Nov 302013

I had a Black Friday sale, but was afraid to announce it for fear of being trampled to death.

I need not to have worried.  A new television is a lot more valuable and important then having any storable food.

The holiday season is upon us, but it would be nicer if it weren’t. This is when the real crazies come out. Either H.A.A.R.P. is pumping out more electromagnetic crazy or it’s just something Americants “do”.

This season will be like last season. But it’s not open season, not yet. Too bad.

ISON didn’t deliver any aliens either, at least, not yet. Nor has California slid off into the acidic oceans either, at least not yet.

There are plenty of earthquakes and volcanoes going off right now (35), maybe this helps account for the crazy season. Maybe the clouds of ash are belching a chemical causing mass stupidity, iradium stupidest, now encircling the globe.

Oh, in case anybody missed it, the “October Surprise” embaced by the other fringe crazies didn’t happen either. Some of you are in for a loooong wait…

Fall is a very wierd time, every year. This is the time when all the prophets and profits come out, or their failed predictions fall through the widening cracks, but nobody really ever seems to notice. There’s never any accounting.

It’s strange.  Really strange.  All of it. Nobody seems to be able to count anything anymore. Basic math. Add, subtract, sum.  Total. What does it mean? Continue reading »

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