White Elephants

Ok, what I want to do here today is mention some things that need to be re-mentioned – and demonstrate that there are always things you are not being told.

The Myth of Alternative Energy –

  • Perpetuates growth
  • Consumes enormous amounts of new resources
  • Requires extensive mining operations
  • Many of these locations are in conflict areas (war)
  • Exploits indigenous populations (who won’t benefit much at all)
  • Does little for global warming (greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Continues capitalism
  • Does nothing to combat over-population
  • Requires extensive re-engineering of the energy infrastructure
  • We don’t suddenly become “green” because we are using alternative energy – we just exploit more.

Every proposal that I’ve seen boils down to “more”.

To be fair, this applies to everything that I’ve seen in the public space (what is permitted to be published, vs. what isn’t permitted to be published), all of it, always perpetuates growth.

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Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

This is a worthwhile article to read – Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

I’ve been harping on the the alternative stupidity expressed by Scribbler for a reason – alternative energy sources are NOT what is being claimed. I am no fan of oil, having covered the abuse, destruction, pollution and harm fossil fuels and the companies behind them have caused. But the alternative energy mantra being embraced by Haney and others is another false narrative.

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The Hidden Side of Alternative Energy

I found these videos below over on sunweber’s blog and realized that they would ‘say a lot’ about the unsustainable cost of alternative energy. Youtube has a ton more videos on the same topic if you’re interested in researching this further. I’d like you to pay attention to the factory processing and methods and inherent energy requirements to produce these solar powered components as you contemplate what this really means for our energy future.

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