Selling The Apocalypse

Salon has an article about doomsday preppers and the hucksters behind this movement. Some may not agree, but the article is dead right. I’ve publicly come out against the false reasons that so many have embraced and the liars in the movement that are behind this. And I was right and still am – not a single ‘event’ that was claimed happened. But the prepper movement has died and hucksters are desperate to find another way to shove their products at you while fleecing your pockets.[...] Read More

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Hiding Truth

Food Assets shared a link with me a few days back, Mike Adams: Natural News, “everyone’s favorite über-quack #1 anti-science website”. It’s an interesting read, especially to someone like me, who not only has dealt with this clown before, but has also run into some of his ‘converted’. Adams had thought to also get into the food storage business a while back, which we exposed as a dishonestly advertised product. Typical of Adams however, he has long played a shell-game of three card Monte.[...] Read More

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Climate of Concern – Committing The Earth To A Living Hell

This is the 1991 Shell tape that has been hidden from the public revealing the devastating impacts of climate change and fossil fuels.

Shell spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying against serious climate policy and funding disinformation campaigns of climate science ($22 million annually).

Yet they knew (as did Exxon as the historical record clearly shows).[...] Read More

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Tide Rising

A very welcome (and timely) donation from Charles (France) of $400 was received! Thank you Charles!

I was planning on closing down the blog and shutting off the Internet at the end of this month, but this has made it possible for me to keep the lights on here for a while longer.
Two books were passed into my hands to read, which I’d like to recommend:[...] Read More

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The Scary Delusions Developing

For those that are interested in how the Democrats have responded to Tuesday’s upset, well it’s all over the news. But there is a lot more going on then this.

This is an article that actually reads like an Onion satire – but it’s not:

It’s been a magical and truly unforgettable eight years under President Obama’s leadership. Our economy has recovered from one of the worst financial crises in US history, thousands of jobs have been created in our booming service sector, our stock market has made record highs month after month, healthcare has become affordable and available to all, Bin Laden has been brought to justice, and Libya has been freed from Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule.  Things Obama Needs to Do Before His Term Ends[...] Read More

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Why I am glad it was Trump and the Illusion of Choice – Part II

Before anybody blows a gasket, or wonders how I could be publishing such an insane headline, I’d like to explain a bit about reality in this (s)Election.

I was never “for” Trump. I found his rhetoric, deflections and endless denials more then a little unsuitable for a presidential candidate. He did pander to his crowds too, and they never seemed to mind that he never really said anything of real substance. Trump didn’t use many slogans, but the few he did became enshrined in American history (already). He often appeared to be unprepared, ill-informed and more then a little opinionated. He had a thin-skin, not taking lightly to the accusations and disagreements he battled during his campaign.[...] Read More

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Faking Videos

I think the video speaks for itself, showing how incredibly easy it would be to fake a video.

I’ve written a post that Julian Assange is probably now dead or captured. I can’t publish this yet because I can’t prove it either way and I could be wrong. The latest interview of Assange with John Pilger does not provide any kind of date or evidence of proof of life – it could have been filmed before his disappearance or shortly thereafter his internet was cutoff.[...] Read More

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Is the 2nd American Revolution Really Underway?

Update: I believe Steve Pieczenik is a disinformation agent and the following videos are part of a massive psychological operation (psyop) to disinform and distract the American people. He has specifically tried to target those who present a risk following Tuesdays (s)Election. The information contained within the Pieczenik video is FAKE like an lot of the stories we are now seeing (posted November 6, 2016 – I should have updated this several days ago but I’ve been doing other research).[...] Read More

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