Inside Story – Climate change: Can disaster be avoided?

Plenty of false hopium found here (can’t post the video directly): Inside Story – Climate change: Can disaster be avoided?

The cities of the future are prominent. No discussion (of course) of limiting human growth levels. And the “climate deniers” in a “limited number of countries” just happens to include some of the worst polluting countries on the planet, USA, Australia, England. You’d think we were actually all one country, following the Orange Monkey to Disneyland.

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National Connedsumer Day Nearly Here

National connedsumer day is nearly here again. I won’t be celebrating, as I never do. I did brave the misery monkey’s briefly, making a mad dash for more victuals for the winter. It was jammed packed. Cashiers always wish me a merry xmas, but I never really know what to say in return. It’s not xmas. It’s not anything, certainly not the birthday of Christ, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. But it is national connedsumer day, which for whatever reason, is widely celebrated.

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The Bad News, The Worse News and The Trump News

It’s not written in stone yet – Trump’s picks, but this is shaping up for America as bad news and worse news (more of the same, only worse):

Meet Team Trump

Well, at least we’ll all finally get this “show” on the road (towards our annihilation and the extinction of all life on the planet).

But it’s not definite yet, that is to say, who Trump finally picks. So for the rest of you, there is some hope. It may not be that bad (but it probably is).

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Pure Hopium – The Revenge of Gore

With a rather ridiculous headlie, Robert Scribbler has lowered the bar of believability once again – “Al Gore’s Revenge — Internal Combustion Engines Stink and This Ridiculously Powerful Electric Turbine Truck Proves It“. I suggest you read it.

Wow. A whole 190 miles between recharges. I’m sure that’s an improvement over current models, but seriously? And ‘tanked fuel’. Hmmm, might that be diesel?

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The Hidden Side of Alternative Energy

I found these videos below over on sunweber’s blog and realized that they would ‘say a lot’ about the unsustainable cost of alternative energy. Youtube has a ton more videos on the same topic if you’re interested in researching this further. I’d like you to pay attention to the factory processing and methods and inherent energy requirements to produce these solar powered components as you contemplate what this really means for our energy future.

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Silver Price Forecast: Silver Could Hit $1,000 Per Ounce, Insider Say

“I’ve been quoted many times saying I expect to see triple digit silver, and that’s assuming gold doesn’t move. If gold goes to $10,000, then silver will be some ridiculous number… could even be $1,000 silver.” Silver Price Forecast: Silver Could Hit $1,000 Per Ounce, Insider Says

I wish I had a nickel for every one of these bogus claims being made about gold or silver over the years. This shit just never dies. It’s like an old piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and you can’t get it off, but if you walk around enough, sure as hell you’re going to get some of this crap stuck to your shoe. Are these people nuts, or what?

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Alien Thoughts on Our Chances of Survival

This should get your attention:

The author defines sustainability as the condition that must be developed globally for humanity to flourish until technology advances extraterrestrial travel that will allow migration to another planet once conditions here deteriorate. The emphasis is on anthropogenic climate change caused primarily by changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere due to dominant use of fossil fuels. Energy and sustainability, from the point of view of environmental physics

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TED Talk – The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

Want some more awareness (news) and some hope?

Worth watching: Al Gore: The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

My comments:

Al’s got nice energy levels and optimism (pun intended), but he failed to prove his case with a lot of distracting rhetoric. Still the politician I see.

Force of will is all well and good, but it’s got to be greater then the cause and effect, which absolutely MUST be addressed.

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What You Won’t Hear – But Should

An interesting, but disingenuous article on What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change.

I’m no longer astounded by the lack of insight these researchers have. This sort of misguided assumptions and false hopium is being reported everywhere, but they’re dead wrong.

For those who don’t want to wade through the propaganda in the link above, the short to-the-point synopsis:

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