Earth’s Oceans Absorbing 60% More Heat Then Previously Thought

This is very bad news – because it means that things are heating up MUCH faster then we thought:

Earth’s oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought

This would also help explain the known problems with fish stocks, and fish migrations now unfolding. And this also means that the “carbon budget” claims are utterly bogus, because they failed to account for what was really happening in the world’s oceans. But I told readers that years ago. We do not have the time or budget that some science reports still claim.

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Biggest Dead Zone – Ever

The biggest ever dead zone has just been recorded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists say the oxygen-depleted region is about the size of New Jersey, covering 8,776 square miles (22,720 square kilometers). A dead zone is where there is not enough oxygen to support marine life. The cause is human (fertilizer and effluent runoff).

The nutrients, which get carried down from the river, feed plankton blooms that die and sink. Their resulting decay uses oxygen

Studies based on nitrogen and phosphorus in the Mississippi River had predicted one of the largest dead zones ever. Unwanted record: Biggest ever dead zone in Gulf of Mexico

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Chasing Coral

I recommend the Netflix documentary – Chasing Coral. A must-see. This documentary does a great job depicting the rapid global coral deaths now unfolding. The amount of coral animals now being lost to ocean heating, pollution and acidification is absolutely staggering. It must be hundreds of millions of animals now, all dead. A worldwide collapse of an entire species.

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Where Corals Go To Die

Everybody knows the legend of the elephants. When elephants die, they leave their group and go off to die alone, in the “elephants graveyard”. Their bones can be found years later, piled up with the skeletons of many elephants.

Where do corals go to die? They’re animals too, but lacking the ability to move like elephants, they die enmasse in place. And they’re dying all over the world.

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World’s Oceans Storing Staggering Amounts of Heat

More bad (bad, very bad – extinction level bad) news for the world’s life forms: Oceans storing up staggering amounts of heat: ‘the memory of all of the past climate change’

A new study , out Friday in the journal Science Advances, suggests that since 1960, a staggering 337 zetajoules of energy – that’s 337 followed by 21 zeros – have been added to the ocean in the form of heat. And most of it has occurred since 1980.

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What We Know About Climate Change: Professor Kerry Emanuel – The basic causes of climate change (orbital and chemical), the history of understanding climate change, likely temperature scenarios, the effect of clouds and other uncertainties.
Climate Change as a Perfect Storm: Prof Alden Griffith – video showing human caused, projections
Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback
Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science
No Carbon Budget
Future Sea Level Rise

Recent Ocean Warming has been underestimated – NOAA’s data adjustments

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What Humans Have Done

Some of you may have seen this, but consider the “other” side of this story that the video fails to mention.

The title is “What would happen if humans disappeared“, but it should have been “What humans have done.”

The video is highly inaccurate with regards to the Earth recovering from our pollution. It would only be true in a perfectly re-balanced world (where the energy imbalance does not exist) – which will not happen for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Ocean Apocalypse Now

Jeremy Jackson Senior Scientist Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution and Professor of Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Mean sea level rise of 13′ – 14′ feet in a couple of years when the West Antarctic Ice Sheet disintegrates @27 minute mark. This video should be watched all the way through.

Posted here before, but more important now then ever. Things are even worse now.

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The Politics of Pretend

Arctic News: Over 20 Of The Most Terrifying Images on 2016 (already posted in the recent comments, but I didn’t have the rest of this article ready).

Warning of 10°C increases within 10 years fails all calls to action. It’s been clear for some time now that nothing will cause us to act, so let me discuss this observation:

There is a lot of talk of what it is going to mean to scientists, Americans and the world at large to live under the Trump Administration. Within climate, environmental and human rights groups, there is a plenty of hand-wringing, finger pointing and complaining going on right now (where WERE you people two years ago?).

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Failing To Comprehend

A few quotations and how even the ‘informed’ are still failing to comprehend the true outcome of what these measurements and observations really mean:

Are Jellyfish Going To Take Over The Ocean?

“The thing that grabs me the most is how something so diaphanous, so brainless — so incredibly, unbelievably simple — can cause so much devastation and so much death and so much harm.”

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Climate Destabilizing – Beckwith Declares a Global Emergency

July 2016 – Hottest Month On World Record

Arctic Fish Populations Changing As Ice Dwindles

Case For Declaration of Climate Emergency – Paul Beckwith on why we have a global emergency right now. I’ve summarized below. He’s years late (behind me at least).

  • Ocean Acidity has increased >30% in the last decades
  • Oxygen levels are declining 6x faster then oceanographers expected
  • Global ocean circulation patterns are being disrupted
  • CO₂ levels in June 2016 are startlingly higher then June 2015
  • Methane levels are 1850 ppb and rapidly climbing; especially in the Arctic
  • Global temperatures continue to spike higher, exceeding the Paris targets for an entire month this year
  • Global biodiversity has already declined by 50%
  • Massive global coral reef bleaching and dying events; kelp and sea grass bed destruction; global ocean phytoplankton decline
  • Massive boreal forest dieback; Amazon forest die back; global sinks for carbon dioxide in decline
  • 25% of the world’s ocean fish spend their lives on reefs, what will happen to them when reefs are gone?
  • Massive fires in the Amazon, boreal forest and other northern regions simultaneously reducing carbon sinks and raising atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Arctic albedo rapidly declining due to disappearing Arctic sea ice and snow cover
  • The risk of losing all Arctic sea ice (Blue Ocean Event) on or around 2020
  • Northern hemisphere jet streams slowing and becoming much wavier leading to increases in frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events
  • Melt rates from Greenland and Antarctica are increasing exponentially, leading to a doubling every decade, this is leading to an exponentially increasing sea level rise
  • The globe will experience food shortages soon as simultaneous crop failures occur from extreme weather events including drought and torrential rains

There’s more (a lot more) most of which is already recorded on this blog.

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No More Food

It’s been obvious for years that the world’s food supply is at severe risk from climate change and other effects, including drought, severe weather and infestation. The same situation applies to the world’s oceans which are nearly out of fish.

Global Fisheries Are Collapsing

What is astounding is how very little aware people are of these collapsing food sources. The world will flat run out of things to eat sometime in our lifetimes, but very little is being done. And it appears (to me) that almost nobody even cares.

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Points To Ponder – The Terrifying Future Facing Humanity – The Meocene

If the Greenland ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why aren’t low-lying coastal regions preparing to move their infrastructure, businesses and homes?

If the Western Antarctic ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why isn’t humanity preparing for a flooded world?

If the Arctic ice cap is going to disappear (melt into the oceans), why are our global leaders still pretending that all of this isn’t a global emergency?

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Anybody besides me “fascinated” by the speed of the planetary disintegration now taking place? Huge, utterly irreversible changes are now unfolding faster and faster. Sure looks like the non-linear effects of climate collapse are well underway.

For the second time in less then a month – in the dead of winter – the North Pole has risen above freezing. Hah! I can’t even image what the melt profiles must look like up there.  A whopping 90% of the human-induced heat energy has gone into the oceans.

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Earth Changes

The biosphere of the Earth is changing in profound, and in increasingly alarming ways. It’s a familiar story to those who are watching, but it’s still largely unknown by the majority of people. The distractions and demands of our civilization have divorced millions of humans from what is unfolding around the world.

One more time: If these creatures cannot live here, neither can we. We are intricately linked to the health of the biosphere. Many of these animals are dying from starvation. It’s not temperature that’s killing them – it’s the lack of food, but there are other things causing the die-off too, like pathogens which are thought to be linked to a warming climate.

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Die Off – Harbinger of Things To Come

Scientists are claiming that we are on the verge of the 6th Great Extinction, but I beg to differ. We passed this ‘verge’ many years ago as evidenced by the mass die-offs and extinctions already recorded. What we are now witnessing all over the world is rapidly accelerating extinction events in the Earth’s biosphere.

If these other lifeforms can no longer survive here – due to starvation, temperature, drought, depredation or environmental toxins, then we can’t live here either. It’s a simple concept with one cause. We are just as dependent upon a healthy environment as they are. Since humans are the root cause of this extinction, it is up to humans to change, or face self-annihilation too.

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