Apr 262017

I wish this article about young people and their view of the future went into a lot more detail. Unfortunately it doesn’t, and is typical of what is getting published these days on major news sites.

There is pessimism among the younger generation, but also hope “for a sustainable future”. I have to wonder if they really know what those words mean.

In their quest to be environmentally friendly, climate-smart citizens, the young people look for the ‘right’ things to do. Not finding what they’re looking for in the world around them, they express negative feelings such as powerlessness and hopelessness instead of hope that might lead to an ability to act on environmental issues.

“The important lesson to learn from this study is that there are young people aged 17–18 walking around with a very real expectation that their future, and the future of their children and grandchildren, is a world that may be characterised by environmental collapse and climate chaos.”

Cool. At least they get it. I hope. Sometimes fear is a catalyst for action. Or at least personal preparedness. Like learning the essential life skills to stay alive in a declining world. But somehow, I sort of doubt this. The young people I run in to are surly, rude, careless and indifferent (so far). I’m not rubbing elbows with intelligent, capable, competent or even interested young people. Perhaps they’re out there, just not here. Or perhaps this article doesn’t convey the whole story.

If they’re truly aware of the predicament of the future – they already know that they really are powerless within the current paradigm to change much of anything. That would be start – to realize that seeking a system change within the system is already a failure.

The young people in the study also have difficulty seeing how adult society, the education system, politicians and the business sector can help them create a sustainable future.

Well, they can’t. Not really. The education system, politicians and business sector is going to choose the path of self-survival. As always. An entirely new paradigm has to be created – from the ground up, that encompasses real true sustainability (assuming that this could even happen, another topic altogether). But as always, the terminology is always being redefined and watered down to mean something that it was never meant to mean. And the goal posts get shifted around along with new verbiage. What we’re really talking about here is business as usual. The new is the old and the old just doesn’t intend to change.

I feel for the young people, but there’s just not much I can do. Learn life skills for a declining world would be my advice. Quickly. Abandon any and all notions of stability. Know that what you have today will be gone tomorrow. And so on. But I don’t think they read this blog, so I’ll stop here.

Apr 262017

This is yet one more story of massive tree losses occurring from climate change. This time, Southern California. The cause – bugs and drought.

Up to 38% of the trees are expected to be lost – in just 3 counties. Tree loss means a lot of other losses too. Forest fires increase (due to dead and dying trees), critical shade habitat is lost, surface winds increase, soil erosion increases, hillside slump and fall and so on.

But Southern Californians would face many other costs.

“Catastrophic loss of our canopy would have consequences for human health and well-being, property values, air-conditioning savings, carbon storage, the removal of pollutants from the air we breathe, and wildlife habitat,” McPherson said.

Apr 262017

Researchers in Canada have finally gotten around to actually inspecting the amount of volatile organic compounds being released from surface mining activities. Prior to this, they simply relied upon the measurements provided by the oil companies themselves.

Well, duh! I’ve yet to read of a single, ethical oil company that has not engaged in deception, lying, coverup, fraud and even murder. Their track record of truth is absolutely horrendous. If and when they’re every actually held accountable for their actions (after DECADES of litigation), they pay armies of lawyers to forestall any penalties, fines or fees levied by the courts. In the meanwhile, they’re busy raping, polluting, poisoning and destroying the planet – and the living contingent of life within this sphere.

So of course it is of no real surprise to learn that they’ve been under represented their own emissions. It is what you would expect from greedy, pollutive, destructive companies that have also heavily funded climate change denialism and faked-science research.

A lot more research would need to be done to inspect them all – but this won’t happen. I’d hazard a educated guess that this sort of inspection will soon be outlawed by compliant governments. It will be deemed illegal to fly over mining activity. Or it will be deemed illegal to make inspections like this without prior authorization of the oil companies themselves.

These are the same companies that are not only helping to pollute the atmosphere, but their poisoning the water supplies too – which is another arena that has seen a lot malfeasance and denial.


Apr 262017

Yesterday, I came across something of interest. The claim was that a civilization like ours requires a EROEI (energy return on energy invested) ratio of 30:1 in order to survive in its present form.

Oil extraction used to be at an EROEI of 100:1 – 100 barrels of oil extracted for ever 1 barrel of oil expended. And now, I read where it is just 5:1 for unconventional oil (tar sands, shale extraction).

The article didn’t go any further on this point, but I’ve been thinking it over. This would mean that civilization would be in a severe contraction, especially in all areas where there is little to no surplus wealth. And that is exactly what I’ve been seeing and reading about.

But the reality of what this means seems to be misunderstood. There is no way that anything even remotely resembling our present civilization can be maintained when the “wealth creation” of oil is at such a low ratio or anything approaching this. We’re spending too much energy (and wealth) to extract too little oil. Whatever wealth is generated, is literally being burned up.

And of course, the so-called “renewables” (which aren’t) won’t do squat for changing this.

It’s a predicament all right. No way out of this one. I’ve described the “low-hanging” fruit problem before. We’ve plucked out all the easy to obtain resources, which the article also mentions as a “one shot wonder”. We don’t get to do this again – ever. Once these easily found resources are extracted, oil, minerals, they’re gone forever. It should also be obvious that this is what built our civilization, but it should be just as obvious that we cannot hope to maintain our civilization without a constant new supply of these resources. The notion that we’re going to be able to keep expanding civilization falls flat on its face.

Contraction and collapse will be the result. Which is what I keep reading about with many businesses now going under. Oil not only lubricates the global supply chain (resource extraction, production, transportation), oil actually IS the global supply chain for every product imaginable (including those solar panels). But it’s not just oil that we’re running out of either.

I don’t know for certain if the EROEI is as low as 5:1 already – but it probably doesn’t really matter. I don’t care how many angels can dance on the head of a pin either. I’m experiencing a huge slowdown in activity in this region. It’s quite stupendous. A few phone calls and emails reported the same things elsewhere.

There is a mad scramble to “drum up business” by everyone that I know. And it is not working. Not even close. People have become very tight-fisted and aren’t spending money (or credit, as the real case may be). They’re experiencing the same massive squeeze businesses are experiencing. The tap is drying up. The flow of wealth from natural resources into jobs, products, industry activity and business revenue is being squeezed harder and harder. From my perspective up here in the wet North, it feels wrung-out like a dirty dish rag.

Yet – on the other hand, I do see money being spent by those that still have it. I think what I’m witnessing (we all are) is the transfer of the remaining wealth. And what they’re spending their money on does not make much sense to me – they’re still buying into this civilization as if it is going to continue just like it “always has”. They’re buying cars and trucks and toys and eating out and buying stocks and basically just goofing-off with their remaining wealth, almost as if they have no idea at all that it can’t last much longer.

They’re not buying anything to actually prepare themselves for the coming collapse. Oh, I’ve read the stories that claim they are buying up remote land and preparedness supplies, but I know first-hand that this latter point is false. They’re not buying supplies as claimed, these are spiked stories full of falsehoods. I’m in close contact with the actual, real canneries in this country – they’re in severe contraction themselves.  They’re laying people off and cutting their hours. Real estate too, around here anyway, is deader then a door nail. It’s not moving at all and prices have fallen sharply.

If there is any truth to these stories, I think we’re witnessing the upper-crust (wealthy) jumping in and buying up land and pretending they know what it takes to develop a retreat, but that’s all. And it’s a very, very tiny number of people, everyone else is just trying survive in-place, hold on and hope things will somehow improve.

I can’t see how they will, unless war starts. That’s always good for the economy. It takes a while for the blood, err wealth to make it’s way through the grinding gears of the system, but eventually it does. But it’s also horribly wasteful when it comes to resources and energy supplies. And it does not really accomplish much of anything except make the rich even richer. But stupid politicians will use any excuse to do more stupid things – including a temporary “kick-start of the economy” by sacrificing your sons and daughters (who they’re now also trying to draft into combat. This bill was passed by the Senate last year).

The bottom line is obvious too. Civilization can only go downhill once the EROEI declines and decline it has. And it can only go downhill once the easily extracted resources have all been consumed. It cannot maintain itself or expect the same levels of growth experienced in the past. And with populations now 100 times what they were – the people of the planet will all begin to suffer and face hardships more and more, because there simply isn’t enough wealth creation to give them anything better.

And wow – I didn’t even mention climate change, not even once. But I will say this: I think the long-awaited “storm” has now fully arrived. It certainly has for me and those that I know.

Apr 232017

If Donald Trump has a dangerous mental illness, according to a group a psychiatrists, what does this say about his supporters?

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

“We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness.”

I already know the answer to my question. I’ve been warning about this for many years. There is a large contingent of the American population that is just as deluded, just as paranoid, just as mentally unbalanced as their President is.

But they do not have their fingers on the nuclear button – which makes them only slightly less dangerous. There are checks and balances that are supposed to operate before the President can launch nuclear weapons. But Joe Public is pretty much ‘free’ to do whatever he wants. So if he / she choose to act or believe in irrational things, they can.

What happens when there are enough paranoid and delusional people in a country who then pick another paranoid and delusional candidate for the President? We’re still finding that answer out. So far, not so good. It does look like Trump has sold out already to the neocons, who’s Insatiable Never Ending War Machine requires more blood and guts. They’re keeping America Safe of course. Which is why I carry a gun. If you don’t, you’re not too bright.

The real danger to this country is within. It is the delusional, paranoid, fear-mongering fools that have infected the public spaces. Well, that’s not all the story – we’ve got a lot of delusional, paranoid, fear-mongering fools in government positions too, many in private, secret spaces. Some of them are very powerful fear-mongering, paranoid fools too. We can’t seem to get rid of these vermin.

Over this blogs history, I’ve raised repeated warnings about these delusional idiots. My focus ranged from Presidents to individuals. None of it did any good. Americans have few to no standards that they are willing to adhere to. If it’s cheaper elsewhere, they’ll buy it anyway – doesn’t matter if it was made by slave labor or if the advertisements and claims are all lies. If a politician consistently lies and deceives, it’s okay, just as long as the supporters pet agendas has the appearance of being supported. If an individual is repeatedly proven to be a fraud and a liar, that’s ok too, we like the entertainment ‘factor’ anyway.

Too many people expect too little from their government, their city councils, their retailers, their business associates and even their friends. They’ve given up on ethics. Responsibility and authority have been abdicated in favor of instant gratification and appeasement.

So here it is folks – I’m absolutely sick to death of trying to bring a ‘wake up’ message to a public that doesn’t give a shit about anything – and never will. America is too far gone to salvage. As it turns out, many Americans are unable to accomplish even basic tasks. I find this stunning, because it reveals just how utterly dependent Americans really are. This is a very, very dangerous position to be in.

For many years I’ve written on the topics of climate change with no effect. Before this, it was self-sufficiency, preparation, collapse, war and politics. While I still believe that being prepared is very important, not many other people actually believe this.

Actions betray stated “beliefs”. Words are cheap, easy and free. Actions are not. Actions reveal “who” you really are. They reveal what you truly care about, what your character really is. Are you an upstanding citizen, beholden to the Empire? Do you support the actions and the beliefs of your President? Or are you an individual (versus a trained parrot) that will stand up for what is right, true, ethical and responsible?

We just saw the March for Science. Most of this country want “yawn” and ignored this protest by the educated, experienced and intelligent minds among us. Their credentials and qualifications aren’t respected for what they really are. There is still a lot of very, very stupid people in this country that still claim that all these experts are in “collusion of conspiracy” to convince the world that climate change is occurring. It’s a paranoid, delusional, ill-conceived idiocy. But it’s not going away – in part because the President these morons elected also believes this.

These people are crazy, certifiably insane and they should be examined by mental health experts to determine how dangerous they are to society. You think that’s nuts? What’s more nuts – allowing a vocal, powerful contingent of people destroy a livable, habitable future through the incessant denial of facts and evidence, versus having them examined for mental health issues?

In America, the tide is not turning. It’s rising. Pun intended. But these morons don’t grasp this simple truth. The tide of stupid increases a bit more each day here, while the ice melts and the oceans continue to rise. Flooded city streets can’t hold a candle to connedspiracy bullshit. Reality has become mentally unstable delusions.

Yeah, I’m really, really sick of this shit. You cannot help those who refuse a helping hand. Instead, they spit on it and call you the devil while they drown in their ignorance and denial.

Tolerating stupid is well, just plain stupid. It’s had horrifying impacts upon our civilization throughout history. It is at the very root of most of the human suffering on this planet and the destruction of the biosphere. I’ve no doubt we can do much, much better, but eradicating stupid will be a prerequisite. This is why I support mandatory climate change education. Even this mild suggestion received almost no support, when it is so incredibly obvious that it is extremely important and way overdue. It would be a start. Stamping out stupid.

Apr 212017

The insanity of the American Empire. If  hypocrisy was a penny, America would be a nation of gazillionairres.

Apr 212017

Most of the stupidstitious will refuse intelligence and knowledge, having embraced superstition and fear.

They can’t accept the fact that their world view is utterly false. It is not based upon facts, evidence or reality, it is based upon fear, fantasy and imagination.

It’s pretty clear that this has now created a massive conflict for the future of humanity. Entire nations are now being redirected back to the Dark Ages of stupidstitions. The result is horrifying.

This is about much more then climate change, it is about the deliberate dumbing down of an entire species of apes and their actions.

The whole planet is at stake. All life. All future. All (real) hope. Everything.

Apr 172017

Phys.org has a new article on the methane clathrate issue. It’s an easy read – suggest you read this before finishing my post here.

I’m going to jump right to the point, assuming you’ve now read the article. It is this quote:

“We are now witnessing early warning signs of major methane release. If it gets out of control, there will be nothing humans can do to prevent the planet overheating quite rapidly.”

If the ‘warning signs’ of a ‘major methane release’ are already there – then it is already ‘out of control’. Moreover, 2.5 years to somehow (magically) ‘exert control’ is of course, utterly ridiculous. No nation on Earth could do that, let alone the whole of humanity.

“The main risks facing humanity: ecological collapse, resource depletion, weapons of mass destruction, climate change, global poisoning, food crises, population and urban overexpansion, pandemic disease, dangerous new technologies and self-delusion”

It is not difficult to read between the lines here. The urgency of the message will be ignored. The meaning of the message will be denied. The world governments are not that interested. The global population is not that interested. It is already quite clear that our species fully intends to extinguish itself and every other living entity on the planet.
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Apr 162017

Sea level rise is happening faster then expected – so don’t pay any attention to the idiot denier websites (and their commentary). I’ve seen some of the pure garbage that they churn out. It’s enough to make a thinking person go mad.

Now they’re saying it’s 8 feet (but it will be more) by 2100:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) just reported that the sea level is rising faster than expected in the northeastern United States and other specific regions. As climate change worsens, the global sea level could rise by eight feet before the year 2100.

Eventually, they’ll accommodate all the known data on sea level rise. But it will be more then 8 feet. And more then 9. Because it’s all melting a lot faster then these reports are claiming.


Apr 162017

One of my cats killed a baby rabbit today. How fitting for today.

I found a portion of its freshly dead corpse outside. They had eaten the rest. I don’t know which cat was responsible, but it’s something I don’t approve of. They’re well fed but this is the time of year when they go on a killing spree. The snow is gone and they can roam.

It was a real shock for me to learn (years ago) that the Easter ‘event’ never happened. We brainwash our children and our even our adults into believing silly things about rabbits, eggs, and the dead coming back to life. It never happened. History does not have any record of these claims. Yet we continue to act as if it was real. It wasn’t.

But like a lot of things, we act like a lot of our imagination and fantasies can become real. This is all part of the human experience; being human. It means we are not grounded in reality, but give our minds and imaginations over to fantasy. We then make sure everyone believes in the fantasies. It’s utterly silly.

Sometimes our fantasies can become reality, but it’s never like we think. We want to only look at the good parts of our fantasies that could come true, but not at any of the evil that always follows along in the shadows. Every fantasy has a lot of evil in the real world, but we try very hard to keep it all covered up and out of sight. It’s not common knowledge, but it should be. It might help us from making the same repeated mistakes, over and over again. But even so, we have a propensity within our species to grasp harder at what can be imagined then what is actually real.

Articles like this can make a thinking man cry: How to embrace urban living, but avoid an apocalypse. They’re not just discussing the future mega-cities of China, but all over the planet. Like most articles (except here), there is the usual hopium bullshit and how we’re going to finally solve our problems by doing more – bigger, better, more. Yep, that’ll fix it this time, finally.

Of course it is all bullshit, always has been, always will be. Nobody connects what more always means and why it’s like a cat chasing its tail. The faster it goes the more dust it raises.

I no longer expect humans to use restraint or common sense. There is simply no real evidence that we will ever do the right thing. Instead, we’re going to keep doing what we’ve always done. Devour it all by expanding our numbers, our greed, our demands, our dominion and our domination over every other thing, even the very elements of the planet and the space above.

I am deeply saddened by news within my own family, a baby is on the way. While this is supposed to be a joyous event, my awareness of the future deeply clouds any happiness. I would not want to bring up a child in this world and advocate against it. More people is not what make sense. More of anything does not make any sense.

It won’t be my problem – but in reality, it is. It is everyone’s problem. But the world refuses to wake up to this point. Overpopulation is a huge problem and getting worse, one by one. But as our common experience shows, we are simply unable to restrain ourselves from always asking for more. We’re all guilty of this.

It would be easier for me to just re-embrace the fantasies and the lies. That’s how most people make their living. They’ve molded themselves to conform to group-think. Mass mind-control and manipulated behavior. I think bigger cities are a horrible idea. I think unchecked population growth is a horrible idea. I think humanity needs to swiftly run in the opposite direction of what it has embraced. Civilization is not good – it is evil. Trapping more humans into its maw, making more slaves, restricting more lives, extorting more money, generating more waste and pollution, gobbling up more of the world – what could possibly be good about any of that?

More does not mean better. It often means worse, but we get distracted by the tinier and tinier slices of the world being offered up. We have been brainwashed into believing that this is how we’ll all get a piece of this world for ourselves, which is what we ultimately want. Something for ourselves. And our children. But as we are busy buying, building and breeding, we keep making the world less and less and less. So they have to distract us from the real reality of what we have done to ourselves. Enter religion, capitalism, careers and even retirement. It’s all bullshit. None of this things are real, they’re just guilded cages to control you and manage you and make you think you’ve “got something”. You don’t. You’re just another animal trying to survive in a world becoming less and less.

I am not like other people. I do not see the world as everyone else seems to do. And I am not crazy. I think the world is. They don’t see the prison bars or the cesspools or the mountains of waste. They can’t perceive the difference between real and imagined. They prefer imagination to reality and find it very strange and uncomfortable that anyone would even dare questions this.

The rabbit died and that’s not a good thing. There are no eggs in this story. No miracles. Just our fantasies and imagination and us, doing what we’ve always done, making it worse, being distracted and calling it all ‘good’ and pretending the more will magically make it all better.

I can’t go along with that.