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The following is from Climate Code Red website, this is the summary page, put here in it’s entirety, bolded emphasis mine for impact.

* The extensive melting of Arctic sea-ice in the northern summer of 2007 starkly demonstrated that serious climate-change impacts are already happening, both more rapidly and at lower global temperature increases than projected. Human activity has already pushed the planet’s climate past several critical €œtipping points€, including the initiation of major ice sheet loss.

* The loss in summer of all eight million square kilometers of Arctic sea-ice now seems inevitable, and may occur as early as 2010, a century ahead of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections. There is already enough carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere to initiate ice sheet disintegration in West Antarctica and Greenland and to ensure that sea levels will rise meters in coming decades.

* The projected speed of change, with temperature increases greater than 0.3°C per decade and the consequent rapid shifting of climatic zones will, if maintained, likely result in most ecosystems failing to adapt, causing the extinction of many animal and plant species. The oceans will become more acidic, endangering much marine life.

* The Earth’s passage into an era of dangerous climate change accelerates as each of these tipping points is passed. If this acceleration becomes too great, humanity will no longer have the power to reverse the processes we have set in motion.

* We stand at a time where we still have the power to make a choice. Only by dealing with the full scale and urgency of the problem can we create a realistic path back to a safe-climate world. Targets should be chosen and actions taken that can actually solve the problem in a timely manner. A temperature cap of 2€“2.4°C, as proposed within the United Nations framework, would take the planet’s climate beyond the temperature range of the last million years and into catastrophe.

* The loss of the Arctic sea-ice unambiguously represents dangerous climate change. As the tipping point for this event was around two decades ago when temperatures were about 0.3°C lower than at present, we propose a long-term precautionary warming cap of 0.5°C and equilibrium atmospheric greenhouse gas level of not more than 320 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide.

* The USA’s leading climate scientist, James Hansen, stated recently that we should set an atmospheric carbon dioxide target that is low enough to avoid €œthe point of no return€. To achieve this, he says, we must not only eliminate current greenhouse gas emissions but also remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and take urgent steps to €œcool the planet€.

* These scientific imperatives are incompatible with the €œrealities€ of €œpolitics as usual€ and €œbusiness as usual€. Our conventional mode of politics is short-term, adversarial and incremental, fearful of deep, quick change and simply incapable of managing the transition at the necessary speed. The climate crisis will not respond to incremental modification of the business-as-usual model.

* There is an urgent need to reconceive the issue we face as a sustainability emergency, that takes us beyond the politics of failure-inducing compromise. The feasibility of rapid transitions is well established historically. We now need to €œthink the unthinkable€, because the sustainability emergency is now not so much a radical idea as simply an indispensable course of action if we are to return to a safe-climate planet.

Download Climate Code Red full report

The very dangerous and current levels of 383 ppm of C02 in the atmosphere already represent catastrophic climate change in our future without ANY increase in C02 levels. New data indicates that we must reduce C02 to far lower level, immediately.

The current emphasis of course, is “business as usual” as we continue to over develop our planet, rape the land for tar sands and mineral resources and just keep on doing what we’ve already done.

It is now very clear that the worlds oceans are reaching their maximum potential to absorb both carbon and heat (as far as future life on earth is concerned). Scientific analysis has determined that atmospheric warming lags decades behind this vast reservoir of climate change indicators. The current IPCC targets for C02 levels is grossly overstated and an exceedingly dangerous target that will doom the planet to wide-spread extinction levels.

“The problem now is to engineer an emergency global mobilization and to “cool the earth” as quickly as humanly possible.”

I have previously stated that there has been a constant need to “upgrade” all of the estimates and predictions based on climate science as the planet heats up faster then everyone has predicted. This has proven to be resoundingly true, as new data is released, it is already out-of-date.

I’ve also attempted to convey what changes to our planet and our way of life will in all probability, occur. This has also proven to be true, but we’re still waiting (as always) for the other shoe to drop, meaning the panicked governmental and public response to climate change.

This is now an absolute certainty to occur – and it will lead to the disruptions, interruptions, supply shortages, relocations and police state and the military actions and resources wars I’ve predicted.

I well realize that this is far to “real” for almost everyone and that this blog has become too much “dire warning” to digest. One person told me that I should call it the “daily diet of doom” which is both laughable in a humorous sort of way, and quite accurate in a very real sort of way.

We are doomed, because I do not believe that the false optimism expressed by the “defeated scientists” in their laboratories will save any of us. “I am also aware of ‘operational psychosis’ among several climate scientists, who are in total surrender in their labs and speaking optimistically in public.

Yet despite all this negativity, I refuse to give up, because by doing so, we are absolutely certain to kill all life on the planet, including ourselves. From Code Red:

1. Our goal is a safe-climate future €“ we have no right to bargain away species or human lives.
2. We are facing rapid warming impacts: the danger is immediate, not just in the future.
3. For a safe climate future, we must take action now to stop emissions and to cool the earth.
4. Plan a large-scale transition to a post-carbon economy and society.
5. Recognize a climate and sustainability emergency, because we need to move at a pace far beyond business and politics as usual.

Giving up simply is not an option — but change is.

A lot of very misinformed people are still stupidly arguing that anthropogenic climate change doesn’t exist; that it is a UN or NWO “plot” to take over resources; that humans cannot possibly cause the planet to heat up; and a lot of other absolute nonsense which has long been discounted. This really means that they have given up. They’ve given up on logic, common sense, knowledge or change. They are quite unable (and usually quite unwilling) to see that humans have caused terrible damage to the planet.

Unfortunately, they number a rather significant percentage of the human population on Earth. Education is key for these people, if you can get them to read. Personally, I do not have the patience for this, the time for stupidity and ignorant arrogance is past, and this is probably the #1 reason why we will all wind up suffering for our own arrogant folly. We’re all too entrenched to change quickly enough, rapidly enough to forestall the catastrophic effects of climate change.

A crash program of global education is absolutely essential and long overdue, but I don’t know if this would work because it would refute so much of our present way of life and current civilization. Big business and industry hate environmentalists or anyone that has anything to do with affecting their bottom line. And our world caters to money, not science, not logic, not common sense, but greed, avarice, power and control. The “ownership” question has already been answered for these capitalists, and they’re quite happy to claim such privilege.

I’d like to see change, in time, effective and widespread — a serious, earnest attempt to stop contributing to our own destruction. So far, all I see in pontification everywhere I look. I don’t even know another person who has give up driving. A lot of excruciatingly tiny and feeble efforts have begun to change the status quo, but my great concern is that this is woefully inadequate and it probably is.

I’m advocating realism, if you’ve read the last several blog entries you’d have seen that. The more real I seem to get, the quieter this blog becomes. This entry is along the same vein, I’m trying to be very, very real about what these signals all mean. I am loathe to put a time frame on any of it, because in reality, it’s meaningless anyway. If we’re headed over a cliff — we’re headed over a cliff! The end result is the same.

We can go on digesting more and more news like this, our “daily diet of doom”, and we will. Personally, I’m moving ahead towards a low-tech, non-electric, non-petroleum future in my personal plans. It does not frighten me or frankly, even concern me, I’m looking forward to it. It’s the “best I can do” in reality and reality is where I’m trying to stand. If the world is changing and it’s my fault for my own levels of contributions — then I must change, simple as that. It does not matter if our world is out of synch with this, it’s always out of synch. I’m only able to change myself — and tell someone else about it and why I did it.

Change is essential, just as much as the “try” is, despite the outlook or the predictions. It is after all, all we can do and the most common sense, logical approach there possibly is.

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  15 Responses to “Climate Code Red”

  1. I was a doubter of global warming but I’m starting to come around.

    Common sense says we are making monumental impacts to our environment but my trust in Alex Jones made me suspend belief in it. I dont know if alex jones has changed his mind or not but last time I listened, he didnt seem to think Peak Oil or Global Warming were real. Well I am pretty certain Peak Oil is already here. Digging up the alberta tar sands is recent enough proof for me. You would think someone like Alex Jones would come around on common sense issues like this. If anyone has any theories why he hasn’t I’d like to hear them.

  2. Regarding driving, I gave up driving a couple of years ago (even though I lived in LA at the time), and will never drive again. It’s one reason why I moved to Portland, Oregon – one of the more walkable cities, with a decent public transit system.

    Incidentally, my social life only took off when I have up my car and my phone (I don’t even have a land-line). There’s a LOT of conventional wisdom that’s just pure BUNKUM.

    Matt Savinar has discussed Alex Jones on the latoc forum:


    “Alex and Webster have carved out niches explaining the world’s problems as being the fault of the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, etc. In many cases, their explanations are reasaonbly accurate models of reality. But the Peak Oil meme shakes that up too much. If the grid is indeed coming down due to resource depletion, Alex and Webster need to stop making documentaries about the Rothschilds and start advising their followers on how to live without electricity. If they were to do that, two things would happen:

    #1. they’d have a lot fewer followers and friends (less social fitness)

    #2. they’d make a lot less money”

  3. The last time someone tried to promote a luminary on this board, I commented to them privately about it and was told in exact words, ‘fuck you’ despite my first-hand evidence (I worked with the parties in question). That blog member is no longer here because I do not tolerate idiots, period.

    Jones’s worldview is deeply flawed. Be careful who you trust. The deep denial and failure to see the human interconnections to our environment and the world we have today, including how and why fascism has now come about, makes some people’s arguments pure grandstanding and logical disconnects from reality. You cannot have one without the other, there are causes and effects to everything humans do.

    All the finger pointing in the world is not going to change the outcome anyway. Their explanations are only partial models of reality. Nothing else triumphs the basic issue that we are destroying the place we call home. Everything — and I mean EVERYTHING proceeds from that, freedom, democracy, fascism, justice — everything.

    I’ve pointed out before that ‘abundance’ was the prerequisite for everything we “know” today — without abundance and cheap energy, it’s all gone — forever. No more democracy, no more freedom (as long as governments still last), no more life of plenty and ease, no more fairness, no more justice, nothing, it will all be gone forever.

    Abundance all came from the real world, the environment that supported us. Exploited to the nth degree, it will now collapse, taking everything we’ve ever built or even dreamed of with it.

    It is ironic that it was limited worldviews that got us into this situation, and it is limited worldviews that are keeping us here too, despite their apparent notoriety and so-called “good intentions”. We will NEVER go back to what they advocate — it is now IMPOSSIBLE because the days of abundance are now gone.

    Moreover, anyone that continues to advocate for the status quo of humans ruling over the Earth, capitalism, “free markets” and such like is part of the problem, and the very reason we’re not going to solve this issue, and a great reason not to put your trust into them. They have a clear agenda and it does not align up with reality.

  4. I agree with all of that, Admin.


  5. What will bite us in the ass first this year, massive financial fallout and a depression from the crooks in the banking industry or droughts in the midwest breadbasket causing crop failures and empty store shelves? At some point one shoe has to drop and wake up people.

  6. Who is ‘us’, mominer? Foreclosures and bankruptcies are up astronomically in the US already. More children are ill from malnutrition in the US, as their parents have to choose between heat and food. Food riots have been happening in Mexico, China, etc. Thousands die worldwide daily from hunger. For all of them, the depression has already started.

  7. Thanks Dermot,

    I read matt’s comments, and I agree with his logic. Granted, AJ does have good info on Fema camps and police state news.

    A burning question I have for you guys ( if not too off topic) is whether you think those Fema camps are for rioting protesters, debt slaves or for rounding up people like us.

  8. avatar

    “Yet despite all this negativity, I refuse to give up, because by doing so, we are absolutely certain to kill all life on the planet, including ourselves.”


    I’ve warned that climate change was threatening to spank us for 15 years. It didn’t stop any of my family from having children. I counseled my cousins, my brother, and sister, and their fiancés, as well as my own failed fiancés, to avoid having children, as the evidence surely points towards climate devastation and ensuing famine. I tried to appeal to their altruistic selves by pointing out that by not having children, they will save their unborn the misery of struggling for life on a devastated planet.

    When that seemed to elicit little response,
    I tried to get them to envision the unbearable grief that a parent must know when watching their child slowly die of starvation and disease, which was surely coming, for reasons abc/xyz,etc. Alas, it was to no avail; baby lust runs rampant in my family. In the past fifteen years, we’ve added a dozen children to our troop. Soon, we shall be a starving and pitiful pile of fools.

    If any of you out there are still having children, or are entertaining the idea of making babies, harboring, aiding, abetting, advocating, or in any way enabling fertile wombs or seducing loaded sperm cannons, then, you’re the biggest part of the problem, no matter how loudly you shout your truth-to-power. Yet, the folks on the left, the democrats, etc., can be seen pushing strollers while carrying their pro-environment placards, their babies all snuggled down with peace symbol buttons pinned to their jumpers, as mommy and daddy wave their fists in the air, crying, “no war for oil…”

    Being “green” while continuing to reproduce oneself is one of the greatest examples of self-deception that I can think of. It goes beyond hypocrisy; it’s psychosis in action.

    We’re beyond f/cked; we’re green!

  9. The one fact that keeps hitting me in the face is that the current impacts of global warming are based on total carbon emissions to date from 20 to 25 years ago. In my mind this one fact overshadows all others.

    It is absolutely absurd to think our political or social system will or could change our behavior. If we stopped emitting global warming gases tomorrow, we are still in for 20 to 25 years of additional warming. To imagine we can go backward from 380 odd PPM to 340 (or whatever) is the height of denial. As Lovelock has pointed out, the positive feedback loops are ramping up, and basically, the idea of prevention is fantasy.

    What am I doing about it? First, I got damn unhappy and grieved about the change. I never have cared about consumption, so that was a huge head start. More than anything else though, I got busy. Surviving this is not about hitting a personal home run, it is about the accumulation of skills and circumstances that optimize your chances. BUT, you got to get on it. Getting busy keeps me from sinking into deep despair (usually).

    This is what I have done. I got as far away from a big city as possible (100 miles). Our big city 25 miles away is 12,000. I drive perhaps 400 miles a month, nothing recreational. I am stockpiling tools for a hand-made world. I cut and haul my firewood manually, havesting only downed timber. I garden organically with very low outside inputs, going to zero outside inputs next year. Planning rainwater harvesting this year or next, in addition to a pond and a couple of springs on our property (that I am developing). We cook and heat with wood. Our electricity consumption is very low, but we are on the grid. Could live without electricity. We garden, can, and dry our food. We are working out barter arrangements with neighbors for meat. Our backyard wilderness if full of game. I have 1,000 pounds of grain and beans in storage (I will raise the replacement stocks). I raise free range chickens and ducks. This year I am planting edible landscape plants. We grind our own grain and do scratch cooking. Starting to grow mushrooms next month. Etc, etc.

    We are not there yet. More still to do, but we are way past average. Our neighbors are very interested, and they are picking up on some of what we do. We are “bringing them in” on little joint ventures in sustainability and expanding our circle of influence. This builds community, and, it is in our self-interest.

    Do I think we will make it? Actually, no, I don’t. I don’t think so, I think everyone is dead within 30 years. But I think we might survive longer than 10 years if we work at it. I am 60 next year, and I think it might be a dead heat between my death and the big collapse when nothing works.

    We are solidly in the collapse now. It’s here, and we should not be talking about it as something we can prevent, that is denial. It is wrong to assert that if we change now, then the collapse will not happen. That is temporal denial. It’s here folks. We are now in the first quarter of the collapse. If you are a nature type you have seen the species declines and extinctions first hand for many years. This is a gradual collapse that is picking up speed. It’s not an either ON or OFF collapse. (In one way I am glad the ice is melting, people can f’ing see that. Gawd.) Things are out of whack.

    The collapse is damn sad, but it is a fascinating challenge to figure out what to do. We can choose how we think about the collapse. It is true this is the death of our current way, but it is a return to the old ways. Can we re-balance in time? I am not sure. I am sure deniers are wasting time that should be spent setting food by and beginning preparations. Everyone has things they can be doing. It’s not an all or nothing deal.

    But people have to save themselves, as do we. Doom saying is not “on task” and it can be self-reinforcing. We need to get busy on what we can do, and get it done. My wife and I are even planning to be able to take in our kids on our 22 acres, even though they are sure we are nuts on this collapse issue.

    Our good Admin here has really busted his pick attempting to get the word out, and help others, in spite of the fact that there is nothing in it for him. I appreciate it, and I appreciate the unselfishness of it. Thanks again.


  10. If all exhaust emmisions were stopped today, there is another problem–global dimming will be reversed. Right now, all the particulate matter is, according to a PBS documentary that I have, keeping the earth cooled. If that particulate matter decreases, the earth will escalate in temperature. We’re screwed no matter what we do. Really, does anyone think that world governments will actually act? If they were doing good for their citizens, we would never have had all the wars that have occurred over the centuries. No, we’re screwed. As far as Alex Jones and his comrades in denial, Jones may be a plant. Think of this quote:

    “If you give a man the correct information for seven years, he may believe the incorrect information on the first day of the eighth year when it is necessary, from your point of view, that he should do so. Your first job is to build the credibility and the authenticity of your propaganda, and persuade the enemy to trust you although you are his enemy.” ~ A Psychological Warfare Casebook – Operations Research Office – Johns Hopkins University (1958)

    It may fit him and others like a glove.

  11. I wish everyone would read all of these comments. Michael, you’re right on the money with everything you’ve shared. It keeps smacking me harder and harder just how “late” we are trying to respond this, and how none of our politicians and industry leaders are willing to stop anything despite all the rhetoric and empty promises, something they are all known for.

    In some ways, I remain surprised that panic mode hasn’t set in, and in other ways, I almost never expect it to happen (denial is that stupendously huge). Because it has not happened, it gives a few of us time to work towards our own solutions.

  12. In my opinion, what separates survivalists from the rest is self-efficacy. People must have a strong sense of efficacy in order to maintain the perseverant effort needed to survive. The action of questioning everything is the first step of self-efficacy.

    It could be argued that faith in “Exterior Power Sources” relieves the mind of the burdens to acheiving more self-efficacy. Those that opt for faith stop questioning and learning anything beyond what ‘their faith’ requires of itself to exist.

  13. Much to say, so little time.

    Re Redalert’s “Burning Question”, those FEMA camps are for all of the above, and probably more.

    Regarding whether global warming is real, and whether it’s human caused? Think of a very simplistic experiment in which you have some sort of sphere large enough to hold about 6 or 7 billion toothpicks made of very-long burning wood. If you could begin lighting the toothpicks, so that occasionally some die out, but more are always lit than are extinguished, so that eventually you have nearly 7 billion burning, and the number is growing. Now remember when you stood nearby, lighting the first few toothpicks, and as you continued to light them, you had to keep standing farther and farther away, until eventually the heat generated by all those burning toothpicks was unbearable.
    Yeah, it’s not true science, but if one thinks about the analogy between the sphere and its burning toothpicks, and an earth containing nearly 7 billion people (and growing) who continuously combust things whether it’s petroleum in cars or charcoal for a primitive fire, it’s obvious that eventually, if not now, eventually, the heat that is escaping the atmosphere, wafting out into space, cannot possibly keep up with the heat being created down here, inside the atmospheric blanket.
    Most of us don’t need analogies to know the earth is heating and we are powerless to stop it–now or ever. But for the naysayer, I would ask one simple question, and that is, “is there any population number that, in the future, you can envision EVER causing global warming?” If their answer is “none” then you know you’re dealing with someone whose mind is like a steel trap—rusted and locked in one position.

    And yes, Michael, you’ve got a big head start on most people, even those who are preparing for the worst. Just reading what you’re doing empowers me to work harder.

  14. More thoughts on global warming.

    There are two ways to look at the topic. If we are thinking in geologic timescale, the CO2 levels, methane levels, and average global temperatures are just a blip.

    But if we are thinking in the human timescale, then we’re obviously facing total catastrophe.

    I think of global warming sort of like a slow-moving asteroid, like the one that hit about 65 million years ago.