Vendetta – Trump, Terrorism and Fascism

My apologies to everyone. I’ve been too busy and in too much pain to write here. I’m also totally disgusted at the ridiculous antics of the President, then horrified by the Puerto Rico disaster and then the Las Vegas mass casualty event.

A few words are in order:

Americans are accustomed to personal freedom of expression and opinion. However, under Trump, this is being denied more and more. No American is required to be patriotic. No American is required to “respect the flag” (whatever that means). No American is required to stand by law for the national anthem, although there is probably some uniform code of military justice that may have some kind of requirement for those in uniform, but this is irrelevant anyway to civilians or the NFL players. No American is required to support the military. But virtually all of these claims are specious at best, and inaccurate.

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The Country Gives Up

Since President Dumpf declared climate change a hoax, he’s been busy making sure that this critical topic to human survival is ignored as much as possible.

Predictably, many Americans are in lock-step with this clown. Parroting the same useless and irrelevant arguments as their distinguished leader, the topic of climate change remains hated.

In some circles, it was hard to predict that this would be the direction the nation would take. The American media has been quite complicit with climate change denialism. But it’s not like that elsewhere, just here.

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Hiding Truth

Food Assets shared a link with me a few days back, Mike Adams: Natural News, “everyone’s favorite über-quack #1 anti-science website”. It’s an interesting read, especially to someone like me, who not only has dealt with this clown before, but has also run into some of his ‘converted’. Adams had thought to also get into the food storage business a while back, which we exposed as a dishonestly advertised product. Typical of Adams however, he has long played a shell-game of three card Monte.

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Keeping Up With the Jones’s

I received a call today from a national radio advertiser (name withheld – you’ll see why) seeking advertising on the Alex Jones show. My verbal reply was very short: “Not interested” and I hung up.  A follow-up email was also received, depicting rates, media kit, etc. I can’t show this here because I don’t want this person to be fired.

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Act Like An Ass and Raise Money

Here’s some really stupid shit – as if we didn’t all have to choke on this crap already:

‘Racist’ Trump Supporter Berates Michaels Store Employee in Chicago

Some of you may have seen this already, but it bears watching again and reading the article.

Here’s the really stupid part (if you ask me) that has now come out on this story – there is now a GoFundMe campaign, which has collected $32,000 at last count.

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24 Hours of Climate News

How climate change transformed the Earth in 2016 – Food and coffee failures, coral reef collapse and more.

Zimbabwe: Zim Response to Climate Change Will Determine Economic Direction  – 75% maize crop failure, effects of climate change already severe.

Dipshit Scott Walker’s repetitive disrespect for environment, climate change reality  – Ruining the future ever faster.

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Dream Solutions Into Reality (or not)

Ok, ok. Everybody here already knows I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I just stumbled across something that makes me really shake my head in wonder. It’s called and I found it while researching climate change articles, such as this one here – Climate Change Unanimous & Effective Solutions 2028.

There’s no content. None, zip, nada. It’s a concept apparently, an idea. That requires funding of course. Ok then, so far, so good… I’ll bite. Let’s see what they’re offering there.

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Information Victims

I’ve always had issues with the so-called “right wing” spreading lies and falsehoods. They’ve reacted to all the fake news articles that have recently come out, targeting them and their websites.

But there is of course, as one would reasonably expect, no end to the fake news from these sources. They always have to “up the ante” in a gigantic bluff of hysteria and distraction.

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Is the 2nd American Revolution Really Underway?

Update: I believe Steve Pieczenik is a disinformation agent and the following videos are part of a massive psychological operation (psyop) to disinform and distract the American people. He has specifically tried to target those who present a risk following Tuesdays (s)Election. The information contained within the Pieczenik video is FAKE like an lot of the stories we are now seeing (posted November 6, 2016 – I should have updated this several days ago but I’ve been doing other research).

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Theater of The Absurd

I laid awake all night listening to the high winds shake the entire house. A massive storm has hit the West Coast of the United States and here, even inland, we are getting our fair share. Several inches of rain are expected, although my rain gauge broke so I can’t do an accurate check here.

Extreme waves are expected up and down the coastal region too, with waves topping 45 feet. No mention of climate change of course in the lame-stream news that I saw, they’re blaming this on the tail-end of a hurricane that swept across the Pacific.

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The Plague of Stupid

I am never in “need” of something to write about, there is so much pure garbage on the StupidNet to ridicule and so many real scary facts unfolding in the (real) world, that it would take a lifetime to even attempt to share a fraction of it. But still, I try.

I came across this today, which you do need to read first:

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

August 26, 2013 – Michael T. Snyder

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Infowars Money Bomb – What you are not being told

For Alex Jones followers and fans, there is an ‘event’ being held to tomorrow to fleece your pockets of even more money.

Infowars is holding another ‘moneybomb’ event, trying to raise another million dollars for Alex Jones and his alleged television broadcast.

I’ve never liked this moronic clown, finding him a dishonest creep; a true faketriot extraordinaire. Virtually NONE of his claims have proven out as I shared in More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots.

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Breaking the Dominant Paradigm In The Survivalist Movement

In numerous posts on this blog, such as More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots and Morons Unite!, I’ve made the argument that the escalating ‘climate of fear‘ being incubated today in America and within the so-called ‘survivalist’ movement is a deliberate campaign designed to take advantage of people and liberate them from their money.

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More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots

The profit in chief [sic] spins out more lies:

Somebody silence this moron. While entertaining (if you’re bored), he’s doing a lot of damage to Americans. Selling fear and incessant propaganda, Jones has become the bottom-feeding standard by which all other hucksters and charlatans hope to obtain (including similar riches). He who shouts loudest, is the most belligerent, outrageous and ridiculous “wins” while deluding millions.

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Morons Unite!!!

Someone sent me this link, knowing that I’d not be able to ‘resist’ a reply. They’re right. But as I’ve said before, nothing I write is permitted to be published anywhere else, so here you are.

If you want to read some (more) ignorant moronic crap from Michael Snyder, check this out.

Of course they won’t publish my comments, but virtually everything written in this article is a total lie. There is NO shortage of food. There is NO rush for orders. There is no September panic. There is NO rush for gold. This is simply yet another ploy by desperate fools to fleece the idiots among us.

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The Worse It Gets The More They Lie

Climate change denial is an indefensible, morally reprehensible “argument” (it is not an argument, it is a delusional fabrication of a false reality).  Yet climate change it is still one of the most hotly contested topics in America. But not elsewhere, only here. Elsewhere, climate change is widely accepted as being very real.

Factually speaking, there is no reason for this “debate” on climate to even exist. On one side is the staggering body of evidence and scientific research, actual facts, provable, demonstrable and observable, on the other is deceit, deception and misrepresentation.  And a whole lot of money from the energy industry (another “expert” unmasked here). And an inept, irresponsible media presentation, supposedly offering “balance”. There is no balance when facts are simply not reported or routinely denied, there is only distortion and an absence of accountability.

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Faketriots has released a fake email from the Department of Homeland Security inquiring about food storage.  Do not believe a word of this scam.

I’ve long expressed a distrust and disdain for scam artists. They’re everywhere. They exist to self-promote and try to get rich off of the ignorant.

This company is despicable.  3 – 4 times my price on food storage. Do the math.

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Gun Control

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the news is full of discussion on “gun control”.  It’s worth paying attention to.

I am not going to bother outlining the ‘merits’ of pro-gun or anti-gun. For the record, I’m very much ‘pro-gun’.  No need to explain why.

What I’d like to do is write the projections of what this latest hysteria is going to mean for gun owners and for the nation.

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Surviving Conspiracy Theory

Within the subterranean depths of the Internet, there exists a vast subculture of conspiracy theory, and conspiracy theorists.

As a example of this, in what I call “Boxcar Bullshit“, there is a persistent story of “human cattle cars” being built and shipped around the country, complete with multiple levels and shackles.

Years ago, I personally investigated the claims of human boxcars, and came away with the knowledge that this, like many other conspiracies of this kind, is complete bullshit.

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Conspiracy Theory

There is a lot of (useless) speculation going ’round and ’round on the Internet about certain topics.  I find most of it to be seriously lacking in common sense and intelligence, but that doesn’t stop the gainsayers from jumping on board and adding a constant stream of fuel to the fires of speculation.

Common sense isn’t that common anymore, especially online where anybody can be anything.  I could be a four-star General, a ‘secret insider’ leaking “proof” of imminent threats to Americans.  Or I could be a flamboyant ‘investor’ worth billions and billions, manipulating entire markets through leveraged equities.

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