Arctic Old Ice Now Down to 1%

The title is not a misprint. Artic old ice (4 years old or older) is now down to just 1%.

This poses severe issues going forward, because it means that sudden melt of the Arctic is now possible.

NOAA’s 2018 Arctic Report Card is definitely worth watching – there is some very scary information contained within this video:

If you didn’t watch it, here are a few highlights:

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Business World Massively Underestimating The Effects Of Climate Change

In a new study published Dec. 10 in the journal Nature Climate Change, scientists working with environmental non-profits Conservation International and the Carbon Disclosure Project report that the business world might be massively Companies are seriously underestimating how climate change will affect business on their work.

In an analysis of 1,630 companies’ corporate disclosures about the effects of climate change, the researchers found that the aggregate risk reported by companies only adds up to tens of billions of dollars, whereas most experts estimate the actual cost will climb into the trillions (pdf).. The authors note that this huge discrepancy “reflects both that a large number of companies do not report financial impacts and that many that do are probably underestimating them.”

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4th National Climate Assessment Report

The 4th National Climate Assessment Report is out. Released of course “early” and on purpose (Friday) to ensure as few people as possible would be aware of this. No, that is not conjecture, it’s an admitted Trump Administration fact. They don’t want people to be aware of how severe climate change is getting, but you’d have to be asleep or seriously distracted to not realize that things are getting mighty serious for some people (soon – all of us).

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Here’s How Trump Is Being Manipulated By Industry and Phony “Climate Science”

If you want to get a “picture” of the disconnect between climate science (facts / reality) and what the Trump Administration “wants” – then read this article:

A look at the climate science sent to Trump

I’ll highlight the important points:

a) The Heartland Institute is a well-known climate denial organization representing big oil and corporate interests. They’re not going to be fair, unbiased or informative to the actual facts (as their history has proven, over and over again).

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October 2018 Update

I’ve been dragging my feet on posting a new blog report (sorry). There’s just too much going on right now to add to the mix. I paid very close attention to the Kavanaugh hearings (guilty as charged) and am in shock with at least half the nation that this serial sexual abuser was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

A lot of things did NOT happen as they should have. Only 9 witnesses were ‘interviewed’ by the FBI after the week-long delay on the hearings was requested (and Christine Ford was NOT one of them). Trump directly interfered with the witness list and who the FBI could and could not talk to during this “delay”. In retrospect, that was their plan (the Rape Party) all along, and now we know why. Nearly 50 additional witnesses offered to come forward and testify against Kavanaugh – not a single one of these people were interviewed in the ‘allowed’ period. But several published their statements in the newspapers anyway.

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Methane Lakes

This is what a methane lake looks like:

Up in the Arctic, inland lakes are bubbling up methane directly into the atmosphere. As a greenhouse gas, this is bad bad news.

Scientists have been puzzling over a dramatic spike in atmospheric methane levels, which since 2006 have averaged 25 million tonnes more of the gas per year. Walter Anthony’s study found that Arctic lakes could more than double this increase as well.

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143 Million People May Soon Become Climate Migrants

I’ve been warning about this for years: 143 Million People May Soon Become Climate Migrants

Worth reading. The actual number is 2 billion or so. But not before the first several hundred million show up… somewhere.

The United States is not immune to climate refugees of our own, either. The entire Deep South and Southwest will become uninhabitable as wet-bulb temperatures exceed human survivability. No amount of cooling will be possible to make living in these locations doable.

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It’s Not A 97% Consensus Now, it’s 100% – And Rush Limbaugh Says “Ignore It All”

As it turns out, the 97% “consensus” on human-caused climate change from our emissions is…… actually 100%.

A study of the 3% “deniers” that did not agree with human caused climate change reveals that they were all flawed in ways which demonstrated “non-repeatability” (their conclusions and results could not be repeated, making them non-scientific).

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Reality Check

R.J. Matson / Cagle Cartoons
Christopher Weyant / Boston Globe
Nick Anderson / Washington Post Writers Group
Petar Pismestrovic / Kleine Zeitung, Austria
Marian Kamensky / Austria
Monte Wolverton / Los Angeles Daily News
Rayma Suprani /
Tom Janssen / The Netherlands
Milt Priggee /
Nick Anderson / Washington Post Writers Group
Dave Granlund /
Deng Coy Miel / Singapore
Tom Toles / Washington Post
Ken Catalino / Creators Syndicate
Marshall Ramsey / Creators Syndicate
Signe Wilkinson / Philadelphia Daily News
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2 Rats x 3 Years = 482 Million Disease Carrying Rodents

I scan tons of articles for useful information. This one in particular stood out. It’s not often you’ll see a concern about pandemics or how they can come about, but this is a sobering fact:

Two breeding-ready rats can spawn an extended family of 482 million rats in just three years

Now mix those numbers into a highly populated, dense urban cities with most have major garbage collection problems. You get the idea. We’ve got another problem and it’s a big one.

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Trump States Suffer Most – Poetic Justice?

In a interesting twist of ‘fate’ (if you can call man-made climate change such a thing), the Trump states will suffer the most under a warming world:

There are a few takeaway messages. First, the color scale is not symmetric – that is the orange and red values represent pretty large economic losses whereas the green values are notably smaller economic benefits. Secondly, there are more regions that will lose than there are that will win. When interpreting an image like this, we have to be cognizant of the fact that more people live in the Southeast than in the central west.

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When Should We Stop Listening To Climate Scientists and Climate Reporters?

Dare I say it?

I’m still waiting for some honest reports. From both camps. One can’t (or won’t) and the other, well you decide. They only publish what they assume people want to read.

I’m sitting here under and awful cloud of smoke, it’s like living in a pall of fog. You can’t see the sun, can’t see the moon and what light does get filtered through is eerie. Breathing has become hazardous. The fires aren’t close, but the smoke has been here for days now. I’ll try to remember to post a picture, too late tonight.

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Don’t Panic – Deadly Heatwaves Will Strike South Asia… this century

I have been warning about this sort of development for years:

In South Asia, a region of deep poverty where one-fifth of the world’s people live, new research suggests that by the end of this century climate change could lead to summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without protection.

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century: study

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Climate vs. Capitalism

The world’s climate is a natural system created by the Earth’s absorbed and radiated energy. Capitalism is a human system exploiting Earth’s resources.

They’re mutually exclusive. Capitalism is predatory while still being totally dependent upon the Earth and its resources.

In the debate of “Climate .vs. Capitalism”, it’s long been obvious that capitalism has won the war for the Earth.

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More Scientific Inaccuracies (and deceptions)

There’s been a “rebuttal” of sorts to the recent “Uninhabited Earth” article published by the New York Magazine.

Scientists explain what New York Magazine article on “The Uninhabitable Earth” gets wrong

I read through this collection of comments and the stunning denial of reality was atypical – of the general public, but scientists? Seriously? Clearly, they’re responding exactly like the general public does, reactionary, cherry-picking and denying their own previously published comments. What does this mean? Hard to say, I’d like to see where these reviewers get (all) their paychecks from. Especially now that the Trump Administration has basically ordered that the topic of climate change to be taboo.

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More Scientific Inaccuracies

A truly terrible and inaccurate paper has been presented on Real Climate (a site that I abandon some time back because of their collective failure to deal with reality). Titled “Why global emissions must peak by 2020“, scientists Stefan Rahmstorf and Anders Levermann pretend that by offering lies and deceptions, everything is going to be ok.

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Millions of Refugees

Millions of refugees – I’ve been warning about this for years and years, yet it has never been picked up. And now it’s here.

“Population growth, climate change, desertification, wars, famine in Somalia and Sudan. These are the factors that are forcing people to leave.”

Millions of Africans’ will flood Europe unless it acts now, warns European chief, as Paris evacuates huge migrant camp

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