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I’ve decided to lay off the blog for now, perhaps permanently. Thus, the deliberate lack of posts lately.

It’s become too easy these days to estimate what happens next. The Internet is fully of news, facts, figures, fables, fabrications and fallacies. Making the attempt to sort through it all has been very time consuming and eventually generates a world view that is in direct contradiction to the majority. However, history usually proves the majority is wrong, but not until great tragedies have first occurred.

We are now witnessing these great tragedies, all over the world. This blog covered only a few of these, there are many more.

I’ve started and stopped, oh, at least a hundred blog posts that were never made public. The timing just wasn’t right and still isn’t. The search for truth, meaning, relevance and importance is only in context to the reader and their desire. In other words, you can go read it for yourself if you want to. What you do with it then is up to you.

We are witnessing the greatest crash of human civilization ever experienced. I think this crash is long overdue and very, very necessary, I can think of a lot of other things that need to be done besides writing about it to an uknown, unresponsive audience.

I will leave off with some final statements and quotations -

The domination of all life is a system of oppression, permeating every aspect of living that tmakes the democratic totalitarian social system of today the worst in human existence. That this remains largely unrecognized and unaddressed reveals the general state of apathy and unawareness to the delight of the oppressors.

Classic dictatorships began as democratic systems where everyone excuses his or herself because they are only a cog in a vast social machine, abdicating personal responsibilty and their inherent authority, which is th ebasis for individual self determination.

Democracy is only another definiton of oppressive rules, alleging fair and impartial treatment of all, but the reality is entirely something else. Democracies cater to special interests and deep pockets, resulting in a total sham of equality and equity for all others. “For this reason, it is necessary that those of us who want to make our lives our own and live in a world where every individual has access to all he or she needs to create his life as he or she sees fit and to stop demanding that this system become more of what it claims to be and instead start attacking it in all of its aspects including the democratic system in order to destroy it. At this time such insurgence is the truest expression of real choice, self-determination and individual responsibility.”

“The representative system is, in the final analysis, a contrivance conceived in order to empower governments deprived of divine investiture the appearance of popular investiture. Anyone who is not satisfied with appearance and searches for substance in human relationships must necessarily find fault with the illusions perpetuated through this contrivance….”

“What is happening in the United States is part of a world-wide trend: rabid nationalism, even openly fascist movements, in many places; an upsurge in religious fanaticism in the middle east, eastern Europe, here and in many other places; leftist causes and liberation movements embracing identity politics, often with a corresponding separatism. People feel so small, so weak, so pathetic, that they would rather lock themselves in prisons of social identity, protected by laws, cops and the state than create their lives for themselves.”

“We who demand the fullness of life cannot wait for the masses to be convinced that they would prefer life to security; our revolt against society [and civilization] is now. Democracy has always been a desert; we want a lush and verdant jungle.”

“What we lack—and we lack it because it has been taken from us—is not the capacity to judge the world around us, the horror of which imposes itself with the immediacy of a punch in the face, so much as the ability to go beyond the given possibilities—or even merely attempt to do so. Thus, accepting the eternal excuse that one runs the risk of losing everything if one is not satisfied with what on already has here, one winds up going through one’s existence under the flag of renunciation. Our own daily lives with their indiscretions offer us numerous examples of this. In all sincerity, how many of us can blast of reveling in life, of being satisfied by it? And how many can say that they are satisfied by their work, by these hours without purpose, without pleasure, without end? And yet, faced with the bugaboo of unemployment, we are quick to accept waged misery in order to avoid misery without wages. How do we explain the tendency of so many to prolong their years of study for as long as possible—a characteristic that is quite widespread—if not in terms of the refusal to enter into an adult world in which one can see the end of an already precarious freedom?”

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  6 Responses to “Idle Blog”

  1. Thank you for the eye opening thought pieces. You have helped me develop a filter to the crap (media/government propaganda) that I am fed on a daily basis. All I can do now is prepare for the future and do damage control on how I have already been compromised. To bad that it may be too late for this country and the people who still believe in government enabling blind faith. The blind faith was once comforting.

  2. avatar

    I understand why you choose to stop and what you mean about there being other things that better use your time. Why document the last bit of the collapse when it is not only inevitable, but nigh?

    I appologize for not responding to more of your posts personally, but so often I don’t feel there is much left to say and I don’t want to post “Great post!” over and over again.

    Thank you for everything you’ve said, done, and risked by raising your voice.

  3. Fantastic post!!! And As Driver says:All I can do now is prepare for the future and do damage control on how I have already been compromised. To bad that it may be too late for this country.

    This is exactly why I come here, To find out how to prepare for what’s coming. We all see the news everyday, that’s the easy part. How will I survive it? That’s what I’m searching for. What are you people doing to prepare?

  4. What are you people doing to prepare?

    don’t know about anyone else but I’m keeping the action(s) clean/lubricated and the working end properly orientated.


    anyone looking for someone else to do their ‘thinking’ for them is already dead – IMO

  5. lonewolf,
    I read all your comments and I can never understand what the hell your saying. Are you o.k. you seem very disturbed, Maybe one reason why this blog is taking a break is because of all your bizzar comments. you must be a very lonely person if you talk to people on the street like you comment here.

  6. A monkey could be taught to clean and shoot one of my firearms. That same firearm cannot be used to produce food unless it is used to hunt with. I do own guns and enjoy using them when I choose to but they have their place. Ammo and prepared foods run out, food first and then ammo normally. This is why I have been researching self sustaining life methods to ensure that my family will survive when the crash occurs. The government has been a threat for longer than I have been alive. The government is a close second place as far as concerns go. It is my neighbor(s) that I would be wary of first when society breaks down. You know the one, the neighbor that waives at you when you are out mowing the lawn. What is that joker going to do when their fridge is empty and that person realizes that my family is doing well because of our well thought out garden, protein source, and 1+ year staple food stocks. That is my main reason for keeping well maintained, one shot/drop firearms, but they are not the end all be all of my life.