Saudi Arabia Funneled Money To Trump

Now we know why Trump is protecting Saudi Arabia: It Sure Looks Like Saudi Arabia Used Veterans to Funnel Money to Trump

According to attendee Gary Ard, the source of these open bars and lush hotel rooms was never directly disclosed, unless it “slipped out later, after repeated questioning or strong drink.” Ard, a Navy veteran from Texas, says one of the organizers who had been drinking at the Trump Hotel “raise[d] up his hands, and he [said], ‘Thank you, Saudi prince!’” (Ard told the Post he quit after his second trip, over guilt at having potentially gathered intelligence for a foreign country. “We’re taking that heart-to-heart conversation [with legislators], writing it down, and giving it to a group of people whom I don’t know,” he said. “And my fear in that is we’re going to create a pool of insight to what congressmen, what senators can be approached, and what their mind-sets are. And that’s completely wrong.”)

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The Mueller Investigation Nears the Worst Case Scenario

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally getting to the good stuff now:

We are deep into the worst case scenarios. But as new sentencing memos for Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen make all too clear, the only remaining question is how bad does the actual worst case scenario get?

The potential innocent explanations for Donald Trump’s behavior over the last two years have been steadily stripped away, piece by piece. Special counsel Robert Mueller and investigative reporters have uncovered and assembled a picture of a presidential campaign and transition seemingly infected by unprecedented deceit and criminality, and in regular—almost obsequious—contact with America’s leading foreign adversary.

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Turning A Blind Eye To Murder

Wow – this is worth reading all the way through: Jamal Khashoggi’s private WhatsApp messages may offer new clues to killing

This is part of the evidence that the Dipshit in Chief does not want to “believe”. As usual, Trump is backing the wrong person. Be that as it is, I think we can expect some additional fallout from this horrible crime. The evidence speaks loudly that Mohammed bin Salman did in fact know exactly what was going on. And ordered Khashoggi’s assassination dismemberment.

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Being Trump

The Guardian has a article, “What’s Trump hiding in the climate report? That global warming’s effects are here“. And of course, his talking head tried to claim that the climate report was “not based on facts“.

We all know that Trump is smarter then all of the world’s scientists combined, and Sarah Sanders is an obedient lap dog, saying whatever she is told to say. But that still poses some pretty big issues, such as why does the media and over half of the American public continue to disbelieve Trump? It’s truly inexplicable.

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Post (s)Election 2018

Well, it’s mostly done. (s)Election 2018. Amidst a lot of turmoil, anguish, elation and the usual gerrymandering. Which is still going on (Florida in particular, and in the same places as before).

This the current results. Kinda interesting. Despite that inept, incompetent and deceitful creep in the White House stumping about the country as if his life depended upon it, Republicans took it in the shorts, big time.

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Brazil Votes Far Right

This is actually pretty scary when you consider what could happen. Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil’s election. But he’s a far-right violent hypocritical extremist and if you don’t actually know what he believes and wants, you probably should:

This year’s elections were particularly fraught, marked by dramatic polarization, political violence, and massive disinformation campaigns on social media, in a country that has been roiled by years of social, economic, and political crises. Since 2013, millions of people of all political stripes have repeatedly taken to the streets in protest; Brazil has struggled to climb out of the worst recession in history; massive corruption scandals have destabilized political institutions and major economic players; former president Dilma Rousseff (also from the Workers’ Party) was impeached on dubious grounds; her successor, president Michel Temer (the most despised leader in Brazil’s democratic history), has pushed through a series of unpopular austerity measures; and Lula was jailed, a process which has exposed the judiciary to relentless criticism for perceived partisanship.

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Trolling America

I’ve been doing some research on the Internet Research Agency (IRA), or Russian troll farm. There’s no doubt at all that Russian trolling of social media, websites, articles and commentary has reached a fever pitch. I’m still trying to discern the overall goal of this activity – but it might just be too obvious, meaning that “division” is what it is all about. Divide Americans (and other countries) and make them disbelieve everything, angry at everyone and distrustful of everyone.

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I’ve finally come to realize that the many decades that I have now spent publishing words, stories, research and articles online has been an enormous waste of my time and my life. That is not to say that it hasn’t been informative, entertaining, educational or even appreciated – by me and by readers, which it has been. But it has come at an enormous cost of “life spent” that will never be gotten back.

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Cambridge Analytica

This video is worth watching – it exposes the incredible rot and corruption that goes on behind political campaigns (bribery, blackmail, manipulation and more) at the highest levels around the world.

This is also the same company that was used by Trump to manipulate the American people in the last (s)Election:

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Amendment No 1096

This is something to be aware of – and to watch out for in the coming daze ahead: Amendment No 1096.

This has the potential to silence information and dissent. Another brick in the rising fascist wall.

It’s ironic – America was rabidly anti-communist for decades, declaring that communism, the Red Threat was everywhere. They brought down the house so to speak, during the McCarthy era. And now, decades later, it is a former communist country that is broadcasting news and opinions into America, about America. They have revealed a lot of the shenanigans going on in our own government. Shutting it down is an attempt to silence criticism.

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How Not To Make America Great Again

Most of us can relate to how workers, those that actually “do” and produce, laboring in offices, shops, warehouses and factories are always rewarded less then those that don’t actually perform any real work.

Decision makers as they like to be called, reap the rewards. And so do owners. The higher muckety-ups that drive the businesses. My wife related a story to me about her career. She was one of the workers, but their year-end reward for an entire year of labor was a coffee cup and a few slices of pizza. The supervisors and managers got free vacations, car rentals and lobster dinners. They didn’t produce anything, or even do much of anything but chatter away in their offices every day.

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Surviving Trump

I listened to Trump’s speech (so you don’t have to endure this torture) and read through many of the comments from John Q. Public that followed.

It’s very, very clear that there are two worlds unfolding. The one that adheres to reality — and the one that doesn’t.

For Trump supporters, they were falling all over themselves with glee that this wondrous man, truly a gift from God, had the balls to issue such threats from the floor of the United Nations.

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What Is Wrong With America

Be prepared to get your stupid on. The Atlantic discusses the trends and changes that have occurred in America.

The facts presented might surprise you. I do recommend you find the time to read this article all the way through. There are some real nuggets of observable truth in there. I don’t agree with a few of the statements of facts made, but the rest is spot-on.

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World faces four famines as Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid budget

World faces four famines as Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid budget

‘Biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II’ about to engulf 20 million people, UN says, as governments only donate 10 per cent of funds needed for essential aid’.

YAWN. Go back to sleep. The people dying of acute malnutrition aren’t Americans, so what does it matter? Or that this is the largest humanitarian crisis in history?

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Blog Changes

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The Deep State Goes To War

More distraction: The Deep State Goes To War with President-Elect by Glen Greenwald

I’d written in some comments a week or two back that the CIA was desperate to save itself (from the incoming Administration) and preserve its autonomy to wage endless war, its “blank check” was going to be curtailed. Greenwald exposes this even further. Yesterday’s ‘revelation’s (which I haven’t read) sounds like the same anonymous bullshit story as before (no real evidence).

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The First Tiny Step Forward – Mandatory Education

Please read this post, I think I’ve finally hit on something – Admin.

Rudy E. Verner: Trump’s immoral climate policies

Morality, philosophers and priests tell us, is concerned with the consequences of individual and collective action. It asks us to consider not only the effects our actions have on those around us, but on those who are distant and do not have voices of their own. Future generations and even today’s children are rightly included in the category of people without real standing when it comes to political affairs. It is up to us to protect their rights and interests, just as our fathers and grandfathers stood up for our right to live in a free society by joining the fight against Nazism in World War II, and the tide of communism in Korea and Vietnam.

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