Jul 312010

The Kalispel Tribe is holding its annual Powwow meeting. This is the first time I’ve been able to go.

Native dancers from as far as Arizona and even Kansas I think attended.  Colorful dancing costumes were in abundance, as was Native American music and food.

Annual powwow meetings are held throughout the country to reaffirm Native American heritage and culture.

I got there in time for the grand entry, where all the dancers made their appearance in traditional garb and dance.  But I think I missed the buffalo BBQ!

There was also a hall where traditional drumming was held.  There were two groups in two elongated circles drumming traditional songs.  I wasn’t able to figure out the meaning of several things of interest.  The drummers would take turn tossing a pair of squared bones? towards the other drummers.  It almost look like they were throwing dice.  One of the square objects had black strips on it, the other was entirely white.

There was also painted sticks being tossed to specific drummers at various times, but I never did understand the meaning of this.

The dance costumes were spectacular. You could easily tell that a lot of effort went into their construction.

Surrounding the giant tent were teepees and numerous campsites.  Parked outside, instead of horses were Fords and Dodge trucks.

Everybody was doing it.  The kids, young people, elderly.  It was pretty amazing.

To think that we destroyed these “savages” for their way of life and traditions is pretty sad.

The long, sordid history of the U.S. Government and its abusive practices towards Native American Indians is a history filled with treachery, violence, oppression, forced sterilizations, lies and quite literally, nearly endless genocide.

Walking around, you could tell quite a few Indians hadn’t forgotten this either.  T-shirts for sale said things like “Native American Pride” and “My Hero’s Killed Cowboys” and “Homeland Security since 1492”.  I can’t say that I blame them. I’ve collected stories and several books over the years that depict the true history of their suffering at the hands of the invaders, a practice which continues to this day by this government.

There were a number of vendors with Indian bumper stickers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and Native American hand-crafts. Traditional tepees were erected all around the place, but they weren’t easy to get pictures of, due to the numerous R.V.’s and trucks also parked around them.

It looked like everybody was having a great time.

I think it’s pretty neat that they reaffirm their culture and heritage to this day.  In about a hundred years, they should get it all back I’d think.  That is of course, whatever is left.

Oct 262008

Lonewolf shared this link with me, and I (slowly) read it through and pondered this most of the night. It is the Olduvai Theory: Sliding Towards a Post-Industrial Stone Age and it has of course, particular significance towards the future of all humanity.

First off, if you don’t know what this is, it is the representation of human history and the rapid rise and fall of the industrial age.

“the life-expectancy of Industrial Civilization is horridly short.”

How short? The answer may surprise and shock you. Only 100 years, give or take a decade or two at most. That’s it.

This is because of the collapse of non-renewable resources, including energy sources. Industrial civilization depends upon non-solar energy sources for it’s existence, and non-renewable resources like mineral ores. We have already strip-mined the planet of over 50% of these resources, picking off the easy “low hanging fruit” first. What remains is increasingly harder and harder to obtain, require massively intense energy expenditures.

But the Olduvai theory bases it’s claims upon the peak energy usage per human. My comment above extends this just a bit further, logically stating that our declining non-renewable, non-energy sources are also a factor.

Peak energy usage per human has already long since passed, Duncan “fixes” this date as 1977. Since then, the energy “capital” available has declined, at an average of .90 per year. This will increase (rapidly) as we continue to squander the remain world’s resources with abandon (examine Dubai for current and grossly excessive examples).

First off, I think Duncan is quite correct, as this ties directly into the other observations and records of history posted on this blog. Humans have reached their apex of civilization, blowing their one shot to do better:

It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on Earth, some other species will take over the running. In the sense of developing high intelligence this is not correct. We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned. With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology. This is a one-shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same will be true of other planetary systems. On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only. (Hoyle, 1964; emphasis added)

What I am interested in knowing, is how this will be “responded” to by the globalists, who most certainly are keenly aware of this rise and fall of industrial civilization, and what this will mean to them and their holdings and interests.

Will they simply go along for the ride, like the rest of us, rising and falling back to the stone age? I think not. I suspect that what this means is something quite different then what Duncan and others have suggested because it is horrific in scope and scale.

From a globalist viewpoint, it makes no clear sense to “permit” humanity to exhaust the planetary resources at a breakneck speed, only to have all of industrial civilization fall back into the stone age just as quickly. The future of the planet and all of life itself would (and is) at stake.

From a humanist viewpoint, this would also be troublesome because all of our achievements including things like equality, justice (where it actually exists), democracy (same), education, and other accomplishments including science, medicine, intelligence, communications, computers, etc., would be subjected to the same decline, back to the stone age as the globalists fear.

Both fears are quite correct. Unless a massive energy source is found and developed, industrial civilization will collapse in upon itself, leaving behind a unbelievable garbage dump of useless artifacts spread across the entire globe.

But on the other hand, if such an energy source is found (purely speculative by the way, no such source has ever been found or is likely to be found), we’d simply continue to strip-mine the planet down to the bedrock and below, destroying all of the environment and all other life forms on Earth, until finally, our folly would create the collapse we have been trying to avoid anyway.

In other words, collapse will happen anyway under both scenarios. Unless we managed to springboard ourselves to the stars where we could repeat our voracious habits, we are “doomed” to remain on planet Earth. Moreover, we are doomed to go back to where we’ve already been. The question then becomes how will we exist on this planet? Will we die in a gigantic trash heap? Or on a burned out cinder? I suspect something else will actually happen and this is the focus of this blog entry. Here goes:

I do not believe that humanists nor the global elite will permit the worlds billions to mass-rape the planet forever. This would be the worst possible choice for humanity. Industrial civilization may indeed die, but it need not die everywhere and it probably won’t.

When we think of industrial civilization, we think of manufacture, production, the economy and growth and all the points in between that make modern life possible. Civilization itself is ubiquitous with the term industry, and permitting industry or civilization itself to “quit” is simply not an option for most people in all walks of life.

These people would include most of you in fact, and the world leaders, pundits and politicians. Civilization is deemed highly desirable and reverting back to the stone age is considered by most to be highly undesirable. Be that as it may, we can pretty much surmise that everything possible will be done to make sure that this does not happen (despite civilizations final conclusions anyway, foresight is not a strong human attribute).

It is my prediction that planned (orchestrated) population reduction and resource hoarding will commence in earnest, far beyond what we have already seen, as the tactical response to the Olduvai Theory. Beyond this theory, there is of course the very real impacts of resource depletion and climate change and the inability to “permit” the third or even the second world to achieve first-world living standards. This has already been widely recognized — and a tactical response to this demand will soon commence (imo).

Irregardless of the lip-service we have all seen of fairness, justice and equity for “all” (which is really stating it will be business as usual and especially more “business” and privilege and protection for the world’s elite), the reality of what is occurring in the real world as opposed to our minds is very different. The impoverished conditions of the worlds citizens are most definitely NOT improving and never will. The Olduvai Theory also means we live at the apex of our civilization and it is all downhill from here for the rest of us.

But I also think this means that a tactical response will be deployed in earnest to reduce the worlds populations by several billions (at least), preserve the remaining resources for “technological and industrial centers”, and permit the rest of the world to basically go to hell in a handbasket as far as you and I are concerned.

One step towards this goal is the rise of the police state and global fascism that we are now seeing, especially here in Amerika and England. Controlling the unruly populations with a big stick will be necessary.

You should know that this also ties directly in with the UN agenda to reduce the world population by billions. Even ‘extreme environmentalist‘ agree this “must” happen. USA Today ran an article this year that claimed the United States population would hit “1 billion”, over three times it’s current number, by the year 2100. Nobody in their right mind would agree that this would be a good idea. It is of course, not even possible that this would happen because we will crash long before then, but you get the idea.

We are in fact, all faced with a severe problem, one which must be addressed. If populations continue to climb, we WILL destroy ourselves. If we embark on a genocidal campaign to reduce population, we ARE destroying ourselves, but with the “hope” that we are doing it for the “greater good of humanity and its future existence”. If we do nothing at all, but restrict population to current levels (a total pipe dream, we simply cannot behave ourselves), then all we would do is delay the inevitable a few years.

The other and final option is what I suspect the globalists will actually do, and that is to preserve civilization and industry by reducing world population levels dramatically through various means, including war, genocide, starvation and deprivation, disease and sickness. Selected cities and regions will be established to preserve civilization. As of yet, I do not know where they are.

As horrible as this is, I believe this is the only response they will see as being the “moral choice”, saving future humanity (and themselves) from the ultimate and inevitable destruction of civilization to come. By doing this, they will be attempting to preserve the remaining world’s non-renewable resources as long as possible and this will permit civilization and industry to continue (and their vested interests of course).

Reverting back to the stone age is simply not an option. Everything possible will be done to avoid this including global genocide.

I realize this is not “news” to collapse watchers, but there are a lot of newcomers that read this blog now. This is an agenda that has been talked about for decades and is found deeply rooted at the heart of many global policies.

The problem with it is (setting aside the morality of this issue for a moment) it makes sense. We’ve become too big and too voracious to continue like this much longer. If we do, we will consume ourselves anyway, killing off our entire species along with everything else. If we do nothing — we die anyway. If we do something, the choices will be unbelievably difficult, because it means that most of us will not live.

Fortunately, I myself don’t have to make this choice, neither do you. It is already being made for us. So my question at this point becomes “how do you survive this?” coming genocide? It will happen anyway, either externally imposed upon us by events and circumstances (sooner), or self-inflicted by sheer negligence (later).

This blog has dealt with this issue in the collapse series of articles and entries, but not as specifically as I would have liked. This is in part due to the various natures and abilities of the readership, we are all at different levels of our personal preparations and plans, and not everybody is all on the same page. The blog has attempted to highlight the issues primarily that surround us all from a collapse perspective, rather then detail the designs.

The issues are clear — we are all in severe peril and this peril is growing by the day. It is coming at us from many different directions, but will all involve our response at different times and levels.  How you respond is well, really up to you. I’ve tried not to get into too many details on this because I think each response is different for every person.  In general though, I do think there are common themes that we all need to embrace (read on).

I can romanticize quite easily what it would be like to live in the stone age, but it doesn’t really matter to me, because I will never see it. Your kids very well might however which is why it then becomes quite pertinent to humans living today. But I can’t possibly romanticize what it would be like to live under more tyranny or global genocide, or having to “buy” energy units in order to exist. Well, we do that already, it called kilowatts and gallons and pounds, but I meant under a quota program. We’re all very accostomed to getting what we want, when we want and all that we want. That won’t last much longer.

Quotas are coming by the way, that should be self-evident. In a nation that uses 25% of the worlds energy, but comprises less then 2% of the world’s population, quotas for your energy usage and consumption are coming. Right now, you pay as you go to live the privileged life of an Amerikan, and that will always be the case. But you won’t always be able to consume excessive amounts of food, fuel or energy (or even renewable resources like water) forever. They will restrict this with a broad brush as time goes on.

The “answer” to all of this has always remained the same. Humans must embrace a new ethic and a new level of existence if they are to survive much longer on this planet. Since this is not happening (not in America), then it will eventually be imposed upon us by external forces.

The better choice then would be to do it now while you can still choose. It will be the lack of choice in the future that will make this harder to accept then willingly choosing now. You can actually stand a chance to avoid the coming global genocide if you choose now to live independent of the system, instead of being entirely reliant upon it.

This should be self-evident, but in case it’s not, here’s why: the teeming billions that now exist are entirely reliant upon the failing agro-industrial system for their existence. This will only worsen their conditions and existence as time goes on, the Olduvai Theory proves that, as does peak oil, energy decline and resource depletion and climate change.

Those still “in the system” and reliant upon it for their existence will be the first to be affected by all of the above. They will also be the first ones removed in the coming genocide. Whether planned or accidental, the end result will be the same, billions will perish. Therefore, remove yourself (choose) to become self-reliant and take care of your needs as soon as you can, then teach this to your children, who are going to need this the most.

We should be setting up centers all over the world to become self-reliant, but common sense and foresight on the pending issues facing humanity remain ignored. It’s too bad, because we could do quite a lot if we wanted to avoid the other outcome, which I’m convinced will be pretty horrific. Preserving human life is not a strong suit of civilization, which takes and destroy lives with abandon. Civilization (and industry) is insensitive to life actually. This indifference springs forth from the disconnected nature (modern) civilization and industry has with nature, which is the source of all life on Earth.

By becoming self-reliant, you will have made a rather major step towards your own survival and that of your children. The global genocide to come will still be a very real factor, but you will have done what you can, when you can to try and survive this.

Finally, this is after all, your only real choice anyway. If most of humanity (if not all, but I believe the globalists will develop technological and industrial centers for selected membership while they suck the rest of the planet dry of resources) is headed back to the stone age anyway, then take a step in that direction now and become self-reliant. The education you will gain will be absolutely invaluable — and quite essential for your continued existence.

Sep 092008

Crashstead survival requires deep personal preparations. I have not really found that many people who have given this a lot of thought or more importantly, gone to the extreme lengths that are necessary to put these preparations into action.

It is not enough to simply “plan” what you’re going to do when the time comes, you must implement those plans (now) with time, effort and some money. In particular, you must identify where you think you are going to wind up. Are you going to stay home, calling your existing dwelling your crashstead? Or are you going to head out somewhere else?

Those that think they can “bug out” and survive in the woods have my blessings. I have written on this subject before and do not advocate a bugout approach to surviving the crash. For most people, it will not only not work, it will kill them quickly (which may be a good thing).

If you’re persuaded that you can bug out into the woods and survive off the land on your own, I suggest you stop reading right here, grab your bugout pack right now and head for the woods. Most of you will be back (very soon), tired, hungry, possibly sick or injured, and out of supplies.

Now extend this over the coming winter conditions, through rains, sleet, snow and freezing cold. Living off the land is hard, and very, very few people can actually do it for any time at all, let alone through entire seasons or even year round. I’ve covered before why this is, lack of education, training, skills and a depleted environment. This is not the same thing as camping for a week or two with a stuffed backpack full of freeze dried food.

Bugging out really means you need someplace (else) to go to. A destination is pretty much an essential. Would-be wilderness survivors are going to be limited to the skilled, young and healthy. This eliminates much of obese America and the Xbox generation. The many that will foolishly try the wild-living approach to crash survival will mostly self-eliminate. Almost all of them will rapidly return to civilization and will thereby, be in worse condition then when they left, new slaves for the ruling elite.

There is another possible approach. The following is not to be considered advice, legal or otherwise. It is also not for the faint of heart.

Crashstead survival requires a crashstead. A place to be, live, exist, survive. A place to stay warm, hide, and live outside of the fascist police state. It can be considered your base of operations if you intend to expend a little effort (or a lot) on fighting back against the system. Whatever it is to you, it is a place to be.

For those who are not going to stay put in their existing homes, apartments, townhouses or mobile homes, here is some ideas on what you can do. Bear in mind, this is entirely up to you, you WILL accept all the consequences for taking these actions (which you will anyway when you think about it, staying put has consequences, as does continued adherence to the system).

Crashstead Survival – Personal Preparations

There is a lot of public land in America, which is considered the exclusive domain of the government. This is both federal and state owned lands. You are permitted to walk on it in some places, observe it, hunt on it and visit it, but you are not permitted to live on it.

This is contrary to basic human natural rights, the idea that a place must be owned to live on it is against all of nature.

Public land is your land, you own it, we all own it. The government is supposed to be entrusted with its care and management, but instead, parcels it out to big business (timber and mining companies) for exploitation and (their) use. When this happens, as it very often does, you can no longer enjoy it for yourself, these areas of activity are now often off-limits to you. So what was once in the public trust and ownership, is now in the private domain of a faceless corporation who is making huge profits off of your land.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the land has effectively been stolen from you all. You can steal it back if you are smart, crafty and willing to take the risks involved.

These huge tracts of public land are governed by various government agencies such as the BLM, Forest Service and even the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR). They are thankfully, chronically understaffed and grossly incompetent. Land management is essentially one of their main tasks, but it’s not being done with any real ethics.

Simply said, the land should be given back to the private persons (the public) and withheld from the corporations. This way, land and a place to live would be returned back to the people, for free. At one time, for tens of thousands of years, this was how humans lived here, the land was not owned by anyone, it was simply used by tribes and passed on to the next generation.

Since all the native tribes were wiped out in genocidal wars by the American government and their survivors forced to live on wasted reservation lands, the lands passed into the hands of the federal and state governments. You can live there if you so choose, and you can also prepare a crashstead there.

Not everybody can afford land today. This is in actuality, an artificial “market”, propped up by banks, mortgage companies, land speculators and developers. Essentially, they want you to remain an indebted slave all of your life, beholden to the banks and banksters, always paying and never owning. Those that own their land are still forced to pay taxes to the State for all of eternity, as if this ‘privilege’ of land ownerships belongs to the State who punishes those that own their land.

Even land ownership however, has it’s drawbacks. You are “known” there. People know where you live, sometimes the wrong kind of people. The collapse is going to bring out the very worst, far more worse then most people are willing to imagine. Staying on your land, whether you own it or not, may not always be an option.

The alternative then, and necessary for a lot of people, will be going someplace else. This too has its drawbacks. Outsiders are not always welcomed, and will be viciously “denied” (ie., killed, attacked, robbed, assaulted, even enslaved) by the local residents when all the chips are down. Those that believe in the kumbaya “love your neighbor” future should stop reading right here, it’s definitely not going to happen like that.

There are plenty of examples of how the crash could progress in this country by simply examining how deep collapse has affected other countries. Genocide, murder, cannibalism, expulsion, massive refugee exodus, starvation, robbery, rape, race wars and theft are some things we can look forward to. It CAN happen here and it very well might. Oh, I forgot civil war — count on it.

The point being, if you are a refugee or an “outsider” seeking to land somewhere and plant your feet, you may very well be rejected (and with good cause). Nobody really knows you, and you will not necessarily be trusted. Or even needed. Your land might already be occupied by other squatters and your preparations already divvied up. Those that think they are going to be “welcomed” are in for a serious shock. They might be — but depending on the depth of the collapse at that time, they might not. The worst CAN happen.

So if you need land, and a place to go, establish it now. If you haven’t done this already, you’re at least two years behind schedule.

Public land can be used for a place to go. But it should be a crashstead, a prepared location that will permit you to survive.

Obtain several maps. You are looking for several things by doing so. Public land often borders private land along one or more borders. There are also tracts of public land ranging from tiny acreage to huge parcels that are entirely surrounded by private lands. And of course, there are entire national forest and state parks. For our discussion, these are not being considered here, although they would work also.

What you’re looking for is a slice of public land that borders private land, in a unvisited location. This is land that sees little traffic on both the public land and the private land. The best locations are private land where the land owner of this parcel is never around. You can go to the county courthouse and find out who the owner is, this is a public record and you have the right to find out.

Absentee private land owners are common. Many live out-of-state. Some never visit or have even seen their distant land. Others visit very rarely.  Find out who this person is, where they live and how to contact them.  You can learn a lot once you get this information, the country clerk will help you with this, that’s their job.  Tell them whatever you want, you’re going to buy some land or you spotted an old junk classic car on the land you want to buy.  Get creative.

Bordering this private land is the public land on your chosen investigation. Public land is routinely marked with boundary signs, affixed to trees and posts in most cases. There are also survey markers buried in the ground, these are metal pipes with survey seals affixed to their tops.  They are hard to remove!  You can however, pound them down out of site in some cases, but they’re not always found, they are spaced widely apart (a mile I think) and you may not have to worry about these.

In many cases, there are also roadways that border the edges of public land, but not always. Some of these roadways are fairly well used (avoid these for obvious reasons), others are closed or rarely used.  Good locations have either no roads or an old skid trail.

What you are looking for then is the ‘perfect combination’ of public land bordering ‘vacant’ private land, with little to no traffic, no neighbors anywhere around (or home), no visitors and marked with easily movable markers. Those signs tacked onto those trees can be moved. If you’re really energetic like I am, you can even move the entire road if there is one. What you are doing is creating a new property line that appears to be private land. You can do this in such a way that nobody is really going to notice, not for a long time and maybe, not ever.

GIS systems (geographical information systems) are in widespread use around the nations agencies that manage land. Some of these system record entire forests of trees and rely heavily upon satellite imagery to survey land from space. Anything you do can be “seen”, so bear this in mind. You can make small, incremental changes over time, which will still not be invisible, but won’t stand out too much either.

A hypothetical scenario then is to move the public property line a hundred yards or so, extending this as far as you need to (another few hundred yards would work sufficiently). Picking the right locations to do this is important, if the existing line borders a used road, it will be reasonably obvious to someone sooner or later that the markers have been moved. You can do this out of sight of any roads or walkways if you walk these lines and examine where it might be done.

Another idea is to put up a obsolete “for sale” sign or some other such device on your chosen slice of land. Or build a rusty barbed wire fence and enclose it. Anything to make it look like private land. The absent owner-neighbor may never know you’re there (do your research on them first and determine if they are likely to sound the alarm). You can even claim you bought the land if need be, it came up for sale and you are now the proud owner.

Any markers need to be moved to push back the existing line to suit your needs. The best way to do this is to extend the left-right edges pretty far beyond your slice, say a mile or so. A gradual loss of land extending just a few degrees over a mile will “make” a nice-sized slice of newly freed land in the middle of that line.  Pick a slice between survey markers (those metal posts in the ground) will be easiest.

Bulldoze or hand-build a road into your new lot if needed, or much better, make it look quite old by replicating an old logging trail (a lot of work, but it can be done). Stick up a few rustic outbuilding (shop around in the paper for free barn wood or buildings that are to be torn down and use used materials to blend in better as “aged”) if this will “help your case” and make things blend in right. Rusty barbed wire can be had for free, along with old fence posts.  An old corral is a good trick.

Get creative, but be wise at the same time. Making your efforts look established will blend in better and your efforts won’t stand out so much. No fresh cut trees! If you drop a tree, cut off the stump below ground level and bury the stump with a few inches of dirt, but bear in mind that GIS systems are in widespread use now, even inventorying every tree.

Lock the roadway, trail or path with a cable or old gate or something and keep the casual investigator out (or have no entrance road/path at all). If you do it right, nobody will even notice, most people are asleep anyway.

This approach does not give you any rights of any sort and will of course, land you in serious trouble should anyone decide to investigate.  You can always claim you thought this was private land (see the signs???) and be guilty of simply squatting, not a big deal. But collapse IS serious trouble, except you cannot wait until collapse finds you to have a place to go. Having a place to go must be prepared well in advance. Bear in mind that you are entirely responsible for your own actions, there are many gray areas of survival that will be quite necessary when your life is on the line.

Do NOT attempt to hook up power, water, sewer or septic with such an approach. Public utility companies will demand proof of ownership, which you would have to provide. Frankly, even these documents are all quite possible, but you would need a example set to copy from and create your own. These firms do not know what is public or private land, except general knowledge, but anybody could check the county records if they wanted (and they might) and discover your slice is not on the county platt map and you’d be found out.

You could always squat on public land in the middle of the forest too, except this is also obvious to rangers, hunters, hikers and such like and you could be quickly reported. There are a number of people in America doing this right now, but they are forced to move on fairly frequently, which is really what your trying to avoid.  If you simply want to squat on land and live there temporarily, then just pick a spot and do it, but realize you won’t be allowed to stay there long.

There is also State land, and large timber company land. Private company land might also work in a collapse situation like this (which has a certain type of satisfaction to it), but it depends on the management of the land owners. Some timber companies almost never visit their land except to see if it’s ready to log again. Since many years will have passed, the employees for this land will have been replaced and they will not have a clear idea (if you’re smart and you moved the markers wisely) of any “slices” missing.

GPS (global positioning systems) are also in widespread use and you can fully expect these to be in the hands of anybody these days. But that doesn’t mean you’re appropriation won’t work, maps and records are full of all kinds of errors, including entire slices of “unclaimed” land not actually owned or managed by anybody! These are usually fully surrounded by other owned parcels and as such, have difficult access for your type of plans, but they can be found with diligence and hard work.

Markers that are moved should be carefully replaced using the existing nails. Use a splitting wedge or some such tool (hard plastic) between the hammer and the nail to keep the nail rusty looking with no strike marks showing up shiny and bright. You WILL probably need to take down the old marker trees, many have more then just signs on them, but are “blazed” (slashed) with old blazes that indicate the property line. Your new sign trees won’t have any blazes (unless you get lucky and find a few that do). New blazes will stand out, so I would not bother with them. The new line just won’t have any blazes.

Keep your crash stead construction small and low-profile. Underground is best (imo) and will be less obtrusive to everyone, including satellites. Now you can work on your ‘private’ land and it won’t stand out too much.  Stick your chimney pipe through a hollow log or something. Plant some bushes around that to blend in, native plants from your area are best.

This approach makes you look like you ‘belong’, and important concept, while not being on the records anywhere. I would not park a vehicle nearby, as this invites investigation or at least notice (ride a bike, or park your car on the vacant private land nearby). Remember, you are blending in, it’s just an old parcel of land with some run-down structures on it (or nothing at all, it’s all underground), but ‘private’. Old signs can be found as needed, just look around.

Creativity, cunning, risk and hard work are required. Not for the faint of heart, but you can wind up with something you didn’t have before, a place to be.  Not without risk or effort, but possible.  In the collapse, your crashstead will be established and importantly, look established.  You may very well be permitted to stay there as long as all the attention is diverted elsewhere.

This concept of ‘diversion’ is pretty important, officials are looking for whatever stands out.  If you go into a government office and complain, you stand out.  If you start blabbing on about the new world order (anywhere), you stand out.  If you make any waves at all (anywhere), you stand out.  Since you are trying to create a place to live, make sure whatever you do, you don’t stand out.  Blend in, be wise, what what YOU expect to see there?  How do you know what land is really private and what is public?

You can stand out elsewhere if you like, just don’t put what you need at risk if you can help it.  Surviving the fascist police state of Amerika is going to require you to break more then a few rules, you might as well get comfortable doing it.

Jul 052008

[This is Part II, please read Part I first – Admin]

It is probably accurate to say that everything humans set out to do, is really done solely for their own benefit. The premises here is that the advancement of humans, over all other forms of life, sentient and non-sentient, and of human possessions and human control, human influence and human ownership and wealth, is the ultimate (selfish) objective of all human activity.

This has turned out to be a very dangerous folly, because it forever attempts to “push forward” the impacts of humans on the planet (the true cost) upon some other generation, and with a huge emphasize on only the present while degrading the obvious lessons of the past (and all other forms of existence), while flat-out refusing to acknowledge the true likelihood of the future. Continue reading »

Jul 052008

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In my last post, I said:

The ‘solution’ seems to be to keep everything going, just as it is, as long as possible, with a total lack of foresight on what this is going to mean in the long run. If we wind up consuming every possible resource like I think we will, we are absolutely positively guaranteeing the extinction of all life on Earth except mold, mildew, bacteria and an occasional arthropod.

Now read this article, about sequestering carbon. There is absolutely no mention of creating new lifestyles that are not energy dependent, or changing civilization. There are however, a lot of false promises and assumptions on how technology is going to once again ‘save us’ (from ourselves), but the ethical changes that are really needed are conspicuously absent.

Every day I read really stupid proposals that imply we can continue down this path of consumption if we just take out our trash more efficiently. Read these links for this theme: A Metal Scare To Rival The Oil Scare, The Death Of Gallium, The Earth’s Natural Wealth, Can We Build The Future? Continue reading »

Jun 302008

I have long believed after many years of study, that mankind is going to revert back to Stone Age living. This will be the inevitable outcome of the depletion of global energy supplies (oil, coal, nature gas, uranium).

Not long ago, I came across a quote (posted here) that pointed out that we have long since mined all the easily available minerals and resources found in the Earth. This is true, the rates of return on our discovery and extraction efforts is greatly diminished, and it will NEVER get any better.

The important point here is the non-renewable resources like metal ores are being mined deeper and deeper, requiring greater and greater energy expenditures. This discovery / extraction cycle cannot be maintained much longer as energy supplies run out. When this happens (fairly soon now), we will simply stop mining ore.

This means we will also stop having a modern, industrial civilization. There are of course, many other factors that also mean we will stop having a modern industrialization, but I don’t want to under emphasize this one point.

When our industrial civilization effectively ‘stops’ (which will happen long before we run out of metals), we will revert to more ‘primitive’ methods of living. In time, when even our recycling / recovery efforts to reuse existing stocks and supplies of metal are gone, we simply won’t have any metal, period.

Only highly durable (and quite literally priceless) metals would still be in existence. Titanium for example (but hard to work with), stainless steel, probably brass, gold and silver will still be reusable. A lot of our modern metals in use today (steel, iron, aluminum) will corrode or oxidize into oblivion. In any case, civilization if it continues to exist at this time, will be much, much different without much metal in use.

This of course, also means that other inventions such as glass, all types of plastic, asphalt, ceramics (as opposed to clay), and all forms of synthetics (shoes, clothing, carpets, upholstery, etc.) will also be long gone — FOREVER.

None of these ‘inventions’ will be coming back. Oh, we might make some crappy looking windows from sand (silica), but not much else. It’ll be wood and stone, hand-made brick and mortar, leather and dirt. We’ll all go back to doing things the ‘hard way’, whether we like it or not.

Some think we can keep this whole thing running on alternative energy, but that definitely will not happen. We cannot even maintain, let alone build, alternative energy contraptions (PV panels, hydro electric, wind / wave generators, etc.) without oil — forget about it. Nor could we stock or supply enough spare parts, or of course, locate and mine the ores deep in the Earth to manufacture the replacements.

Once we “use up” our endowment of cheap, plentiful energy, we are going to REVERT, we have absolutely no other choice.

And we have NO IDEA how we are going to survive when this happens. Remember, this will actually happen long BEFORE we run out of all energy supplies, for many of the other reasons I’ve shared before on this blog. In any case, there are a few people who have given this some serious thought.

There is one dude who I admire for his gumption and fortitude that has (using my own words) concluded the same things as I have, and that is Torjus Gaaren who runs the Living Primitively site. He’s doing his best to practice the primitive living skills now, so that they can be taught to someone else later on (he offers classes sometimes).

So here is what I’d like to see some of my readers do — send him a donation to keep this effort ‘alive’. I just did again, not bragging, not trying to say anything at all about that, I do it because I truly do believe in what he’s doing. Go visit his site and hit the PayPal button on the right hand side and help him out. It’s not easy living without any money, we’ve all got one foot in the system while we’re trying to find ways to get out.

Torjus writes about his experiences and posts it up on his site for all the world to see — for free. He’s certainly not doing this for the money, I can absolutely guarantee you that. He’s given up on other opportunities so that he can do what he loves doing best, and learn what needs to be taught to future mankind, and we can all learn from his experience.

I’ve long said it takes serious time to make your individual preparations, and time for all of us means money and effort. He’s got the ambition and has proven himself able to make the effort — so this is where we can step in and help him with the money.

I’ll let my readers in on a secret — I give away all the donations I receive to ‘worthy individuals’ time and again. My own donations for June were $50.  I gave this back to another, who needed it more then I.  I wound up with a spare grinder kit and gave this to yet another.  I do this every month, without fail, even when there are no donations to me, which happens quite often.

I’ve never talked about it before, but I have tried to share with all of you that a ‘new ethic’ is needed and how I truly despise the greedy monsters out there like Savinar who are only seeking the advantage over everyone else.  They are constantly begging for money, always for themselves.  We need to “put up or shut up”, ie., practice what we preach as a demonstration of who and what we really are, if only to prove to ourselves, of what we really believe.

The proof is in the doing, not the online posturing and postulating and procrastinating.  Do what you can, when you can.  Reach out and help those who are trying to help you.  What goes around, certainly DOES come around.

Jun 152008

I have spent the majority of my adult life seeking after the “truth of things”. This investigative journey has led me down many paths, including philosophy, religion, politics, history, the environment, and ultimately to ‘civilization’, which is the forefather and foundation to it all.

I have discovered and eventually uncovered many things of great interest, all of which have changed my world views and perspectives many times as each layer of the onion is uncovered, revealing more and more. Each discovery has always led to more ‘discoveries’, an unending chain of events, teachings, and circumstances reaching backwards through time that has now encompassed over a million years of human history.

To be fair, I am quite unable to learn everything, and do not presume to do so or represent in anyway that I have. I have only followed what interests me and nothing more, which has left some pretty big areas unexplored. I have an inquisitive mind which has always kept me preoccupied with “truth”. Always searching, reading, investigating and learning whatever I can that interests me. My mom just reminded me that I was called the “Little Professor” when I was young, something I had long since quite forgotten, due to my inquisitive nature of things even back then.

Yet this inquisitive investigative journey of mine has not changed anything at all, except me. What I “know”, what I’ve learned and what I’ve uncovered hasn’t changed the world at large one iota, but it has dramatically changed me. My life, my views, even how I live and what I do for a living has been dramatically changed as a result, because it has always been important to me to “walk in truth”. To live in accordance to what I now know, to practice what I preach and to mold my own life around what I understand to be true.

This of course, also means to reject what is now known to be false, and to avoid what is also now known to be misleading, which is why I have taken certain positions on various subjects. It is the height of hypocrisy as we’ve all seen to be claiming one thing, but living an entirely different thing. This is why I have always emphasized, pay particular attention to what people actually do — this is how you will “know them” and who and what they really are. Those that preach, but do not practice are false profits, of which there are a great many in our midst today. They are here only to fleece the flock and are doing this right now with great enjoyment.

Along the way, I have had influence and affect of other lives because of my views, primarily as a result of my writing and speaking. But the world at large remains the same as it always was, almost entirely indifferent and seemingly immutable, plunging headlong towards annihilation with self-destructive behavior that seems completely unstoppable now.

History is plagued with an unending series of stupid human mistakes arising from ignorance, arrogance, indifference, hatred and greed. You could expand this short list to the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, all of which humans have in great abundance and practice with abandon.

These ill-suited qualities for human life are often the root subjects underlying the words I write. But they are NOT the only qualities possessed by humans, such as compassion, kindness and love (or the virtues of chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility).

But these sins and their opposite virtues depict something not always in evidence, which is why I usually concentrate on them on this blog. We all know humans are faulty creatures, but we loose track of just how faulty we really are and make up a plethora of excuses to explain (away) our behavior. This is of course, only another way of shirking our responsibilities and accountability, which are too painful for many to bear. It is much easier to explain why we misbehave, or even justify our behavior, then to face the reality of what it means to the entire world when we behave badly, generation after generation.

At the heart of these sins, vices or behavioral traits is the injustice they represent. Our common struggle is really against human injustice, which is really what our life-long struggle for existence and even meaning is all about.

Injustice is entirely a human quality, practiced by humans only, because injustice is really about human relationships to everything else, including humans and non-humans. People, places and things, all feel the unrighteous acts of injustice as practiced by humans and their relationships to everything else.

Our lives are the real battlegrounds where injustice is waged by humans on everything else, including each other. We see injustice but don’t often recognize it for what it is, we practice injustice and think we are actually doing others a favor by our actions, and we live injustice by promoting it in a million horrifying ways upon the world.

Injustice is occurring all over the world in every aspect of our society. In truth, humans societies arise because of injustice, not in spite of them. An valid argument could be made that our propensity to practice injustice is the sole basis of our civilization, because more then just “cooperative agreements” among peoples and societies, civilization is based upon the principle of advantage. There are always winners and losers in every ‘agreement’ of civilization, but they are not always readily recognizable.

Injustice is experienced when an unequal exchange has occurred, which always happens when the advantage is the real goal. This concept of unequal exchange encompasses everything humans do on this planet. This injustice is very pervasive, permeating throughout all human relationships and the environment. But it is a strictly human quality, one which we have built our entire civilization upon.

Humans are thought to require this advantage and the corresponding injustice this causes, without which we could not survive as a species. Born without tooth or claw, we require each other (for more then just procreation) and the opportunity to take advantage of our natural environment. The distinction however, between man and animal, is humans go much further and continue to constantly seek the advantage over everything throughout their entire lives, despite the many violations of injustice this causes. And humans go on to teach this practice to their progeny, making successive generations even more detached from real truth.

Indigenous tribes are often quick to exploit any perceived advantage when they became exposed to them. Examples are horses, guns, clothing and even mundane things such as seeds (which is why similar seed varieties sprung up in different parts of the world in short order). This eventually led to conquests and confiscation of other peoples, lands and resources as the advantage held by one tribe was used over another. The injustice of it all was rarely questioned, and even less so then it is today.

The environment has borne at least as much of these injustices as humans themselves have. The environment of today is badly abused and exploited by everyone. It’s not just multi-national corporations at fault here, it is the commuters, airline passengers, homeowners, boaters and ATV riders too. We’re all quite guilty of taking advantage of our environment and creating injustice against all of the other creatures and plants we’ve displaced, killed or extinguished in the process. We all take far more then we could ever possibly “need”, but have completely lost sight of that fact.

Some of this is necessary, but most of it is not. We take far, far more then we ever actually “need” and waste a thousand times as much as we can possibly use in a entire lifetime. This doesn’t really seem to bother us much these days, until we flat run out of places and things to exploit, and then we are belatedly bothered a great deal. We then erroneously believe the injustice is to us, and is not our fault, it must actually belong to someone else, forgetting that our own behavior is really the root cause.

We do require the advantage considering our limited physical abilities, but it is because of our social development, and not our evolutionary physical development that takes this advantage far into the realm of the unjust. Socially speaking, we are extremely maladjusted to our world and how we interact with it today. We’re actually social misfits of the worst sort, unable to sufficiently adapt our social structures and conventions to the planetary environment that actually sustains us. Our present path of rape, pillage and conquest of the Earth’s resources may have built our modern structures, but it is not a path that can last much longer as a result, and we have absolutely no idea how we are going to somehow “change” our way of living for the better.

Indigenous cultures have actually had the same problems. Modern humans are not alone is wiping out certain species, this was also practiced by ancient humans. But modern humans are now wiping out animals species at an unprecedented rate in human history, making us the worst group of the entire bunch. Ecocide is a term that is very appropriate as it applies to modern human behavior and our true relationship to our environment.

Indigenous cultures lacked the tools and inventions which would have permitted them to overwhelm their environment with the rapid capacity as demonstrated by modern humans. Even the North American Indians, numbering in the millions on this continent were dwarfed by the sheer relentless ecocide practiced by the white European invaders. These brought with them their tools of their “trade”, which were quickly adopted by the Indians as both a defensive and offensive measure. They immediately recognized the advantage they would have over their own peoples and tribes by having horses and guns, and were eager to trade with the newcomers to gain such things.

However, the victims of these exchanges and advantage are always the same. The environment falls victim as much as the other tribes fell victim. The Great Plains fell victim to the plow, destroying the topsoil and paving the way for the modern agricultural movement, as did the millions of bison wiped out by the invading settlers and government “hunters” who were tasked with deliberately destroying the natural food supply.

In short order, the Native Americans were essentially wiped out, having lost to the more technologically advanced and ruthless adversaries who would stop at nothing to take what wasn’t theirs. This cycle of advantage and injustice was practiced all over the world by invading men who still to this day believe that it is their god-given right to exploit lands, people and the environment for personal gain and profit. It is also the reason why we are now facing civilizations collapse, because our civilization was built on these concepts and that of infinite resources “needing” to be exploited.

This is the basis for capitalism for example, which exploits whatever it can for the advantage of its practitioners. A cornerstone of Western Civilization, capitalism has built our world, which is really only a euphemistic way of saying it has actually destroyed it, wiping the slate clean of former societies and civilizations that once occupied this planet, but capitalism is not alone in this recognition. Agriculture for example, is also responsible and does not need to be associated with any “ism” to be recognized as a dangerous practice leading to our overpopulation and destruction.

There has always been injustice against the environment, by taking whatever was “needed” (demanded) with a disregard to true costs to the present inhabitants (human and non-human) already inhabiting the land, air or water. An injustice of the human labor and lives involved also occurs, which receives only a “token exchange” for their efforts, while the lions share of the profits reaped always go to someone else. This is a practice which is permitted and enforced by governments which, although alleged to be true arbitrators of justice, do exactly the opposite by keeping injustice in motion.

Injustice also occurs against the end consumers of all the good or services produced, because they remain forever robbed of their true earthly inheritance (the resources and the land long since stolen from them). They are also robbed of their own labor used to buy the goods now foisted upon them (they have little choice anymore), and are literally forced to support this entire criminal enterprise at a grossly unequal exhange for their time and effort.

There is a reason why the workers never “succeed” to the same level as the “owners” of businesses and corporations, a concept not often looked at. It is because they are not permitted to share in the actual and real profits of the enterprise. These are held in reserve for the owners, while the workers are the ones who have actually been the labor force that made it all possible. They receive only a pittance of the real wealth generated, which is never enough to be equitable or fair. This is an injustice practiced throughout the world by all societies. We call it “making a living”, I call it wage-slavery.

And finally, injustice occurs against ALL of our progeny, quite literally the entire future human race, which must deal with the waste and destruction left behind (we call this “civilization”) and the robbery of the lands and resources that are now FOREVER lost to them and now remain in the hands of the corrupt ‘elite’ plantation owners who jealously occupy the top tiers of the pyramid, creating and controlling governments and edicts that protect their privileged positions.

The people themselves, can never truly hope to aspire to these lofty height of privilege and prestige and ‘ownership’, especially those that walk in truth and honesty and seek fair and equitable agreements with other humans. These misguided souls are barely tolerated and often ridiculed since the foundation of civilization.

Our democracy is always ready to take (full) advantage of whatever opportunity we find, despite the unending series of injustices this practice causes. All of this is the heartbeat of the “greatest form of democracy” the world has ever known.

For example, human labor hasn’t changed in ten thousand years. Yet how we treat human labor has. As a result of capitalism, human labor is only another resource to be exploited for the advantage of one group or individual over another.

Removed from the equation is the sense of equity (justice) and fairness. “What is yours and what is mine” is never equal (and importantly, what really doesn’t belong to anybody). Ownership (control) and possession of assets and resources continues to flow upward towards a tiny pinnacle of power-hungry greed monsters, while the base of the pyramid remains poverty stricken and landless, forever destined to be the worker-slaves for their elite masters.

In Robert Heinlein novel, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, the moon colony had developed social conventions for dealing with trouble makers who transgressed accepted social behavior. Those that screwed up were forcibly shown to the airlock and ejected into an airless vacuum. An ethical, thinking human society should not tolerate the George Bush’s or the Dick Cheney’s of this world, and even the two-bit whores like Matt Savinar whose rapacious greed is boundless.

Wrapping themselves in cloaks of self-righteous indignation to protect their non-existent moral positions, they hurl attacks at their accusers with fiery bolts of fearful vindictive, because they are afraid of the truth. They are like all the men before them, and all the men that will follow after them, taking advantage of every situation for personal gain and profit, while equity and justice are cast aside.

The airlock awaits these evildoers, which of course, awaits us to finally act in turn. But don’t hold your breath in anticipation of a “turning out” party (which will still undoubtedly happen), the long-term destiny of man is to continue to repeat this sick, sordid arrangement of social manipulation for the benefit of the owners and to the detriment of the landless peasants until the end of time.

It is not the meek who inherit the earth, but the vicious, voracious and vindictive bastards that walk among us now. That is how it has always been, and that is how it will always be. That is the destiny of man. As long as there is freedom, there will be those who will take advantage of it to promote themselves over everything else, and if there were no freedom, they would still ensure that they were the manipulating monsters in charge by practicing ruthlessness.

Injustice and advantage are inherent human traits found in every society, they are the sordid qualities that earmark humans as the social misfits that they really are.

Also see (humans are not the) Master Species (a very good and short read) and Why Capitalism Is Failing Us. I only wish I had read these missives before writing my own, but the synchronicity of these two articles is eerie.

“If you call someplace Paradise, kiss it goodbye” – The Eagles

Of course, when the price goes up such as after Katrina I’m glad because I do more business – Matt Savinar, Life After The Oil Crash

Nov 042007

Shared by Lonewolf, who found it at Peak Oil, this is a highly readable and important piece:

The Entire Human Story

Author: Perry Jay Arnett

“The life contest is primarily a competition for available energy.”
— Ludwig Boltzman, Physicist

“Culture evolves as the amount of energy harnessed per capita per year is increased, or as the efficiency of the instrumental means of putting the energy to work is increased.”
— White’s Law, Leslie White

“The ideology of constant growth is the ideology of the cancer cell…”
— Edward Abbey

1) Living things obtain and satisfy their exosomatic energy needs from the “˜crust’ of the Earth.

2) By comparison, the Earth’s crust is about the same relative thickness as the skin on an apple, (slightly thinner, actually); and the rest of the Earth is of LITTLE energetic value to living things, (except for gravity and atmosphere).

3) Comparing the time-span of humans on earth, (roughly 2.4 million years), to a 24 hour clock, humans were “Hunter-gatherers” for the first 23 hours and 54 minutes of our total existence; and only in the last 6 minutes (i.e. ~10,000 years) have humans adopted Agriculture as the source for their exosomatic energy needs. [Jared Diamond; Joseph Tainter]

4) The recent ~10,000 years – about 500 generations – are too short a time period for genetic adaptation to have occurred for humans to exist WELL, or OPTIMALLY on anything OTHER than a “˜Hunter-gatherer diet’; physiologically and metabolically, we all ARE Hunter-gatherers still. [Diamond; Loren Cordain]

Present humans ARE, thus, genetically adapted to living a “˜Hunter-gatherer Lifestyle’ – yet most live ANOTHER, different, supposed “˜modern’ kind of lifestyle, out-of-sync with OUR nature, and out-of-sync with the nature of the Earth we live on. [Cordain]

5) The adoption of Agriculture and the domestication of large animals by humans occurred between 3,500 and 12,000 years ago. [Diamond and others]

5.1) While most humans CAN subsist (but not OPTIMALLY) on a variety of foods, since humans were not THEN, nor are we NOW genetically adapted to “˜agricultural products’ (i.e. grains, dairy products, starchy roots and tubers, legumes, refined sugars, salt, simple carbohydrates, processed foods, etc.), the adoption of Agriculture created a “˜false’ energetic human nutritional economy, which has been the cause of ill-health and oppression since. Diamond calls it “the worst mistake in the history of the human race”. [Diamond; Cordain]

5.2) The adoption of Agriculture allowed for the creation of the “˜metabolic syndrome’ and the “˜diseases of civilization’ (type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity), and for the first time, allowed for the concentration of wealth and power in the few – resulting in slavery and tyranny, all anathema to humans since. [Diamond; Cordain] “Agriculture was not so much about food as it was about the accumulation of wealth.” [Richard Manning] It benefited some few humans at the expense of most others. [Diamond]

5.3) Significantly, the adoption of Agriculture allowed for the EXPONENTIAL increase of human population numbers, while the increase of foodstuffs was only ARITHMETIC. Problems arose. [Malthus; Al Bartlett; David Price; Garrett Hardin]

6) For a “˜sustainable’, less than 2,000 watt per capita annual lifestyle, (similar to that lived in some nonwestern nations today), Earth’s Carrying Capacity is probably around 10 million humans. Yet the human population in late 2007 is around 6.6 BILLION humans! [Diamond]

Said differently, if all humans lived at a 12,000 to 20,000 watt per capita annual lifestyle (as most in the West do), it would take ~23 MORE Earth’s to supply the exosomatic energy needs for all those humans. Obviously, something is wrong! – there is no BALANCE between population numbers and exosomatic energy resource availability. [Price; Boltzman]

6.1) As Agriculture alone could not supply all the energy needs of rapidly expanding human populations, humans turned to OTHER energy sources for their nutritional needs. The best, most readily available, the cheapest, and the highest quality were non-replenishable fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas, which have been used to massively INCREASE human food supplies since.

7) It took ~150 million years for nature to create fossil fuels, yet humans have used up roughly HALF the “˜original endowment’ in less than 250 YEARS – the most RECENT 250 years. At current rates of depletion and demand, the remainder of the total endowment may be EFFECTIVELY gone in less than 30 to 50 years. [Colin Campbell; Jean Laherrere; Price; John Attarian]

Some now realize that the original endowment of irreplaceable fossil fuels was a banked “˜savings account’ that humans foolishly “˜spent’, rather than shepherding and saving. [Walter Youngquist]

The use of fossil fuels for exosomatic energy exploitation by humans has permitted a far more rampant increase of human population – by orders of magnitude – than what the Earth can reasonably “˜carry’, or sustain, under Hunter-gatherer-lifestyle energy norms. As a result, humans have become a “plague” on our own habitat. [N. Georgescu-Roegen; Morrison]

And, since in the West, it takes between 10 and 17 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce and deliver ONE calorie of edible food to the table, as fossil fuels irreversibly deplete, food shortages, and ultimately, massive human starvation MUST result. Food and fossil fuels exist in a locked relationship: THIS human civilization DEPENDS on fossil-fueled Mega-agriculture to supply its exosomatic energy needs for nutrition; as fossil fuels deplete, food availability must also. [Tainter; Mario Giampietro; David Pimental] “Modern agriculture is the use of land to convert petroleum into food” [Bartlett], and “the oil we eat”. [Manning]

8.1) As a result, the human population of the Earth is, thus, currently, in formal, biological “Overshoot”, and is poised for an imminent, massive, formal, biological “Dieoff” (or “Crash”, or “Collapse”) to a level, at which from 1 to 10 million humans can be sustained at a less than 2,000 watt per capita lifestyle again. [Price; Tainter; Reg Morrison; William Catton]

8.2) Since there is NO OTHER alternative energy resource (or combination thereof) capable of supplying the same type, kind, quality and amount of exosomatic energy fossil fuels currently do for world food production, this biological Dieoff is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. No new invention, nor any “˜alternative’ energy source or other effort (political, scientific, environmental, technological, etc.) NOW, can prevent, delay or ameliorate the Dieoff. [Price; White]

9) The current and on-going “˜peaking’ of almost everything humans consume for their exosomatic energy requirements (oil, natural gas, coal, potable water, fertile top soil, clean air, essential minerals, etc.) suggests that the Dieoff is IMMINENT. (In October 2007, e.g., world crude oil production equals about 85 million barrels per day, while world DEMAND for crude oil is said to be over 87 million barrels per day – with the differential continually widening.) [CNBC; Campbell; others] Rampant population increase creates rampant demand for almost all commodities with catastrophic results if not satisfied. Expect population-culling “˜resource wars’.

10) As fossil fuels continue to deplete at ever-faster RATES now, some suggest the Dieoff will begin SOON – within a very few years – and may take ONLY 20 to 50 years to rapidly reach the former, lower, sustainable human population level. Thus, expect a “fast crash” rather than a “slow crash”. [Price; Jay Hanson; Mark Buchanan]

10.1) “˜Humanity’ will survive the “˜Exosomatic Energy Bottleneck’; but most alive now will not. [Price; James Lovelock]

After the dust has settled, small, scattered, autonomous enclaves of survivors numbering LESS than 10 million or so IN AGGREGATE, will rapidly devolve back to a lifestyle for which humans were originally, and currently adapted, and as permitted by the Carrying Capacity of the Earth they live on. THIS “Fossil-fueled Industrial Civilization’ will soon CEASE and all remnants will be quickly forgotten.

“This is a one shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same will be true of other planetary systems. On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only.” [Fred Hoyle, Astronomer, 1964]

11) While this may be a unique, pivotal event in human history, we can be assured that this is the way Biology ultimately works! We can’t change that. The very nature of life requires exosomatic energy inputs to sustain it, and the total aggregate world supply is in irreversible and PERPETUAL DECLINE – with no substitute source available. [Don Lancaster]

“The life contest IS primarily a competition for available energy.”

12) …see you on the “Road to the Olduvai”! [Richard Duncan]

© 2007 Perry Jay Arnett, Cedar City, Utah
(May be cited and distributed with notification and appropriate attribution – pjarnett9939@…)


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Duncan, Richard; The Olduvai Theory; Institute on Energy and Man
Addendum #1: [in response to a question from a reader]

Once fossil fuels begin to deplete in earnest (VERY soon, or NOW…), and food supplies begin to diminish in earnest (as a consequence, NOW), and the resource wars begin in earnest (as a further consequence, going on NOW), and the Dieoff begins in earnest (as a further consequence, probably NOW, though we here in the West may not realize it yet), the numbers of those who die will be so large, in so short a period of time, that those few who do survive the Exosomatic Energy Bottleneck will have so much trouble trying to stay alive (from starvation, disease, polluted water, others, radiation, etc.) that there will be NO time for things like invention, scientific inquiry, the arts, music, etc. NONE!

Therefore, once the devolution begins in earnest, it will not stop until those few who remain are left with nothing but a totally destroyed and non-functional landscape of the remnants of this dead Industrial Civilization. No electricity, no grids, no governments, no infrastructures, NOTHING that we take for granted every day in OUR existence. Thus, NOTHING we have now is going with anyone as they travel ‘back to the Olduvai’. And, their entire daily efforts will be devoted to getting enough food to sustain themselves, and to staying out of the way of those who might kill them. Therefore, those who remain alive in the future will surely, take upon themselves the role of Hunter-gatherers – primarily because that is all that is left for them to do! (Remembering that hunter-gatherers subsist “sustainably”, and on just ENOUGH to live on, and no more.)

Additionally, when the trappings of this Industrial Civilization are gone, there will be no attempts to resurrect any of it. Why?

Because those few who remain will be smart enough (after all, they are still ‘human’) to realize that adopting Agriculture 10,00 years ago was WRONG, that exploiting fossil fuels to increase population numbers 250 years ago was WRONG, that trying to increase the Carrying Capacity of the earth by artificial means was WRONG, that discovering and adopting science, engineering, the law, literature, the printing press, going to the moon, etc. were all WRONG attempts to make human existence ‘better’ – when the existence humans had prior to 10,000 BC was the best time of any of humanity’s existence!

And so they will resolve themselves to be ‘happy’ – happy being who and what they are: Human Hunter-gatherers in a world devastated by a 10,000 year experiment of intellectual exploitation and greed and attempts at constant Growth – that all failed.

Without Agriculture and without Fossil Fuels, there will be no more savings, surplus, accumulation of wealth and power, no more tyranny, slavery, etc. Humans will devolve back to who and what we were destined to be before the “worst mistake” was discovered and adopted. Thus, THIS Industrial Civilization will disappear, be gone, and never be remembered, except as a time when humans made BIG mistakes, and tried to do and be something that we are not.

IF we are lucky, we can be thankful that we do not blow ourselves into extinction so that there may be a few who DO survive. That may be our only legacy from THIS time in the history of humanity.

I hope that makes my view more clear.

I did not include this in my last paper because I wanted to keep it brief, and because I assumed most would fill in those blanks on their own.



Oct 062007

If you haven’t been following Torjus’ blog recently, you should. He’s a regular here when he’s around, but right now he’s out in the field, living off the land.

And it’s not easy. In fact, even with all of his skills, which I dare say surpasses 99.999% of the “outdoorsmen” of America, he’s hungry. This is not a critical comment, I deeply respect what Torjus advocates and is doing. My comment deals with the fact that it’s very difficult to actually live off the land and retain your health very long.

These days, our fields and forests are severely depleted. Without modern weaponry (Torjus is doing most of this using Stone Age methods), it’s very challenging to live off the land.  Energy depletion to the human body takes its toll quickly.  Without adequate nutrition and a source of fats, the body starts to eat it’s own muscles.

Here’s his list of primitive gear he’s using:

  • Hafted stone knife
  • Bone knife
  • Fishing lines and hooks
  • Containers
  • Carrying basket
  • Flint flakes
  • Elk (moose) antler axe
  • Splitting wedges
  • Knapping equipment
  • Arrow sizer
  • Buckskin scraps
  • Hide scrapers
  • Bowstring of sinew
  • Natural cordage
  • Fishing trap
  • Sewing needles and awl
  • Netting needle
  • Antler fishing spear points


  • Reindeer (caribou) and elk (moose) antler
  • Nettle fibres
  • Willow fibres
  • Reindeer (caribou) sinew
  • Tinder
  • Quartzite core
  • Birch bark
  • Raw hides
  • Some bone
  • Feathers for fletchings


  • Flint and steel
  • Viking era shoes

Modern gear:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Woolen underwear
  • Outer clothes
  • Woolen socks
  • A wool cap
  • Wool sweaters
  • Mittens
  • Rifle (no bowhunting allowed unfortunately)
  • Bullets
  • Batteries
  • Digital camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Phone charger
  • 1 or 2 fishing nets
  • Wallet
  • 2 tanning books for reference

All of the primitive gear above is hand-made by Torjus.

I think this blog is pretty interesting, and it may well explain how the Indians felt when they were deprived of their traditional food sources.  I’ve gone hungry, for ten days as one of the longest times, and it wasn’t hard.  Not for me and I’m not fat either.  But my mind was focused and committed during that time which helped a great deal.

Others have gone without food for much shorter periods of time and have had bad experiences.  The body craves energy, quickly, especially when your expending so many calories exposed to the elements.