Aug 122016

This is what Amerika is facing (again) if the Whore of Babylon is (s)Elected: When Iraq Was Clinton’s War.

If you feel as if you do not have choice in the upcoming (s)Election, you’d be right. The media is in league with the power brokers of this fucked up country and has made it perfectly clear to all of us who they intend to (s)Elect (for us). I don’t know if they can pull it off. But I do know for certain that the future won’t be anything like today.

The country is finally reaching its own “tipping points” of unpredictable and unstoppable rage. A lot of this is scripted of course, deliberately being pushed into specific directions, but a lot of it is not. There are people like myself who are not embedded within the matrix of propaganda and able to think for themselves. And I’m angry. It’s not just the asinine politics of the country and the obvious rigging of (s)Election 2016 that angers me, it’s everything these days. The sheer stupidity of the direction humans insist on taking. It may be the 21st century, but many of us are acting like it’s the 12th.

We have always been at war with ourselves. We really don’t know any other way. Those of us that want peace are only able to have it for a short while. The species likes to fight, we’re predatory down to our very core. We’ve taken the same animal nature of survival of the fittest and encoded it within our social structures and civilization. Logically, we know that this is self-destructive and exceedingly harmful, but we’re not operating on logic here, we’re still operating on basic instincts. And we tend to forget that, especially in this day and age of “progressive” culture and pretended values.

Underneath it all is the real truth of what we are, how we act, the things we do and that base nature of animal behavior. We may be men, and capable of much more, but we’re still in direct competition with everything else. It is our capability that makes us so adept at domination. Our intellect, innovation, and invention gives us unmatched leverage over everything else. Even our cognitive dissonance works to our advantage here. We can engage in brutal war and widespread terror, despite its horrors and the knowledge of the incredible levels of suffering we inflict, distancing our minds, morals and so-called “values” as necessary. The expediency of our terror upon everything that exists is the horror that we truly are.

I could live in peace indefinitely and would very much prefer to do so, but I’m about to be robbed of that peace and so are you. There are humans who hate peace and Hillary Rotten Clinton is one of them. The woman has engaged in terror without reservation and the record is there for anyone who would care to know, yet there are still a great many Americans who will choose to remain completely oblivious to this. They are complicit with the horror being inflicted on the world in their name. Just like those who work in the offense industry, who justify their activities by their need to be employed, they compartmentalize their contribution to the death and suffering of faceless others as essential to their own well-being.

Isn’t that the way it’s always been? Haven’t we always found self-justifications for our actions against the lives of every other living thing?

I am not a pacifist and find the position of pacifism ridiculous. It’s non-human, artificial and a failure. Nothing alive in nature is pacifist. Pacifism is pure human imagination. We are predators, through and through and we will always be predators. We take what we need to exist and survive, and then we proceed to take even more. Our intellect brought us language, math, science and technology. We utilize all these things to determine the outcome of our own actions, but we have not been able to overcome what we are.  We employed all kinds of mechanisms and structure to assist us, customs, rules, laws, governments, institutions, borders, but we still fail to overcome our essential nature as predators. The truth is clear here — we never will. We are what we are, we have always fought among ourselves. We have always destroyed the environment and taken whatever we’ve wanted. No amount of regulation, standing armies or laws will ever change this.

I can even accept that. I can because I must. There isn’t even the concept of “choice” here in reality. We are what we are, and we will be what we’ve always been. Nobody can choose to be any different. I don’t mean to belabor the point, but it’s just ridiculous and stupid for us to try and be something else. This is why pacifism is a failure, it does nothing to address our base nature and defies reality. Pacifism disappears when it no longer serves survival. But this article isn’t about pacifism. It’s about war.

The cycle of civilization and the ebb and flow of society is never static because our species is never content. We have been trained to call this “advancement” and “progress” but these labels aren’t what they seem. For every advancement we make, we take something for ourselves. Something from the biosphere. It may be other humans, new minerals or new forms of pollution created. We’re not “creating” anything that wasn’t already here — and that includes who and what we are. Humans are still the same homo sapiens sapiens species we’ve been for 200,000 years. Whatever we’ve built, invented, devised or created was already here, we’ve just found new ways to fashion them for our exclusive use. We’ve even developed the ability to manipulate matter at an atomic level, creating new materials, but the elements were already here.

This progress by our species isn’t found within any of us, it is all external to us, a reshaping and manipulation of everything around us, even in the very clothes that we may wear. Yet the species itself remains unchanged. We’ve taken our hunting skills at capturing prey to the next level, we captured and caged the elements of the periodic table. But we’re still predators, however unlike other predators we take far, far more then we will ever need for our survival. And to demonstrate a point here, I can accept that, because it is what we are.

But there is no point in complaining about any of this. It’s pointless and just more mental masturbation. We are predators, the world and all that is in, on, below and above it is our prey. Like it or not, that is just the way that it is. Nobody is ever going to change this. The very best we can do is to work within this reality. Philosophies that advocate something else are simply wrong.

I’ve oft believed we could have done far better, building an entirely different kind of civilization then what we have today. I still believe this, but it would never be without war. War is ultimately competition. Domination over people, land, resources, ideologies. Americans love to wage war. On the same theme as pointed out above, it’s what we do. It’s what our society and culture is based upon. It’s how many Americans make a living. It’s what defines our government, our political structures and a great many of our institutions. And no, I do not like it, and want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. This puts me in competition for control, ideology and people.

Nothing I can say or do will change any of this. The American culture is a war culture. It’s what we are. Ideologically, I cannot accept that, I can only recognize it. The species is predatory, violent, and predictably destructive and always will be, but I don’t have to be as long as I can. But I will be when I have no other choice. And so will all of you.

We are taught that we have choices. Maybe we have a few, but it’s not as true as most people probably think. We’re on a path that is well-worn and inescapable. We are what we are and we will do what we’ve always done. Our so-called “choices” are confined to what we really are. That is never going to change. The horror of what we are is hard to accept but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Truth is something we are very good at denying.

There is a new horror coming and it is another war. America will be involved as an instigator (protagonist). I am not at all suggesting any of us go along with this because this is what we are. I’m suggesting we stop this by engaging in our own war.

Nobody is on the sidelines and never has been. We’ve prefered peace and non-involvement which is really another definition of complicit. We’re complicit in all the suffering our nation engages in even if we don’t think we are because we have not put a stop to it. We’re complicit in the hunger of the world because we have not resolved this. We’re complicit in the destruction of the biosphere and the extinction of species because we contribute to all of it. We think we’re innocent, but we’re not. None of us are. These are all wars being raged around us non-stop. We benefit in comfort and security because of them. We have food, they don’t. We have everything they don’t. How do you suppose that happened? Because we allowed it and because we contributed towards all of it through competition and consumption (at the very least) and for some of us, by direct involvement (offense industry jobs).

If you have to be a war monger, then pick which side you’re going to be on. Do you understand? You are not innocent and never will be because you are a predator. Your country is a war machine and fully intends to wage in more senseless wars. You will either go along with this and declare yourselves falsely innocent or you will be involved supporting it. Both positions are guilty. There is no sideline, no escape and no pardon for any of us. We’re all criminals in this. If you don’t want war, you going to have to go to war to stop this. Sitting on the sidelines is doing nothing and accepting everything.

If you wanted peace, realize that in order to have it, a war has already been fought to obtain it. Peace came through domination and competition over other things, including people, resources and places. The very fabric of our civilization and the competition it demands causes this. Our civilization is and always has been at war with everything else, this is how it came to exist and continues to this day.

None of us can go back and live in tribes, at peace with everyone and everything else. It’s a false romantic fantasy. The species has always warred against itself and everything else, peace is simply the lull between battles, but it’s not an innocent peace and never has been, there is no such thing. Those that participate in peace are complicit in the battles for domination and control (and associated violence) that came before, during and after.

2016 isn’t any different then 2001 or 1990 or 1776 or any other year. We are on the same path, doing the same things, engaging in the same wars. Their bigger now, more destructive and more violent, encompassing the whole earth. The war on the biosphere, the ecocide we’re engaged in is a thousand times more violent then the war on other humans and we’re all guilty on this one. The rattling of sabers by the American Empire for war with Russia, China and whoever “dares” to challenge hegemony will undoubtedly spawn new terror and death. Which side will you be on? Will you keep building your bombs and justifying your job? Will you sit silent and declare yourselves innocent while enjoying the plundered resources that feed, clothe and house you?

If we have to be war mongers, then we should do it with the full awareness of our actions. I can’t stand the feeble minds that declare themselves innocent while downing a chocolate latte from exploited slave labor. Or Americans who define guilt by only who “pulled the trigger”. We’re all guilty, every single one of us, and we’re all at war at every level.

Today, you may have thought of yourselves as innocent, with no blood on your hands, but tomorrow you certainly won’t. You will be daily reminded of your complicity and participation in the bloody conflicts humans are inflicting upon everything else. We are predators and yes, we are guilty because of what we are. Our only real choice as intelligent predators is to stop pretending we are otherwise, and to engage in war only where absolutely necessary, and to put a stop to wherever it isn’t. But we will never be free of it.

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