, but also countries like Zimbabwe, Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia are facing famine right now with many more countries to come.

Many Americans don't think that this will affect them, but they couldn't be more wrong. The immigration crisis in the United States and throughout the world is largely the result of climate change and the need for people to relocate where food and economic opportunities still exist. The US has absorbed millions of immigrants already, but there will be millions more seeking refuge here.

The world is obviously facing a massive food crisis on a unimaginable scale! Over 7 billion people are now on planet Earth and the natural resources we've long depended upon to keep us properly fed are in severe peril. A catastrophic convergence of planetary environmental collapse is well underway, and will result in a significant decline in habitability for humans.

But lets put this into a proper perspective for a moment so that you can understand what the future really means: So far, all these changes have happened with very small temperature increases. Much larger temperature increases are expected, dwarfing the temperature increases we've already experienced, with correspondingly larger impacts on global food production. The reality is we've only just begun to grasp the magnitude of the problem and how feeding the world is going to be incredibly difficult!

There's also wet-bulb temperature limits of plant and human survival, lag time effects of greenhouse gases, accelerating glacial and ice melt in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic (and even Canada now), rising methane levels, and melting permafrost.

There's more, much more, but I did promise you just five minutes of your time. Please consider what this all means for the future of human survival on this beautiful planet. I have and I've designed a strategic initiative project that will help humanity cope with this serious issue.

Food Assets has partnered with Survival Acres on the LIFE program - Strategic Initiative for Reduced Human Survival. Preparing now, in advance for the devastating impacts of climate change is absolutely essential for every human being on earth. The LIFE program is a global initiative to plan for reduced human survival because I know already that climate change will wipe out most of the habitable places on Earth. It's really that serious.

What can you do? Clearly, every human on the planet needs to be prepared for these increasingly difficult times! Being prepared in advance is the only real option any of us have. It will simply be too late to try to do this later on when it's not even possible.

Right now is the best opportunity there is to make your preparations before too many people panic and start competing for critical resources and space.

Here is what we recommend everyone do -

Relocate (or plan to) if you are in an affected region where water, food, weather disasters or rising sea levels will impact you and your family.

Set aside storable food for your family while it is still affordable. Don't make the huge mistake of storing supermarket foods which don't have a proper shelf life (only 2 - 5 years, please review Still Tasty for the actual facts on wet-pack food shelf life). You need to plan for a long time (the rest of your life in reality). The world we've become accustomed to is simply going to be no more.

Don't try to do everything at once. You'll be overwhelmed, so do this in stages or steps. It will be much easier to handle. Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced and it's going to take everyone making an effort.

Because climate change related disasters have tremendous potential to dramatically affect food stocks and food production, it is prudent to prepare ahead of time and maintain a minimum level of food security for you or your family.

Food security means setting aside enough food to sustain you or your family for food shortages and times of emergency. Climate disasters can easily affect your ability to procure food, and in some cases may even completely inhibit your ability to leave your area during an emergency.

It is important to note that personal food security must meet several criteria:

It must be nutritious and healthy, able to adequately sustain you for the duration of time needed.

It must posses a good shelf life - foods with a short shelf life will only be helpful if consumed before expiring. Expired foods are risky to eat, leading to food poisoning or worse.

It must be of the highest quality with the best ingredients.

It must not require any refrigeration.

Because nobody can predict when and where disaster might strike, obtaining foods with long shelf lives makes the most sense. Being able to stash away a store of food and knowing it will last for 20 to 30+ years is a tremendous peace of mind.

Long term storable food is easy to prepare, and requires no refrigeration, which makes it an excellent choice for situations where you might find yourself without electricity. Your food will be ready for when you need it!

Survival Acres and Food Assets have partnered together to offer informed readers food units specifically designed to offer extensive shelf life, no refrigeration and easy storage.

These foods can last you DECADES making them the perfect solution for any food crisis the world will experience. Over 1600 different food products and kits are available.

14 Day Kit

FEMA and Red Cross guidelines recommend 2 weeks minimum of storable food and water.

These kits are easy to use, low-impact, requiring minimal effort and preparation. 30 year shelf life.

Mountain House 14 Day Kit

30 Day Kit

A larger kit is a wise choice.

Hurricane Sandy left some residents without power over 3 months, while Hurricane Katrina affected some residents for nearly a year.

Survival Cave 30 Day Kit

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1 Year Kit

Long-term food security solutions with a 25 - 30+ year shelf life, this will be ready for you when you need it most.

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Food Assets has many, many more choices and selections available, with over 70 different pre-planned units and kits.

You can buy with confidence from Food Assets - I still assist as technical and advisory support, and will continue to concentrate the rest of my life on the LIFE project. I believe this is absolutely necessary and essential for future human survival.

Thank you for reading this important message! Please share this with your family and your loved ones as soon as possible! - Don't forget to bookmark my blog for updates on how this is all unfolding - Survival Acres Blog

Thank you,

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