Americans Are Not Preparing

Desdemona has a very scary but very real image to share:

Three hurricanes, all lined up. First time in our modern history (ability to record something like this).

And guess what? Americans are not preparing.

Florida and parts of Georgia are under evacuation orders, and the stores in those locations have been swept clean of water, food and supplies, fights over plywood and deadly confrontations now occurring, but nobody is buying any storable food at all.

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Environmental collapse or sustainable future?

I wish this article about young people and their view of the future went into a lot more detail. Unfortunately it doesn’t, and is typical of what is getting published these days on major news sites.

There is pessimism among the younger generation, but also hope “for a sustainable future”. I have to wonder if they really know what those words mean.

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Cancelled After Just 4 Episodes, Surviving for 1 Year

This story is kind of interesting. If you have ever wondered about “surviving in the wild” and how it might work out, you might want to read this and check out the links.

My own research into “bugging out” and in conversation with professional survival instructors, reveals that abandoning civilization in favor of “survival” is a damned bad idea. Most people would die, quickly. Few would last longer then a couple of weeks. It is very unlikely that anyone alone would last a year or even six months totally cut-off from civilization.

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A Hell Hole In The Ground

Here is an example of what you should not do, buy into or build yourself: A Hell Hole In The Ground

It’s kinda scary when you consider how many people are falling for this kind of ‘plan’ for their so-called “preparations”. They’re seriously doomed to fail because they’re simply piling greedy, rich people on top of each other in a survival situation. Not what anyone needs to survive calamity.

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Why I Try

Feature update: A new “edit” feature for commentators (5 minutes allowed to fix your comments).

This is a follow-up post to the “The First Tiny Step Forward” commentary.

Several people here believe that we’ve already lost all opportunity to try to change the inevitable outcome of planetary habitability. Inherent to this belief (whether you realize this or not) is – a) everything possible has been tried and nothing will work and therefore – b) use the time and life we each still have left doing something else (living).  This is the core of the McPherson message by the way – which I steadfastly reject.

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Post-Civilization Begins

Check this out:

I’ve been wondering when this sort of mob behavior would begin. It’s not even Black Friday!

Obviously, this will now happen again. And again. And again – until box stores line their exits with armed guards. Then, the “mob” will move onto something else, having belatedly “discovered” that the power of mob behavior grants them the ability to do a lot of well, whatever the hell they want.

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You Will Either Live Through This, or You Will Die Because Of It. But You Will Not Be Able To Ignore It.

The large majority of people from scientists to policy makers addressing the issue of climate change still assert that we can stop global heating by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. But is this a fact or an unsupported assumption?

Why is it reasonable to assume that we can still stop global heating & the resultant climate changes, which some estimate could be the largest climate change event in 50 million years, and will end civilization as we’ve known it even with a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, let alone 50% by 2050?

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Survival Ism’s

Hurricane events are scary enough, but there idiotsphere of connedspiracy theorists are performing their usual mucking up of the facts. I won’t honor a single one of them with a link, but they’re claiming the usual suspects: Hurricane Matthew is “intentional” and was “steered” for destruction and death. These claims are stupid beyond belief and lack any credible proof whatsoever. Moreover, they offer nothing in terms of “why” except some half-baked connedspiracy theory.

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Are YOU Prepared For Disaster?

Most people should be aware of the huge fires at Ft. McMurry, Alberta and the evacuation of an entire city. Unfortunately, mega-fires are going to become the norm for most locations.

You read that right – most locations. You don’t have to be in the middle of a forest to be effected by higher temperatures and drought conditions. You just need to be anywhere there is flammable fuel and that applies to every city and town in the world.

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Nuke Map

Here’s a map for all you doomers out there – get your weekend doom on: Nuke Map

This thing allows you to play around with all kinds of settings and sizes and locations.

Zoom out to find your location or area.

It’s apparently pretty popular to blow shit up. There are 75.9 million detonations and counting so far.

Oh, if this bores you, there is even a 3D version available, here (uses Google Earth). You can even find your own house on this map.

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Planetary Emergency

There is a growing sense of panic now being expressed within the climate change community. This panic is the result of rather alarming levels of warming occurring during Winter and the corresponding increase in extreme weather events, ice melt (yes, even in winter) and what some call, “the lateness of the hour” for a human response to global warming. To put it very simply, non-linear acceleration of climate related events is happening decades sooner then expected.

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Major Earthquake Prediction

If you’re not following some of the science blogs, you may not be aware of a major earthquake ‘prediction’ taking place right now for the west coast of America.

I’ve been following this – and have no clear thoughts on what might or might not happen. There has been a tremendous carbon monoxide spike (to over 40,0000 ppm) that is thought to proceed a major quake as there is evidence from past quakes and observations that this goes hand in hand. These observations can occur days, weeks or a even a few months before a big quake strikes (but don’t always happen).

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Making A Fish Hook Knife

This is pretty cool – found this on The Truth About Knives website:

The level of skill in knowing the materials, manipulating in forge, anvil and hammer and shaping this into a useful tool is amazing.

I’ve known a few knife makers, one who created signature knife blades that looked just like black obsidian. It was hard to tell the difference unless you picked it up. Years ago, I took a picture series of his work while he created a knife right in front of me from scrap metal files. I could definitely appreciate his skill and craftsmanship.

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Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

Please read Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I if you have not done so already. I’ve outlined what climate collapse really means. In Part II, I’m going to outline steps you can take to prepare yourselves whether you are a business or a family.

Extreme Weather Events

Climate collapse means more extreme weather events, seasonal disruptions and unusual weather phenomenon increasing in frequency and severity. Human civilization has been designed around predictable weather patterns.  Our cities, businesses, industry, homes and infrastructure were built to endure normal weather and climatic events. We’ve also organized our agricultural practices and harvests around the seasons, which since time immemorial have also been reasonable predictable. “Bad years” usually meant bad weather, sometime it meant pestilence. Insect infestations are also heavily affected by weather patterns. A dry winter or warmer then usual will mean more insects and their larvae will survive. Food production has usually been able to account for these weather variations – but not always.

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It’s A Big Deal and It is Being Ignored

There are a couple of important new articles that should be read by everyone watching the climate crisis unfold.

They are 3.27°C Warmer by 2030? and Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster then Forecast.

Both articles fit right in with my last post, Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I. Part II is going to be about what each of us can do. But I’d like to share some comments from these two articles and what this means.

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Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

The climate crisis affecting human survival on Earth is still accelerating in the wrong direction. Increasingly strident warnings are now being issued by climate scientists that the world is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions and risk. Unfortunately, they are continuing to be ignored on the scale and scope of what will be necessary for effective human response – nothing less then a World War II scale of effort, mobilized across the entire world is required. But the evidence is already clear – the world lacks the political and industrial leadership to change course. It is very much an unknown when – or even if – this will ever change.

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Fire Preparation

The fires in the area are making the air quality really poor. Evacuation orders have been given to friends of mine, everyone is watching nervously. Sadly, several firefighter have now been killed as fires with strong winds have overtaken their positions.

Gina from Australia sent me this list of preparations. After the terrifying fires of 2003, Australians are very familiar with the risks and what to do if fires come near.

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The Quake That Will Rock The West

Rainlover shared this link with me, a worthy read on just how huge the earthquake zone really is in the Pacific Northwest:

The Really Big One

The Cascadia subduction zone is 700 miles long, running from Mendocino, California all the way up through Oregon and Washington. Seismologists have only recently uncovered the fact that this fault line is well-overdue for another major quake (running 8.7 or higher on the Richter scale).

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