Jun 082016

I found these videos below over on sunweber’s blog and realized that they would ‘say a lot’ about the unsustainable cost of alternative energy. Youtube has a ton more videos on the same topic if you’re interested in researching this further. I’d like you to pay attention to the factory processing and methods and inherent energy requirements to produce these solar powered components as you contemplate what this really means for our energy future.

Alternative energy sources and technology are often treated like a panacea for the world’s energy problems. The truth is very different. Alternative energy creates as many problems as it alleges to cure, but this inquiry is often deflected. This is dishonest, but very common.

I’m not against alternative energy myself, and rather like the idea, and I’m definitely for less use of petroleum products worldwide, but I don’t agree with the proponents of alternative energy that these technologies are sustainable, non-polluting or emissions free. These claims are simply false and are a part of the false meme that surrounds alternative energy (false narrative). In many cases, they can create even more of these problems then they attempt to solve.

Solar panels in front of wind energy plants and wheat field

Alternative energy technologies are really nothing more then ‘collection devices’. They are not energy sources themselves. As such, they do not store the energy they collect very well, and what energy they do collect has a very low density. Solar panels have achieved higher and higher levels of efficiency but still rely upon energy storage devices to make them more usable. This poses some particular problems and issues that also aren’t sustainable, non-polluting or emissions free. At every stage of the alternative energy lifecyle, from conception through production, these same issues continue to occur.

Alternative energy technologies are not green (read the entire article). “The production of solar cells has become more energy-intensive, resulting in longer energy payback times and higher greenhouse gas emissions. ” The paper explains why, and what can be done about it, but the simpler explanation to always keep in mind is simply this: The production of electricity by technology is never carbon free or truly sustainable. The further we recede from stored energy sources, the more difficult this all becomes.

Many life cycle analyses (LCAs) of solar PV systems have a positive bias so one has to be very careful about the ‘spin’ that is being promoted. Tesla (the car company) is building a giant battery factory in Nevada that will consume 100% of the world’s supply of lithium for its batteries. Sustainable? Hardly, but this only scratches the surface of the real story, what is mined, processed, machined, distributed and installed around the world and its true cost on resources, environmental pollution and of course, the carbon emissions emitted at every stage. And you may never read about the petroleum that was used to perform all this activity, but it’s certainly there.

If the world ever does widely embrace alternative energy, it needs to do so with eyes (and minds) wide open to their realities, limitations, lifespans, resource demands, impacts and costs, to include costs to the environment and how and where we might be able to best use them. They are not an end-all solution, they’re still very dependent upon petroleum energy for their production and maintenance and there is more then a little doubt we will even have the rare materials to continue to manufacture them beyond another 20 or 30 years from today.

This latter point poses a huge question – Are we setting our civilization up for failure, just like we did with petroleum energy? Have we truly counted the total costs and understood the full implications of these impacts? I don’t think so. Perpetuating growth, business and the status-quo is the hidden goals here by this switch to ‘alternatives’ vs. choosing to address the inherent problems they bring and even worse, deceiving ourselves that we’ve achieved zero-emissions energy.  If we leap forward as many suggest and then belatedly discover that alternative energy has only let us down or perpetuated the issues it was supposed to solve for us, then what? That is a question worth asking.

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Watch the videos, they’re interesting.











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Jun 072016

Ok, this posts fits right in the Real Narrative points I was raising in my last blog entry.

Please read Journalistic Malpractic.

The evidence is clear, the media is manipulating the (s)Election in favor of Hillary. But this is more then just media manipulation, the media is disenfranchising hundreds of millions of Americans who haven’t even voted yet.

If you can’t read the article (you should) here are the highlights that are important:

The media has already claimed that Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. This is NOT true. The super delegates haven’t even voted yet and won’t until July 25th – over a month away.

Hillary only has 1812 delegates, Sanders has 1521. That is not enough for EITHER candidate to win yet. We don’t know the winner until July 25th! But the media has already declared their anointed Queen Hillary to be the nominee.

This is unconscionable.

Tonight, we will learn what this Tuesdays primaries results will be – but it STILL doesn’t mean the (s)Election is over. The article link above was published only yesterday (Monday in case you’re drunk or stoned or simply don’t give a shit) and there were no primaries yesterday, but that didn’t stop the lying, manipulative and dishonest media from making their coronation.

For years I have pointed out that the American (s)Elections are a SHAM and (s)Election 2016 is proving this point many times over.

Pledged delegates
Clinton: 1,812
Sanders: 1,521

Clinton: 571
Sanders: 48

“Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination. She will be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then. They include more than 400 superdelegates, who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before the first caucuses and primaries and long before any other candidate was in the race.”

WTF??? 10 months? How can a delegate claim they are fairly representing their voters when their voters haven’t even voted yet but their vote “has been decided” 10 months in advance?

The media’s complicity and outright coronation of their choice of nominee is absolutely disgusting – and outrageous. America – you are all witnesses to another stolen (s)Election.

The media has fabricated a story, a false narrative that intentionally deprives Americans of their choice of nominee. And so far, they’re getting away with it.



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Jun 052016

I’ve been harping on the ‘false narrative’ off and on for a while now. But what is a false narrative?

A narrative is a story – and like most stories it contains a cast of characters, events, circumstances and a story line. Events that either will (future tense) or have (past tense) taken place. But like all stories, a narrative isn’t the real thing (real life). It’s fiction, the ‘telling‘ of the parts of the story the author wants to share.

The false narrative is a combination of these fictions and non-fictions, truth and deception, inaccuracies or omissions in the story, but it is not the real thing. A narrative is almost always passed off as the real thing, and almost as often, accepted as the real thing, but this isn’t true. A narrative is the ‘telling’ – and a false narrative is also the ‘telling’ inaccurately (omissions). Continue reading »

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Jun 052016

Posted, but worth making a separate entry here: New Study Predicts an Intolerably Hot World

Not the best article and some really inaccurate statements. I suspect the editors refused to allow the real facts to be accurately published. There are numerous dishonest claims here. Listed in order as shown in the article:

  • a) There will be no great grandchildren (for most of us) as humans will be gone by the time frames claimed (read on).
  • b) 6.4 to 9.5 degrees Celsius are unsurvivable temperatures (for anything living), vastly exceeding survivable wet-bulb temperatures. 1 degree Celsius increases atmospheric moisture by 7% (massive storms on a scale not even imaginable). So temperatures are too hot to survive and nothing will due to heat, rain, storms and even drought. We are already seeing extremely dangerous temperatures exceeding survival rates in India right now (long before 2300).
  • c) Sea level trajectories are already over 21 feet by 2100. Far above what this article claims, which means most low-lying coastal cities will be flooded creating over a billion refugees.
  • d) Food supplies will be more then “disrupted”, there won’t be any. Starvation on a global scale will come first before heat-stroke and death by thirst. This is happening now, with 72 million in Africa facing starvation by December (this year) according to published reports.
  • e) The methane hydrate problem is seriously glossed over. A major “methane pulse” to the atmosphere is expected at any time and there are already indications that this is now underway with a dramatic jump in methane levels.
  • f) Climate refugees already number over 100 million (today) and will exceed over 3 billion by 2050, a far greater number then claimed in the article.
  • g) Temperature increases would indeed ‘flatten-out’ over time – on the scale of thousands of years. We don’t have the kind of time left.
  • h) 2015 – 2016 has seen a very dramatic jump in temperature, which now appears to be non-linear, meaning it will acclerate faster and faster by all indications, making these time-frames claimed erroneous at best and disingenuous at worst.
  • i) There is virtually no chance now of “limiting warming” within human lifetimes. Warming is accelerating now beyond human emissions and feed backs due to nature sources now becoming emitters, including such things as albedo feedback (no ice). A blue-ocean event in the Arctic may happens as early as this year (September time frame). This will dramatically increase warming in the Arctic and sets the stage for runaway feed backs, including permafrost melting and methane from organic soils.
  • j) Alternative energy is not-carbon free and studies have shown that it can actually increase emissions. Nor does alternative energy supply enough for human needs, but it does deplete critical and non-replaceable resources and has a very limited time replacement life span on the order of just a few decades. We do not have enough raw materials to continue to replace what is needed while trying to meet increasing needs.
  • k) Carbon fees don’t accomplish anything other then making some richer. All economic activity by any source creates carbon emissions. Money cannot solve climate change, this is a triggered physical process that is now beyond our assumptions of control.
  • l) The many assumptions and claims in this article are intended to persuade readers that we are not in a planetary emergency and what more scientist now believe is an extinction level event (ours). It is well known that a 6th “great extinction” is now underway globally, but the question still be grappled with is “does it include us?” and the evidence says decidedly yes. We have only a few decades at most in order to survive on this planet as temperatures, droughts, extreme weather, starvation and devastation will wipe out life on this planet. This is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced and the evidence has been published in many places including on this blog.
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Jun 022016

The “Donald” has promised to expand oil, coal, fracking and the size of his hairpiece in the latest twist of planet destroying actions:

Trump: America First on Fossil Fuels, Last on Climate Change

Totally and utterly unconcerned for any viable habitable future for mankind or the planet, Trump intends to undue anything standing in the way of exploiting the planetary resources even further. The “plan” as it were, is to open up the floodgates and reverse any and all protections of the natural environment, “maximizing production of coal, oil and natural gas.”

Well, I suppose it’s not all Trump’s fault just yet (it’s the Koch brothers) – but it will be. If this doesn’t tell voters EXACTLY what Trump really is, and who he is in league with, then nothing will.

Meanwhile, as we breathlessly await this absolute insanity, Trump proposes a wall to protect his multi-million dollar golf course from the rising seas. He may claim he doesn’t “believe in global warming” but he’s sure willing to spend millions of dollars to try and prevent it impacting his own investments.

I couldn’t make this shit up, I’m not that creative or cunning. But Trump is – he’s got the whole right-wing connedservative movement absolutely convinced he’s the right man for the right job at the right time and will lead America to “greatness”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Next to religion, this is one of the biggest con-jobs I’ve ever seen foisted upon a nation.

Far From Turning a Corner, Global CO2 Emissions Are Still Accelerating but not many people seem not to care or notice. That’s ok – the climate won’t be noticing them either as it steamrolls it way over homes, businesses and lives. If Trump gets his way and is (s)Elected into office, you can be sure that there will be millions of Americans who will come to know the true meaning of disaster. Massive and deadly heat waves are already striking large portions of the Earth, killing thousands. Trump proposes that none of this is important enough to even bother with and even claims that the Chinese made this all up.

The National Oceanographic And Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) reports the facts:

Meanwhile, mega-forests fires in Alberta, Siberia and the Russian Far East are contributing to the global crisis of a planet with a fever. Not to worry however, since Trump will “restore America’s greatness” – whatever in hell that is supposed to mean.

I don’t despise the man (not yet, give me time), but I absolutely do not trust him or his judgement or his intentions. He might as well be the responsible person for global warming because he’s certainly promising that by becoming President he will ensure our utter failure to do whatever we can to prepare for it. The jobs and prosperity that he claims to seek could just as easily be created with a global emergency response effort to prepare for global warming. Instead, he’s proposed the business-as-usual approach which is absolutely certain to destroy us all.

It’s fucking nuts.

But that’s Americant politics – the nation that manages to consistently lie to itself every four years about virtually everything with the voters falling for it, every time.

We live in a crazy, crazy world, and it’s about to get even crazier.

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Jun 012016

“I’ve been quoted many times saying I expect to see triple digit silver, and that’s assuming gold doesn’t move. If gold goes to $10,000, then silver will be some ridiculous number… could even be $1,000 silver.” Silver Price Forecast: Silver Could Hit $1,000 Per Ounce, Insider Says

I wish I had a nickel for every one of these bogus claims being made about gold or silver over the years. This shit just never dies. It’s like an old piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and you can’t get it off, but if you walk around enough, sure as hell you’re going to get some of this crap stuck to your shoe. Are these people nuts, or what?

This article was posted about 13 hours ago. There are now thousands of these kinds of claims routinely trotted out to convince ‘investors’ that the next big hit is about to happen. And they are always, consistently 100% wrong. These guys, Northwest Territorial Mint filed for bankruptcy recently.

I’ve not updated this article of mine, no real need to do so, but here’s a few real facts about these ‘investments’: The Fallacy of Gold – Some Truths About Gold


The future doesn’t look good – by any measure or metric. Silver and gold are not what anybody needs since it’s near-useless as a practical vehicle of alleged ‘value’. Here’s a current news item: Venezuela is having a very tough time feeding its population right now, most products are simply unavailable at any price. No food, no toilet paper, no medicine. The country is now liquidating a portion of its gold holdings.

Give this a few moments of thought. Irregardless of why this is unfolding in one of the richest oil nations on the planet, it reveals a basic fundamental truth of modern society:

What matters in this life as far as your survival is concerned is the ability to buy the things you need when you need them.

The ridiculous conversion of cash into gold, then the wait…. wait… wait, ah, shit, gotta sell this crap…. then back into money, then try to go and buy what you may urgently need is expensive, slow and fraught with dozens and dozens of problems (see the Fallacy article above for full details – no need to redo them all here again).

The future world unfolding is going to be very, very harsh and difficult. Precious metals don’t even figure into this equation anywhere (and never really did). If it weren’t for my own food supplies, I’d have starved to death a long time ago. I can’t grow enough food here to live on and I can’t do the work anymore anyway and there’s no more income. But I’m not ready to check out and give up yet – my ringside seat of civilization’s collapse is just getting interesting and I plan to be here for a while yet. I prepared for this eventuality years ago.

You can believe the hype and propaganda of the gold bugs, or you can use some common sense and project your own situation now or a few years hence. What will it be?

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Jun 012016

Temperature Spiral Update

In case you don’t know – these are not survivable temperatures for humanity – or anything else. These temperatures will trigger irreversible feedbacks causing massive die-off and extinctions. We (humans) die of starvation and drought, the rest of the biosphere does the same (heat stress).

Note the rapid acceleration of temperature increase once the 1c threshold was passed around the year 2000 (16 years ago).

This estimate was updated (and will be done again and again) for a projection to the year 2100, however it will very likely all occur long before then (2030). Many of the claims in the linked article are already woefully out of date (also ignore the hopium, we already know that the Paris agreement is a fraud).

Extinction is closer then you may think.

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May 302016

Much has been written about the escalating methane threat.

I’d like to clear something up regarding this topic: There is no threat and there never was. A threat is something that that “is likely to cause damage”. Calling methane a threat is erroneous and entirely incorrect. There is no threat.

Methane eruptions have occurred on Earth 11 times (known). Each time this has caused global massive extinctions. A rise in temperature always preceded the release of methane. Methane then drove the temperatures even higher, past biosphere survival. Extinctions were widespread, each time wiping out most life on Earth.

Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide, with estimates ranging from 20 – 70 times more potent. Most methane has been locked away, frozen in the world’s permafrost and the icy Arctic seabed for thousands of years. However, this is no longer true as both the Arctic ice and the permafrost are now melting and methane gas releases are being detected from the seabed. The 12th extinction level event from a methane release into the Earth’s atmosphere is now underway.

The Earth, and all life within it, has the absolute certainty of another gigantic methane release, causing temperatures to dramatically rise ensuring the 12th methane extinction. I reiterate, this is not a threat, it is an absolute certainty. A “coup-de-grace for the biosphere (read!). The Earth itself will go on, as it has before, but it will be an extremely long time before life returns.

Like most climate topics, this has been ignored for too long. Humans believe that ‘their’ world has permanence and even divine protection, but the geological records indicates otherwise. Humans neither own the world nor control the world and our deities don’t either. These beliefs are a direct interference with the acceptance of reality and the conclusions of science and the historical record. The paleontology of Earth and what has occurred many times before isn’t debatable. Nor are the projections and assessments of what is occurring today. Even so, I well realize that these facts are irrelevant for many humans.

Therefore, the real “threat” to humanity isn’t whether or not we are going to survive on this planet much longer, this answer is already well known by scientists. The real threat is how billions of disbelieving humans are going to behave as the world gets increasingly hotter and life becomes more untenable. These facts are indisputable.

I’ve mentioned this before but perhaps not quite so directly. There are many, many real and valid threats. Methane however is not one of of them. There is nothing anybody can do about methane. Methane promises us all that we are all going to die and that humans are going to go extinct. There are many other promises of global extinction now unfolding too, but we cannot do anything about any of these either. It is the threats that we face that we should now be concerned about. What humans intend (or will) be doing to each other as we descend into the last days of the Anthropocene.

This is why I rail on false beliefs as I do. Billions of people are going to act very irrationally and quite dangerously as the world descends into chaos and collapse. We know already that this will happen because we cannot survive in a hotter world (the biosphere and all the living things that we depend on cannot adapt and therefore, we starve to death). Like methane, dangerous people represent a greater threat then the non-dangerous. But who are the dangerous people? We have them all around us right now. They are the predators who occupy all walks of life. They’re also the ones who have raped and destroyed the planet, triggering these extinction level events. They head up corporations and governments, businesses and industry, but they’re also the “little guys” who are choosing ignorance and indifference to the warnings now screaming around the world.

It’s incredibly naive to believe that the people who caused these problems are going to go off quietly into the night and “die in peace” as the inescapable reality of extinction finally sinks home. I suspect just the opposite will be true. They will choose to believe that: a) they can protect themselves (and will do so by all means); b) they can go on plundering the planet even faster; c) they will continue to orchestrate fights and competition among everyone else; d) and they finally resort to truly insane tactics like population eradication and desperate geo-engineering techniques. All this and no doubt more in the mistaken belief that they can somehow save themselves and enough slaves to ensure their own comfort.

It’s also naive to believe that the so-called indifferent people will finally start acting rationally when things gets tough and they realize how wrong they were. They’re not doing it now while they still can. When it is easy. When it counts. No, it’s far more likely they’ll stay hostile to the truth and lash out against those that tried and upset their apple cart.  This is exactly what I’ve experienced all these years of publishing this blog and exposing the lies and deception. It’s also what climate scientist have experienced all over the world. Climate change was only one of these hated topics I covered, I also pointed out the faketriots and false patriotism and many other topics this group still embraces. I found myself further and further distanced from my own ability to survive and make a living and still do. They’re not acting rationally and it’s very unlikely that they ever will (witness the 2016 (s)Election antics and the fuhrer [sic] they’ve enacted). Nobody really gets rewarded for telling the truth.

As things worsen, it will be the rest of the world that will have to suffer for the arrogance of these two groups (even more the we already have). I don’t think we should let this happen. In this twilight hour of humanity, we should not be at war with one another or even in competition. There is no dignity in any of this. We should not let this happen, and we should not participate in any of their schemes or deceptions. Lending not our minds or our bodies or our wallets or even our attention, we should abstain from any participatory acts (of any kind) that would contribute to any of their lies and manipulation. They are the real threat for humanity and in point of fact, they have always been the real threat to humanity.

Humans won’t live forever. Our species won’t live another thousand years, or even 500 years more. It’s not even likely that we’ll survive as a species for another 100 years. It’s not what anyone likes or expects, but it is what it is now. We’ll never reach the stars or establish colonies on Mars. Our children won’t get to imagine what their great-great grandchildren might do in the future. We won’t because generations of mankind listened to the idiots and naysayers and disbelievers, the false and phony and propheteers, and we all let them govern the decisions and direction the world has taken even when we (finally) knew we needed to reject their lies, but we were much too late.

This is perhaps the greatest irony of them all. Both groups will have fully achieve their stated goals in the end. The power-hungry ruled, raped and plundered the Earth while lording over it all, and the apocalyptic who imagined a future judgement and a fiery hell. But it will be the last, final surviving humans who will be the true judges of us all, as millennia of torture upon a heated Earth wipes out everything living. The empty and crumbling relics of our civilization will endure for tens of thousands of years, but we won’t. We know where we are going, all of us.

What we do with the living time that we still have left to us is all that matters now. In truth, it’s all that has actually ever mattered. We need to spend the short time we all have left in dignity, not in fighting, or warring, or competing or deciding who is right and who is wrong. The forces that we have unleashed are utterly indifferent to our passions and whims and will steamroll over us all. The biosphere of the planet is dying and so are we. All we have left now is compassion for what still remains, but it is threatened by the bad behavior of billions of humans who will violently react as their world crumbles down around them. We do not need to be a part of this. We need to find a better way.

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May 282016

Pretty sure I’ve not published this link before: Climate Manifesto. Plenty there to get your doom on for the weekend. The gist of it is it’s bad and it’s going to get worse, and all of our dickering around pretty much ensures our extinction.

A few comments: There is no saving civilization. I’m pretty sure that there are already survival “caves” being constructed (I’ve been invited). I also don’t agree with several most of the action plan points. Their weak, ineffective and wrong-headed and will fail to accomplish enough.

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