Aug 262015

Batshit crazy… (facebook video link).



Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


You really should watch this first for context.

This dude is a certifiable crazy nutter. He’s promoting long disproven claims that keep making the rounds in the nutter / connedspiracy circles. He’s not even bothered to fact check anything. If you watch any of his other videos, he’s clearly one of the nutters, although only one video was enough to prove this point.

The comments that follow this particular video post are just as entertaining as the video itself is. There are a lot of grossly uninformed, paranoid and delusional people who will simply believe anything that they read or hear. As I’ve been saying, it’s gotten so bad it’s time to speak up and say something about this crazy connedspiracy fear that keeps escalating higher and higher in this country.

And here’s the kicker…  this dude is a candidate for Vice President of the United States alongside Arizona E. Harting.

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