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July 2016 – Hottest Month On World Record

Arctic Fish Populations Changing As Ice Dwindles

Case For Declaration of Climate Emergency – Paul Beckwith on why we have a global emergency right now. I’ve summarized below.

  • Ocean Acidity has increased >30% in the last decades
  • Oxygen levels are declining 6x faster then oceanographers expected
  • Global ocean circulation patterns are being disrupted
  • C02 levels in June 2016 are startlingly higher then June 2015
  • Methane levels are 1850 ppb and rapidly climbing; especially in the Arctic
  • Global temperatures continue to spike higher, exceeding the Paris targets for an entire month this year
  • Global biodiversity has already declined by 50%
  • Massive global coral reef bleaching and dying events; kelp and sea grass bed destruction; global ocean phytoplankton decline
  • Massive boreal forest dieback; Amazon forest die back; global sinks for carbon dioxide in decline
  • 25% of the world’s ocean fish spend their lives on reefs, what will happen to them when reefs are gone?
  • Massive fires in the Amazon, boreal forest and other northern regions simultaneously reducing carbon sinks and raising atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Arctic albedo rapidly declining due to disappearing Arctic sea ice and snow cover
  • The risk of losing all Arctic sea ice (Blue Ocean Event) on or around 2020
  • Northern hemisphere jet streams slowing and becoming much wavier leading to increases in frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events
  • Melt rates from Greenland and Antarctica are increasing exponentially, leading to a doubling every decade, this is leading to an exponentially increasing sea level rise
  • The globe will experience food shortages soon as simultaneous crop failures occur from extreme weather events including drought and torrential rains

There’s more (a lot more) most of which is already recorded on this blog.

This is the same summary I’ve posted here before. All these signs were there several years ago but it did not attract any attention or support. Now we’re going to be forced to react (don’t think for a moment that we will do nothing, we won’t, it’s going to be asses and elbows with everyone looking for an exit / escape) but as I’ve said, it’s impossible to replace all the missing ice — or draw the C02 out of the atmosphere or oceans.

The climate isn’t out of control — humans have never “controlled” the climate. The climate has destabilized, globally. That is now a permanent condition. Restabilization of the climate will not occur for thousands of years. This means that every human on the planet is going to need to make preparations for their survival. And yes, it will be as bad as that as this all unfolds, worsening each year.

There won’t be any false hopium on the end of this article. I don’t do that.

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