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In numerous posts on this blog, such as More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots and Morons Unite!, I’ve made the argument that the escalating ‘climate of fear‘ being incubated today in America and within the so-called ‘survivalist’ movement is a deliberate campaign designed to take advantage of people and liberate them from their money.

This campaign is being systematically produced by opportunistic people with a clear agenda disguised as patriotism, survivalism and end-time fantasy. Using a gross misunderstanding of facts, conjecture and straw arguments to foster a climate of fear, slick presentations are routinely generating higher and higher levels of fear in the American people. Their product is the manufacturing of a rather large set of “connedspiracies” all designed to produce lucrative revenue streams for their developers and advertisers.

I’ve coined the term connedspiracies (the first I think) years ago to identify and label this growing group of hucksters and profiteers that are busy manufacturing endless waves of conjecture and how they ‘sell’ their claims to audiences and fans with the sole intent to create more fear and more profits. In other words, it’s always been about money – and not about the truth or freedom or liberty or information exchange or any other thing no matter how they’ve tried to disguise it. It’s a conspiracy of conspirators who are weekly ‘engaged’ in drumming up more fear while ignoring the real issues affecting us all.

They also use the tactic of denying some of the real issues occurring and to denigrate those that have identified them. They’ve even mounted a campaign to attack those that are trying to reason with them and share important issues and concerns. Their goal:  Retain a dedicated audience (increasing revenue); sell products that you’re ‘suppose to have’; increase advertising (worth hundreds of millions per year); refuse any changes that would impact their lifestyles (business as usual). The entire ‘survival movement’ has now been co-opted by these hucksters and I’m ashamed to be considered a part of it (I’m not).


Many of the ideas and fears they’ve promoted are found within the community loosely called ‘survivalists’. I’m supposed to be one these myself because I ‘belong’ to the community of survivalists and have been helping people prepare for several decades now. But I’m not a member – because long ago I gained the understanding that survivalism was not worth pursuing anymore, especially with what survivalism has become today. Survivalism has come to mean many things that I intensely dislike, including conjecture, denial, conspiracy and end time fantasies that have no basis in reality.

But according to some, I’m supposed to believe in those other things too, by virtue of my involvement, my many publications and my long-standing efforts with this community and even because of the name of the business that I run. But I don’t believe in many of them, because they are inaccurate claims and assessments (leading to ‘conspiracy theory’), many that I’ve noted in the links above. Some of these claims and conjectures are just flat-out wrong and were created by utter idiots. Therefore, I wrote the following articles to try and lay the groundwork of what is actually true and what is not: End Time Fantasies of the Religious Right, and Denying the Deniers – Village Idiots Take Note. There are many more on this blog.

Not all conspiracies are fraudulent, but many which are being too-widely embraced are.


This blog has never been about survivalism, which I continue to view as a misguided ‘idea’ that does nothing to actually help solve anything. Everyone has seem to have forgotten what true ‘survivalism’ really was, but it’s most certainly not what it has morphed into today. It’s been taken over by big business and bottom lines, pumping out an endless array of propaganda, products and fear through the mouths of talking fools. There’s a billion dollars or more at stake and the competition is fierce. And it’s all a load of bull-puckey.

Today’s ‘survivalist’ is concerned about the future and what it’s going to mean, but it’s not a future that has anything to do with true survivalism nor is even much of it based upon reality. Today’s ‘survivalist’ has a closet full of guns and ammo, a 4×4 truck loaded up with a bug-out bag and freeze dried food, extra gas cans, sleeping bags and a shit-ton of ‘essential gear’ crammed into every nook and cranny and walkie-talkies to stay in touch with his overweight ‘buddies’. There’s even a map for the rendezvous area taped to the visor where they’re all planning on ‘making a stand’ (against everyone else).

Our hero is getting ready to run. The (still) dominant paradigm in the survivalist / end-timer / prepper movement is to disappear off into never-ever land where ‘survival’ and ‘making a stand’ will somehow be ‘an answer’ to whatever is going wrong within society. I call these people ‘self-made refugees’ and have long pointed out the fallacies of this sort of thinking. If you’ve never read Survival Acres Blog – What Is It?, you should because I’ve gone into detail what is wrong there too.

There are others within the survival movement that won’t choose to ‘bug-out‘ – they’re staying put and guarding the fort. They’re even better prepared (some of them), rivaling even the equipment issued to military troops. They’re preparing for the ‘end’ too, because when it all falls apart, the plan is to defend it to the last can of beans.

Defense (and even attack) plays a huge role in today’s ‘survivalism’ meme, probably far, far larger then some people even realize. This component of the modern day survivalist movement is absolutely huge, taking up 50% and more of the survivalist budget, time, training and efforts now being expended. The massive jump in gun sales has skyrocketed with many of these going to survivalists. I’ve been to the gun shows, seen what the preparations are and understand the reasoning behind it. But this isn’t survivalism, this is a country’s citizens preparing for war. Yet many label themselves survivalists. It’s not hard at all to understand what this means – they’re planning on killing a lot of people. In ‘defense’ of course.

I’ve a big problem with this sort of preparation because it is ill-advised and wrong-headed. It completely fails to prepare for what actually IS coming our way. And it’s not the Rapture, the End Time or Satan himself which is going to show up and cart you all off into cattle cars. The Jade Helm military exercise will not result in martial law this summer. They’re not going to start rounding up political dissidents, gun owners, Christians, home schoolers or any such thing. This is a load of bullshit pumped out by utter idiots. If any of you have been ‘preparing’ for any of these, you’ve wasted your time and your situational awareness royally sucks. You’ve fallen for the propaganda that has long worked against ‘preppers’. Continue reading »

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