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Hurricane events are scary enough, but there idiotsphere of connedspiracy theorists are performing their usual mucking up of the facts. I won’t honor a single one of them with a link, but they’re claiming the usual suspects: Hurricane Matthew is “intentional” and was “steered” for destruction and death. These claims are stupid beyond belief and lack any credible proof whatsoever. Moreover, they offer nothing in terms of “why” except some half-baked connedspiracy theory.

The video above only depicts wind damages (on a modern house). It’s much, much worse at sea level where storm surge, rain and low quality houses are very common on poor areas. These homes are literally wiped off the map, taking lives, dreams and future with them.


Hot Whopper has been trying for some years to shame the climate denial idiots into reality, but I’m guessing she’s had as limited success as I have. This is definitely a website you should be reading to find credible counter-arguments to the incessant stupidity being spewed by the denialists.

This problem is most acute with Americans, who have chosen stupidstitions and reactionary “experts” for their biased opinions and straw arguments. For those of you that live off-shore from the Land of the Indoctrinated Slaves, it’s like wading chest-deep through a polluted river here, it’s vile and really stinks.

Paul Beckwith (where I found the video above) discusses how climate change really does affect hurricanes, but nobody here is really listening to the scientists or the qualified experts right now.

That does seem to be the real problem. Nobody is really listening. The non-negotiable way of life (exclusive to Americans of course) remains as firmly fixed as ever, hurricanes be damned. The loss of life (primarily elsewhere of course) is acceptable for this unfair exchange of privilege and protection and “exceptionalism”. There’s no connection between our actions and inaction’s and the misfiring synapses in the brains of the idiotic morons that choose ignorance and denial.

I’ve been trying for a while now to get through the thick-skulls of the brain dead zombies that walk this land. From 2008 –

I am of course, talking about much more then climate change or dreadful weather patterns. Much of what I write is designed to make you think about all the other connections in life, because nothing is unconnected. There are threads that connect each and every one of us to everything else. Some call this chaos theory, I just recognize it as being one of those undeniable parts of life on earth.

We don’t want to hold ourselves responsible for the events in this world, so it’s pretty clear if we don’t, then nobody else will either. And if nobody is responsible, then we have absolutely no ability to change anything. Our course would be fixed and irreversible. We’d be on a collision course to the final destination of death and destruction which is the end of all things (entropy).

But that’s not how the real world actually works and thus, irresponsibility isn’t actually true. It’s a illusionary fabrication we use to get us out of doing something. Our actions = our consequences. Our inactions = our consequences. Therefore, we cannot escape the consequences no matter what. Prince Charles was hinting at this, as have many others, but they don’t come out and say it. We are going to be stuck with the results of our actions and our inaction’s no matter what. Truth & Climate and The Struggle For Survival

My articles convey too much for the average person. Their too long and too repetitive. They contradict the main stream propaganda, the right wing reactionary and even the liberal way of thinking. All I’ve ever wanted was a habitable future for my children. I know that I’m not going to get it and neither will they. They’re going to be horrible cheated from life. I traced the causes and reasons and thought that somebody should say something about all of it.

Our animalistic nature is only temporarily covered up by all of the confines and structures we have built to govern our base nature. But we’re still animals who will resort to our true nature in a heart beat like these two did in yet another Walmart (a store that seems to attrack the attack). Despite years and years of warnings to prepare for storms like Matthew in advance, people STILL wait for the panic to take hold and then take steps for their own survival. Seriously now, how STUPID can people be? But we’ve not seen anything yet because its very clear that much more destruction and suffering is to come.

What do you think it’s going to be like when back-to-back storms, floods, droughts, deluge and infrastructure / crop collapses happen? We will abandon our rules and standards and cherished beliefs and be again what we always were – predatory animals, increasingly preying on each other (before, during and after we’ve wiped out everything else).

We’ve been setup for a perfect storm of self-destruction. Greed, gluttony, overpopulation, monetization, indifference, apathy and centuries of rampant destruction and pollution have left our race completely incapable now of rational thought and actions. We’re irrevocably committed to protecting and enforcing these attitudes and methods to the death, even if it means our extinction. From a personal perspective, I expect no change from this trajectory at all. We will ride this monstrous ride of human horror right down into the ground when it finally stops and most, if not all of us, are forever gone.

The ism’s, institutions and structures we have designed and built for our (exclusive) use within civilization are not sacred. They will not last the coming storms. Moreover, they are not reality nor do they teach reality. They teach irresponsibility and a insidious denial of reality while promising something else altogether (which is never delivered). This is why I reject them. They are harmful to the human race and the life on this planet. They are manufactured artificial constructs of enforced and governed behavior and attitudes, but they do not coincide with the real world, which is collapsing faster and faster every day, precisely because of the false meme these ism’s and institutions have embraced.

We are all now in an impossible predicament. We do not have the capacity, the will or even the intentions required to change. There is no solution. There won’t be any solution either because we are incapacitated now, too committed to false memes and selfish ambition. There will be many, many, MANY more disasters ahead, eventually culminating in the destruction of our civilization. So I’m not going to suggest hope or hopium, just some common sense advice. Prepare for your survival for as long as you can endure. Everything else is simply a false meme.

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