May 042017

It’s spring, finally and I’m busy trying to get seeds into the ground.

I found these critters in the greenhouse:

This ugly sucker was getting ready to pop deadly little babies all over the place.

Looks like they came in with the fertilizer I bought some years back.

I don’t like black widows and they’re not native to this particular area (too cold here), but they survived the winter apparently. In the greenhouse, where it stays a lot warmer then the surroundings. I had tried to let the greenhouse freeze up hard by leaving the doors open for a while, but spiders can create a natural anti-freeze and if it is not really cold enough, they’ll survive.

These two mama’s didn’t. So far, I’ve found four adults. So there is still probably more.

Garden boxes are now all planted – beans, carrots, corn, beets. The high fence is necessary – the deer are major predators here.

I’ve got thirteen of these horse troughs. Somewhere on this blog is the story of how I did this project.

Looks like my strawberries (transplanted last year) made it through our long winter.

Some of the kale, radishes and spinach has sprouted up nicely in the greenhouse. I’ve cut way back on how much the greenhouse gets planted because it’s simply too much.

The pots below are my new replacements (purchased used) from the square “bakery buckets” I used before. They did not last and quickly deteriorated in the sun.

A closer look of the tomato starts, drip irrigation and horse-panel fencing I used for the tables and trellis work.

I still need to do potatoes, and onions but not squash (not a fan).

The soil here is pretty lousy and the growing season is usually short. Even so, I’m a month early planting this year and probably could have planted several weeks ago. Climate change is quite noticeable here.

Here’s a few links from the past:
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Oct 062012


This is a continuation of the Greenhouse Project series.  If you’ve not followed this yet, you can find the beginning of the series here:

The greenhouse is finally completed.  As earlier mentioned, I went on to other major projects during the summer, also now all complete.  The greenhouse wasn’t needed during the warm summer months, so I left off completing construction until fairly recently. Continue reading »

Jun 142012

Here’s a pictorial series on the Greenhouse Project, #3.   If you missed the beginning of this series, here’s Greenhouse Project #1, and Greenhouse Project #2.

I last left off with the foundation built, “feet” installed and bolted down, and the truss legs attached.  Right after this, I realized that I had a problem.  All of the truss leg mounting holes, where the cross bolt passes through the mounting feet, were drilled incorrectly at the factory.

The pic below shows a file of the same diameter as the bolt hole, and the curve of the leg.  They should be perfectly aligned:

Greenhouse Holes Drilled Wrong Continue reading »