Aug 122016

What a f’n joke this all is. Scripted to the nth degree. This “historic event” is a blatant fraud. There are thousands of similiar reports just like this that can be shared.

I’ve always said that protests and marches don’t work, way back on this blog. They will never respond to this kind of tactic.

I don’t agree with the narrator of the video, it’s not a sense of pride I feel, but shame. That people would keep repeating the same stupid claims (of failure) and calling this something to be proud of. This isn’t courageous, it’s cowardice. (s)Election 2016 should already be cancelled for the fraud that it already is. Nobody should be going along with this, yet everyone still is (except for a few like me).

It’s not just the DNC fraud, the media is playing a huge role in this too, here is a tiny sample:

The media is also refusing to expose the primary campaign fraud too. We’re “past that” now, with the nomination going to the evil witch. The media is very much a part of the coup that is taking place.

I already said the truth – the next President will NOT be YOUR President. This person will not be lawfully elected, nor will they have given opportunity for a lawful election.

The fact is, no matter who wins the (s)Election 2016 in November, even if it was ‘your’ candidate (Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Bidden or whoever), (s)Election 2016 is a fraud, a sham from the get-go. Which means that the eventual ‘winner’, whoever it winds up being, isn’t your President.

The people behind all of this are earnestly trying to execute a coup in the United States – and so far, they’re getting away with it. They will be challenged, but like past (s)Elections, there is a good chance these efforts will be ignored, delayed or derailed and the candidate will be ‘installed’ as President as planned. Since this entire (s)Election is fraudulent, this person will not be duly and fairly elected, and therefore, not my President and not yours either. Selection Fraud 2016 – The Evidence

The whole country should shut down indefinitely, and I mean everything except essential services in protest. This, at a minimum, is our reasonable response. Of course this won’t happen because a whole lot of Americans don’t give a damn, and/or they don’t believe that having the Whore of Babylon in office (again) will mean for this country and the future of this planet.

Americans simply don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done, and for this reason alone, we are absolutely fucked. BOHICA.

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