Dec 102014

Will this wake up the Left Coast?

Probably not…

Americans love disaster movies. So does Hollywood. Funny how they depict their own destruction, while making tons of money off of the “entertainment of death” they’ve created.

Yet this scenerio is far more real them most realize.  Washington and Oregon are expecting a 9.0 or larger earthquake.

The Cascadia subduction zone slip would be HUGE, destroying most of the coastal cities.San Andreas and the numerous other fault lines that run through California are all part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, complete with volcanoes that can also decide to erupt.

Update: Treasury Department Order Survival Kits for Every Major Bank


In a major quake on the West Coast, you could pretty much guarantee that volcanic eruptions would either proceed – or follow – a major event. Continue reading “Predicting the Big One” »

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