Feb 092016

One of the disadvantages of sitting around in a hotel room is there isn’t much to do. So I did the absolutely unthinkable: I watched Fox News (a television station I truly despise for its sheer stupidity). And I did something else – I watched the ‘acceptance’ speeches of the Presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

All I can say is I’m nearly speechless. I’m also angry. Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Bush, et. al, are absolute IDIOTS. I can barely believe these candidates are what Americans think as “Presidential” material because they’re not. Phony, deceptive, lying frauds.

Trump wins New Hampshire for the Republican side, but consider what he ran ‘against’. What a joke. And so was his speech. Didn’t address a single issue of importance. Didn’t do anything but act like the spoiled brat that he is.

Why can’t America see through this fraud? A stuffed shirt so full of himself that it oozes from his suit. Nothing but empty promises and off-the-cuff remarks, disjointed, unorganized braggart of emptiness. A rich man yes, but a total moron. And this clown is leading the Republican race? Unbelievable.

Bernie Sanders stood out as the ONLY candidate that spoke to the people. He deliberately and methodologically spoke to many of the topics of importance. Including climate change – but far, far more. Find the televised speech online and listen. I hope he wins and you should too. He’s the closest we’ve ever come to a candidate that may actually try to do what he says.

Fox News spent lots of time in their giant ‘Alert’ message bar promoting the candidates they preferred. It was also in their commentary. Their bias was plainly evident too – when Sanders spoke, they simply ignored him, but when Clinton spoke or Trump spoke, this Alert bar would change. During Clinton’s speech, they even made up comments that Clinton never even said.

Fuck Fox News. It’s always been the haunt of idiots and morons and right-wing reactionary fools. Never did like the television station for anything. I deliberately forced myself to listen to them to check out their slant. Nothing has changed. Fox isn’t a news station – it’s a propaganda mouthpiece.

I think the Establishment (Big Oil, Big Business, Big Government, Pharmaceutical and so much more) is deathly afraid of Sanders because he represents a radical departure from the status-quo. And it’s desperately, desperately needed.

Nobody can promise you change (but everyone will). But it’s clear as day who really wants change and who really doesn’t.

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