Future-Proofing Is How Texas Pretends to Address Climate Change

Once again, a State government has chosen to follow the path of ignorance and denial, misleading the public and their constituents about the realities of climate change.

This time it’s Texas. They’ve issued a new report, “Eye Of The Storm – Report of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas“.

The 168 page report does not even mention climate change. Not even once. Instead, it’s coined a silly combination of words called “future-proofing” which totally fails to convey much of anything.

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American Meme

Netflix has a incredibly vapid movie called “American Meme” that depicts social media ‘celebrities’ cashing in on the social media craze. I forced myself to watch this all the way through. The only celebrity in the movie that I’ve ever heard of was Paris Hilton, but I didn’t have any idea who any of the other celebrities were despite their hundreds of millions of followers.

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Arctic Old Ice Now Down to 1%

The title is not a misprint. Artic old ice (4 years old or older) is now down to just 1%.

This poses severe issues going forward, because it means that sudden melt of the Arctic is now possible.

NOAA’s 2018 Arctic Report Card is definitely worth watching – there is some very scary information contained within this video:

If you didn’t watch it, here are a few highlights:

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Business World Massively Underestimating The Effects Of Climate Change

In a new study published Dec. 10 in the journal Nature Climate Change, scientists working with environmental non-profits Conservation International and the Carbon Disclosure Project report that the business world might be massively Companies are seriously underestimating how climate change will affect business on their work.

In an analysis of 1,630 companies’ corporate disclosures about the effects of climate change, the researchers found that the aggregate risk reported by companies only adds up to tens of billions of dollars, whereas most experts estimate the actual cost will climb into the trillions (pdf).. The authors note that this huge discrepancy “reflects both that a large number of companies do not report financial impacts and that many that do are probably underestimating them.”

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Ebola Now In A Major City

Ebola is back in the news, if you didn’t already know. This deadly, highly fatal disease has infected 471 Ebola cases, including 225 confirmed deaths in the Congo. But the really bad news for those watching is Ebola is now in a major city, Butembo, with over 1 million residents.

If the spread of infection continues, there is potential for thousands of infections. One of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, ebola has already killed over 11,000 people. Dense population areas pose particular concern due to the ability of the disease to become widespread. Any city in the world can be reached by airplanes, which can then potentially spread the disease to anywhere else in the world.

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Turning It Off

Try an experiment with me. It’s simple, but it will require a bit of discipline on your part. Here it is:

Give up your favorite website. Don’t log in, don’t check it, don’t visit. Got it?

I just did that. And it’s a bit… odd. I’m finding myself with a lot more free time to do other stuff, think about other things. I’m not one of those people addicted to social media, I absolutely hate Facebook (with a purple passion), Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and what have you. Never go there, don’t have an account either. But I do have websites that I check on a daily basis. And now I won’t.

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U.S. Involvement in Yemen – Complicit In Mass Murder

Yemen doesn’t get a lot of news in the American press. But the number of dead, dying and starving in Yemen is absolutely enormous (millions – as in at least 22 million who are afflicted). And much of the fault lies directly upon the United States.

Several articles I’d recommend reading: The war in Yemen is disastrous. America is only making things worse

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Actions Always Speak Louder Then Words

Always more bad news (how could it be any different?) on the climate front –

Traceable evidence of the impacts of climate change on humanity

Greenhouse gasses triggering more changes than we can handle

Ongoing greenhouse gas emissions are known to increase atmospheric temperature, in turn enhancing soil water evaporation resulting in drought, wildfires and heatwaves in normally dry places, or massive rain and floods in commonly wet areas. In the oceans, warmer waters also evaporate faster, increasing wind speeds and the downpours of hurricanes, whose surges can be aggravated by sea level rise. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions can aggravate simultaneously multiple climate hazards.

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71 Dead, Over 1,000 People Still Missing

The bad news from Paradise, CA keeps getting worse and worse. CNN reports 71 dead and 1,000 people still missing.

This tragedy is among one of the worst tragedies to befall Americans. Hurricane Katrina killed 1833 people, Hurricane Maria killed 1139 people and both displaced hundreds of thousands. But their something about having an entire town completely wiped out and dozens and dozens having burned to death. Both hurricanes offered people an opportunity to relocate in advance, the Camp Fire did not.

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Post (s)Election 2018

Well, it’s mostly done. (s)Election 2018. Amidst a lot of turmoil, anguish, elation and the usual gerrymandering. Which is still going on (Florida in particular, and in the same places as before).

This the current results. Kinda interesting. Despite that inept, incompetent and deceitful creep in the White House stumping about the country as if his life depended upon it, Republicans took it in the shorts, big time.

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Earth’s Oceans Absorbing 60% More Heat Then Previously Thought

This is very bad news – because it means that things are heating up MUCH faster then we thought:

Earth’s oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought

This would also help explain the known problems with fish stocks, and fish migrations now unfolding. And this also means that the “carbon budget” claims are utterly bogus, because they failed to account for what was really happening in the world’s oceans. But I told readers that years ago. We do not have the time or budget that some science reports still claim.

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Collective Failure

[This is another previously written unpublished post from about two years ago. Still applicable, more then ever – Admin]

The public cannot discern between truth or fiction. The many lies, deceptions, distortions, omissions and outright fabrications being extolled are as  unperceived as whatever actual truths are being told. What this means is we’re in a particular point in human history where any kind of narrative (story) can be deemed real. Whatever the truth actually is, has become irrelevant to the narrative being promoted because almost nobody is capable of staying (verbalizing) on the truth. Any kind of narrative is now acceptable communication.

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Trump Approves America’s Energy Addiction – Drilling In Arctic Waters

For someone who claims he’s a “genius” but incessantly lies thousands and thousands of times now, we could reasonably expect the man and his Administration to go on lying about the environment and climate change. Which is of course, what they’ve been doing since he took office.

Now they want to drill for oil in the Arctic waters. What could possibly go wrong? More to the point – does anybody even care anymore? Continuing to feed the gusher demand for oil is alleged to be on the pathway to “energy independence” but in reality, it is a crack-like addiction to hell by planet-destroying companies who’s only real motive is profits.

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