Mar 252015

(I wrote this article in November 25th, 2012 – and like many of my past articles which are still valid today, believe it would be good to occasionally republish them) – Admin.

Survival Acres Blog – What is it?

The point and purpose of this blog, unlike any other “preparedness” blog or website, has been to help inform readers to some of the factual, serious issues facing humanity. Over the years, I’ve taken the time to cover a lot of topics, avoiding a few on purpose and focusing on others that I’ve come to accept as urgent and important.

What Survivalism Really Means TodayIn particular, this blog has focused on the impacts of climate change and just how serious this topic really is. No other preparedness blog does this.

This blog is not a “survivalist” blog like any other, whose bread and staple of many (not all) is to promote endless conspiracy theories and a cornucopia of sidebar advertisements to buy “preparedness” products.

I have never found any of this information on such blogs particularly useful as they have little relevancy to real life or a situation in which I would find myself. And I’m already well-versed in what I would do if I did. Continue reading “Reboot: Survival Acres Blog – What is it?” »

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