Trolling America

I’ve been doing some research on the Internet Research Agency (IRA), or Russian troll farm. There’s no doubt at all that Russian trolling of social media, websites, articles and commentary has reached a fever pitch. I’m still trying to discern the overall goal of this activity – but it might just be too obvious, meaning that “division” is what it is all about. Divide Americans (and other countries) and make them disbelieve everything, angry at everyone and distrustful of everyone.

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Selling The Apocalypse

Salon has an article about doomsday preppers and the hucksters behind this movement. Some may not agree, but the article is dead right. I’ve publicly come out against the false reasons that so many have embraced and the liars in the movement that are behind this. And I was right and still am – not a single ‘event’ that was claimed happened. But the prepper movement has died and hucksters are desperate to find another way to shove their products at you while fleecing your pockets.

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The Politics of Pretend

Arctic News: Over 20 Of The Most Terrifying Images on 2016 (already posted in the recent comments, but I didn’t have the rest of this article ready).

Warning of 10°C increases within 10 years fails all calls to action. It’s been clear for some time now that nothing will cause us to act, so let me discuss this observation:

There is a lot of talk of what it is going to mean to scientists, Americans and the world at large to live under the Trump Administration. Within climate, environmental and human rights groups, there is a plenty of hand-wringing, finger pointing and complaining going on right now (where WERE you people two years ago?).

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Electoral College and the Rise of The Inorganic Protests

CNN has an article depicting the effort to block America’s Electoral College vote on December 19. Technically, President-elect Trump isn’t chosen yet, until the Electoral College casts their votes.

These ‘anonymous’ (not, we can easily find out who they are) voters are trying to be persuaded to change their vote on December 19th. This has happened many times before as the article shows, with ‘faithless’ voters switching their vote. But it’s never changed the outcome.

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Why I am glad it was Trump and the Illusion of Choice – Part II

Before anybody blows a gasket, or wonders how I could be publishing such an insane headline, I’d like to explain a bit about reality in this (s)Election.

I was never “for” Trump. I found his rhetoric, deflections and endless denials more then a little unsuitable for a presidential candidate. He did pander to his crowds too, and they never seemed to mind that he never really said anything of real substance. Trump didn’t use many slogans, but the few he did became enshrined in American history (already). He often appeared to be unprepared, ill-informed and more then a little opinionated. He had a thin-skin, not taking lightly to the accusations and disagreements he battled during his campaign.

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The Illusion of Choice – Trump Upsets the Establishment

It’s (s)Election night, 10:20 pm Pacific Time and more then obvious that it will be a Trump win. Whoo hoo!

I’m not a fan as I’ve shared before, but ANYBODY BUT HILLARY was my position after Bernie was cheated and kicked to the curb. The Clinton’s represented some of the worst America has had to endure, especially when Hillary herself was in public office.

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Silencing Dissent

There’s been interesting developments regarding how the news is “to be disseminated” if the West has its way. A specific attack against RT is underway:

UK bank to close RT accounts, ‘long live freedom of speech!’ – editor-in-chief

UK gov’t plan to oppose ‘Russian propaganda’? Pump money into BBC

RT has long sought to disseminate another ‘level’ of information not found within the US media. This has become very uncomfortable for American politicians:

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Theater of The Absurd

I laid awake all night listening to the high winds shake the entire house. A massive storm has hit the West Coast of the United States and here, even inland, we are getting our fair share. Several inches of rain are expected, although my rain gauge broke so I can’t do an accurate check here.

Extreme waves are expected up and down the coastal region too, with waves topping 45 feet. No mention of climate change of course in the lame-stream news that I saw, they’re blaming this on the tail-end of a hurricane that swept across the Pacific.

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