Mar 252017

The Siberian Times reports that 7,000 underground pingoes are set to explode in the Arctic region, releasing more methane and carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere.

Scribbler has a post about this, but I don’t post anything of his anymore as readers know. I’m absolutely fed up with his dishonesty about renewables and his past ridicule of “climate alarmists” that he engaged in, especially on the methane threat which he chose to ignore while several of us “doomers” didn’t. He is now having to back track from this position. If you want to read it, you can go find it yourself, it doesn’t add anything that anyone here doesn’t already know.

In any case, the melting permafrost is getting some more attention worldwide, which is of no surprise.


Mar 222017

Baby Boomers Happy For Nothing To Be Done About Climate Change Until After They Die

It is this kind of attitude, exhibited throughout many of the developed countries (apparently in spades in Australia and the United States) that guarantees total destruction and then extinction of all living species on the planet (except slime, mold, some bacteria and cockroaches).

Indifference, arrogance, apathy, ignorance and outright stupidity – in spades. Welcome to the future, where death and suffering will rain like manna from heaven.


Mar 202017

Food Assets shared a link with me a few days back, Mike Adams: Natural News, “everyone’s favorite über-quack #1 anti-science website”. It’s an interesting read, especially to someone like me, who not only has dealt with this clown before, but has also run into some of his ‘converted’. Adams had thought to also get into the food storage business a while back, which we exposed as a dishonestly advertised product. Typical of Adams however, he has long played a shell-game of three card Monte.

I’ve long known the man to be a fraud and a quack. His associations and claims were always highly questionable. The food storage industry has tended to attract a lot of quacks and dishonesty. Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, even Glen Beck who has made millions and millions in ‘advertising fees’ have all thought to ‘cash in’ with the preparedness industry.

Except it has all backfired now, rather badly. A lot of people have woke up to the fact that these people are simply profiteers who will sell virtually anything to try to make money. The end result is their activity, actions, and bogus claims and outright dishonesty has put the preparedness industry in a bad, bad light. Even the term “survivalists” now has connotation of whacked-out conspiracy nuts with guns.

But it wasn’t always this way. In the 20+ years I was in the business, I ran into some pretty level-headed people. But this began to change as the entire meme became infected with hucksters and propaganda artists like Jones, Rawles, Hodges, Quayle, Loyd, Slavo, Smith, Durden, and many, many others who began to pollute the message of preparedness with conspiracy. Some even preached “aliens among us” conspiracy nonsense. Even Boston T. Party (Kenneth Royce) sold out and became a conspiracy nutter and bible-thumping “true believer”.

Everyone had to have their own “truth” which was anything but the truth. It was all propaganda and bullshit with a cult-of-personality tossed in, a fear-sells approach towards personal and family preparedness. Hundreds if not thousands of book titles were churned out, each breathlessly declaring to portray each particular “truth” by their respective, fear-makes-profit authors.

It is my opinion and experience, that these people have utterly ruined the preparedness industry and anything to do with common sense. It’s not only the bad reputation of these people that have created such distaste for anything to do with personal preparedness, it is the lies they propagated that are still around today. There are now quite a few people, numbering in the millions and millions that have their heads filled with their complete and utter nonsense. And this garbage thought has become generational, the converted are teaching this nonsense to their children.

Buried deep within this entire meme is almost no real truth – and blanket denials of what actually is real. None accept climate science or climate change as reality. All declare themselves better qualified then the real climate science experts. It was this realization that contributed towards my own public departure from this mix of snake-oil salesmen many years ago. I used to spend time writing preparedness articles for free, which were then ripped-off and copied for a profit. Preparedness took on a whole new attitude – how to get rich telling others what to do.

All of these clowns think themselves better experts in matters which they know absolutely nothing about. They’ve got their particular audiences convinced of this deception too. Yet none – not one of their bogus claims and predictions has ever come true, of which there have been many thousands and thousands. This standard test of proof and accuracy however, goes ignored by their brain-dead followers who I wrote off as lost souls long ago and still do.

There is a strange corollary about truth and profits. Truth often dies for a long time and becomes distorted lies for profits. In time, truth is resurrected when it is no longer has immediate relevancy. More profits are then made “finally revealing the real truth” with books, documentaries, interviews and speeches. This is what happens in nearly every meme and is what is underway right now with the preparedness meme – and climate science and climate change movement. The profitable, exploitable “truth” gets the attention, while the real truth is derided and ignored.

It won’t always be this way, and it will last as long as it remains profitable to lie. Then a long period of time will pass and the real truth will finally become more publicly accepted.

This is of course a real problem when it comes to climate science and climate change. Nobody gives two-shits about some conspiracy nutter “truth” and their whacked-out connedspiracy that has no meaning, relevancy or importance except in the minds of the deluded, but climate change and how it is affecting the real world, the true habitability of planetary life and our real survival matters quite a lot. The timing of this truth-acceptance is also critical. We can’t afford to let an entire generation of brain-dead idiots poison the real truth and wait for its final acceptance. If we do, it will be far too late to do anything about our survival on this planet.

And that is the problem in a nutshell. The real truth can’t gain acceptance because it is being derided by brain-dead morons (Trumpanzees) who are grabbing the reigns and jerking this train-wreck off the tracks. So that we can follow them…. where? They don’t have a real plan or direction except profits. If you drill down through their propaganda and deceptions and outright lies, you’ll find a pot of gold glittering at the foot of their cross. That’s what it is all about, which they claim is going to make America great again. Money. Profits. Exploit the rest so that THEY can profit and bask in the (temporary) privilege of those profits. While utterly destroying any chance for a future.

I saw one site that was glad Trump cancelled the Meals on Wheels programs for seniors. The justification? “They didn’t make smart life choices”. So letting the elderly starve was “fine by them”. It is this callous disregard for life that disgusts me intensely. And their assumption that they “know everything” about everyone else and how they “should” have lived. Obviously they know almost nothing except their own selfishness and disregard for life. On one hand they will spew out their claims for the sanctity for life and then in the same breath, declare who should die. Ignorant, self-righteous assholes to the bone.


I spent the weekend away from home, stuck in another damned city. I’m still desperately trying to find a way to make a living. The opportunity gave me a chance to reflect upon everything I’m seeing. People are too distracted to care about anything outside of their immediate lives. Their heads are filled with non-stop propaganda and advertising, there are screens screaming for their attention everywhere, there is no connection to life, nature or the nature world at all, everyone is embracing a “fantasy future” that explodes from every commercial, every advertisement, every movie, replete with success, superheros and super-abilities, their daily lives are super-insulated from the real world, carting themselves about about in glass and steel, everything is plastic-wrapped, cellophaned and perfectly presented, huge portions are the norm. And millions and millions of talking screens everywhere, constantly reminding them all of the “good life” to be had.

Well, it’s all lies. A lot of us are being thrown under the bus and a lot more will be joining us. There is real truth out there but you sure aren’t getting it from the sources you’ve been watching.

Mar 152017

Plenty of false hopium found here (can’t post the video directly): Inside Story – Climate change: Can disaster be avoided?

The cities of the future are prominent. No discussion (of course) of limiting human growth levels. And the “climate deniers” in a “limited number of countries” just happens to include some of the worst polluting countries on the planet, USA, Australia, England. You’d think we were actually all one country, following the Orange Monkey to Disneyland.

Most speakers (if not all) found within the climate awareness discussions, never mention anything about reduced human survival, or the need to reduce human numbers or slow down economic activity. Inherent to their perspectives about the future, is growth. Nobody mentions why this might be a bad idea. Supposedly, “our choices we make together” will cumulatively be sufficient to “change the climate“. Which is as you should know by now, utter bullshit.

What I would like to see a lot more of, is the actual and real discussions about how hard it is going to be to remove existing levels of carbon, which is entirely different then any optimistic discussions about a “low-carbon future”. It’s a staggering amout of carbon too – 550 gigatons by some estimates. It is an amount that exceeds anything humans have EVER done.

Of course it is highly doubtful (still) that any significant part of this figure can be removed from the global atmosphere or oceans. There is a plan (not being broadly adhered to) to remove “current emission levels” by planting millions and millions of trees and modifying agriculture significantly and many other tweaks and adjustments to human society – but this does nothing to remove existing levels of atmospheric carbon causing global warming. They are not the same things. Current emissions and past emissions represent two entirely different targets and problems.

It is a critical point you will not read about without intensely looking. It is such a huge and glaring omission in most mitigation / adaption discussions (and papers) that it indicates either a) a deliberate attempt at misinformation; or worse, b) accidental oversight. If a), then at least they’re aware of the problem, they just don’t want the public to be aware. If b), then they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer and well, we’re pretty well fucked. Which we might be anyway (read on).

The failure to address past and present levels of emissions is this: Defeat, because the planet continues to warm up for a 1,000 years or more, eventually exceeding wet-bulb temperatures (plant and human and animal survival). Existing emissions, past and present carbon dioxide levels (and methane, even more potent then C02) will stay in the atmosphere up to a thousand years, trapping more and more heat all this time, raising temperatures, melting ice and pretty much screwing up life on this planet for good. This is why future temperature projections are so dire (if you found them here and a few other places). This warming is unstoppable, even if we went to zero emissions yesterday. Even if we “trap / sequester” all future emissions (and we are light years away from being able to do that). We HAVE to sequester (remove) PAST emissions if we intend to survive. And THAT is MISSING from nearly all discussions and plans.

So far, the public is not being informed of this issue. You can find it, if you look very hard, but in general, it is not a discussion point at all. Buzzwords about “this is not sustainable” and “strategies for the future”, etc., don’t include removing past emissions from the atmosphere (and oceans, if possible). The concern about “business as usual” only includes limiting future emissions to a optimistic and dishonest “zero-emissions” desirability. It’s not even remotely going to be enough – even if it were possible (and it’s not). When deconstructed, it always boils down to trading the growth / economic paradigm with the need to stop using fossil fuels, and fossil fuels / growth / economy wins, every single time.

Netflix had another documentary about nuclear energy, and the narrator was breathlessly claiming that this was “carbon free” energy, which is total bullshit. So far, there are no carbon free energy sources devised by man available on the planet, and probably never will be. All energy sources still rely upon fossil fuels for their creation, fabrication, maintenance and support. The alternative energy movement does not want this fact revealed either, so this is another hidden “bomb” waiting to explode with the myth-builders. Those wind farms, solar panels or wave generators or nuclear power plants are really shell games, “hiding” their carbon footprints because their source energy and maintenance requirements from fossil fuels are not being counted.

Meanwhile, they’re being built to continue the growth paradigm, which can only possibly have one final outcome. Collapse of the global biosphere, which overloaded with heat-trapping greenhouse gases spirals towards more and more extreme temperatures and climatic events. Species rapidly die off and the human ability to survive on the planetary surface rapidly diminishes.

There are more problems not mentioned in this post, such as permafrost melting, deforestation and carbon saturation, methane releases and albedo effects, all affecting a rise in temperatures. Ocean warming has been recently reassessed and is considered significantly warmer then realized by all past assessments. We just took a massive jump for the worse and how this will affect future predictions and time scales. This, plus acidification is having a tremendous impact upon sea life and it’s getting worse every day.

Reducing our yearly emissions (eventually), does nothing to mitigate these other problems. It is a critical point that is missing from discussions.

There appears to me to be a deliberate attempt to “under notify” the general population about the dangerous risks related to climate change and a warming planet and how we’re still comitted to dangerous temperatures no matter what. I’ve blamed the media, the government and the scientists at different times for this. All three are responsible. The honest and real discussions about what we are facing and what, if anything, can be done about the whole inclusive topic still remains almost entirely absent. This is an extinction-level event (ELE) that should be a top-priority, global emergency.

I believe, and until proven wrong, will continue to believe, that we are facing a issue of extinction-level importance. For this reason, I’ve devised what I call the LIFE project, with the realization of reduced human survival is in our near-term future. It seems extremely unlikely to me, if not impossible, for the current population of the world to continue to exist with the projected rise in global temperatures and corresponding extreme climatic events affecting economy, agriculture and food production and global commerce. I further believe that I’m years ahead of most others with this early understanding of the real human future on this planet.

The reason why this is being brought up again here is there is a critical need to prepare the young generations of the world for the real future that they are facing. Not the false optimism, “hopiate-laced” addiction of endless growth and techno-solutions of tomorrow (which as of yet, still do not exist on the essential and required scale), but the real, down-to earth reality that rising temperatures actually means to human civilization and how we can, or cannot survive on this planet.

The message is unpopular, but then again, so was every other earth-shattering, paradigm breaking message of past thinkers. They’re widely rejected, ignored, ridiculed, ostracized and attacked. Generally after they’re long dead and gone do their ideas gain respectability, having truth and honesty eventually win the day. I doubt we have that kind of time. We’re looking at a situation that is rapidly accelerating and could be realized well within a single human lifetime. It doesn’t take much to tip the survival limits “over” to “extinction” as we are now discovering. Just a few degrees is all it takes.

And guess what? That is exactly where we are headed.

Mar 112017

If America does not implement some extremely aggressive climate policy within the next decade or so (as part of a concerted worldwide effort), we quite literally risk the destruction of the United States as an organized community.

Not my words, but I’ve written similar words like this many times. And nobody is paying attention. But these words are from this article, published in The Week: Scott Pruitt is a clear and present danger to American national security.

I’ve got a pretty good idea what climate change is going to mean to the world and the immense suffering and hardship this is already causing. It’s not a popular topic, but it should be considering what is at stake.

I will take the above quote a bit further, because it offers too much hope and therefore, dishonesty. We are already at risk; the destruction of the United States as an organized community will occur because we do not have ten more years to solve this problem.

Consider that the Trump Administration wants to insist they are the experts in climate science and that they alone know what is best for Americans (and the world, of course). They will waste at least 4 more years, enacting legislation and efforts that will have severe lasting effects on how America could EVER respond to dangerous climate change. This will put the country up to a decade behind emergency and essential response efforts that should have begun years ago.

Then, if ever – the opportunity to avoid our destruction will be that much harder (significantly) because climate change is accumulative.

The extra heat, emissions, melting ice, permafrost, water vapor, desertification and acidification and all the other points I’ve raised over the years will not be go away once “we finally decided to do something” whenever that may be. If you don’t understand this point, you should. We will have to live with these effects, however bad they get, essentially forever.

In other words – the Trump Administration is committing us (and the world) to a worse and worse future that can’t get better. This is the outcome you are not being told about “our delay” and inactions.

Venezuelans are currently surviving by eating garbage. Because of poor planning in a bad economy. Now they’ve run out of food. And medicine. And toilet paper. Yeah, it’s a real crisis. People are dying. In a modern country.

The only difference here is economic – in a time where food and medicine and toilet paper is still available elsewhere, this country can’t provide for their own citizens. Now consider how climate change doesn’t stop at national borders. It doesn’t restrict itself to certain countries or certain classes of people. It effects the whole economic system. The entire world. All human endeavors. The ability of our production and transportation. It won’t matter if you are rich or poor. It will only matter where you live and how fast and how severe your town begins to suffer. And how prepared you are for all of this.

Climate change is virtually limitless when you consider the contexts. It will be much, much worse then what the world has already experienced. The destruction of the organized communities around the world, whether they be nation states, cities or town, will be absolutely immense. Our ability to grow food and survive, to conduct any kind of activity or business, to engage in trade and transportation is ALL at risk. It will be the greatest unraveling in human history.

People just don’t get it. I don’t think that they want to. They would rather watch the NFL or some celebrities ass. Climate change is the most serious threat humanity will ever face. This is a fact being repeated by scientists, researches, the military, industry and the Pentagon.

And (almost) nobody wants to act. Or take this seriously.

It is truly, truly unbelievable.

Mar 092017

New studies reveal: Soils could release much more carbon than expected as climate warms

A 30% – 34% increase in carbon release from warming soils was measured in a test plot. This represents a huge increase in carbon release into the atmosphere, if applied around the world it’s an amount equal to 30% annually of all human emissions.

And to add to the joyful fun ahead, Computer models show possible impact to world’s oceans of four major stressors due to climate change

The four main stressors are – pH level (more CO2 makes the water more acidic), primary production (availability of food), and water temperature and oxygen levels in the water.

“The model predicted that within just 15 years more than half of the world’s oceans will be reacting to more than one of the four stressors—by 2050, that number will jump to 86 percent. These estimates were based on the status quo, meaning emissions levels remain at current levels.”

Which of course they will. But the article digresses into hopium, with Paris agreement “pledges” – which if enacted would only delay that time frame calculated by 20 years anyway!

So, in my best valley girl voice – Whatever….

The world is not going to listen to anything that details doom no matter how accurate the measurement are or the models. It’s like talking to a room full of hostile people these days when topics of life, future, food, survival, climate come up (like I just so happen to do all the time).

There is virtually no interaction, laughter, camaraderie or interest “out there” (anywhere but here). I can’t even imagine how these researchers must feel in such a hostile and ignorant environment. I’d probably be thinking about a different career…

And if that wasn’t enough (and it won’t be) to perk some ‘interest’ in the whole carbon bomb thingy headed our way and about to go SPLAT right on our dumb fucking heads, there’s this too: Trees’ ability to store carbon in doubt after groundbreaking Australian study

Not all forests will have the ability to increase their carbon uptake. In fact, quite a few forests won’t increase their carbon uptake due to poor soils. So soil health is going to be a big issue, which puts the whole soil warming question into view again.

“There’s an assumption that carbon in the subsoil is more stable and not as responsive to warming as in the topsoil, but we’ve learned that’s not the case,” says Torn. “Deeper soil layers contain a lot of carbon, and our work indicates it’s a key missing component in our understanding of the potential feedback of soils to the planet’s climate.”

Many parts of the world are losing soil at an accelerated rate – especially where farming occurs. But it’s also happening from erosion and desertification, both on the increase. Monumental rainstorms are expected to only increase and dry regions are expected to get drier causing even more soil and nutrient losses. All in all, it’s going to be another issue for how the planet absorbs more of our carbon.

And how the world plans on eating. Increasing levels of carbon are going to reduce plant yields and nutrition, while heat stress and water stress will also factor in significantly. And just in case it didn’t occur to you what the top links really mean, and how the four stressors will be a huge food factor – they will. It means the oceans will DIE. Higher PH levels, declining oxygen and increasing temperatures mean that much of the world’s sea life will simply vanish. This is actually already well-known, yet the warnings about this are still going mostly unheeded.

As I said, more fun times ahead. The world is not making any significant plans or changes to adapt or mitigate for these issues. The primary goal in the United States seems to be “deny, deny, deny” (while appointing absolute morons to heads of Agencies) and pretend it’s never going to be a problem, a position / claim that does not even remotely line up with reality.

There’s a war on science – and on your mind. Much of the “fake” news being pumped out today is all about making sure you’re fat, dumb, uninformed, biased and poorly fed. No, I’m not digressing. What I’m trying to tell readers is you are being played for fools. All of you. If you are not keeping yourselves abreast of the real news that actually matters and how it is going to affect you, your life, your future, your family and your very survival on this planet, then you are allowing yourselves to be part of their shell game.

I put up links to help readers stay informed. But asswipes like Matt Drudge puts up headlies of irrelevant shit like this: NFL ALL PILLED UP on a daily, even hourly basis. He’s got millions of readers. I have almost none.

It is this kind of distractive irrelevant crap being bombarded upon the global populations online (and on television) that keeps people uninformed on important news and developments. On occasion, I receive a phone call and if the topic swerves towards climate or sea level, I quickly realize that the caller has absolutely NO IDEA what is unfolding. Why? Because the media whores that help control the minds of billions of connedsumers are a bunch of skanky prostitutes only interested in publishing whatever generates advertising revenue.

Think about it. The real “power” then isn’t actually in the media who sold out long, long ago, it’s in the money being spent (and made) by the corporate advertisers and manufacturers. Their also the lobbyist who are manipulating government and writing our country’s legislation. And it’s clear as day to me that their only real interest is in keeping people uninformed and distracted with utter irrelevant bullshit while they fleece your pockets and turn your brains into mush. Our government is very much in league with these brokers of death and destruction. The new Administration fully intends to keep as many people as uninformed as possible on truly important matters that will affect your very life.

There is no reason for people to be uninformed like they are today. The complicity with this Faustian bargain needs to end.

Mar 072017

This is another “I told you so” story: Why is the media under-reporting climate change?

“We need the public to be aware that children and even young adults alive today are going to experience the transition to a much more challenging world – unless we make major changes now,” he said.

“Politicians and the private sector respond to the public. So the most important thing is to raise awareness of the risks we’re facing among consumers,” he added.

King was asked if it would take more serious climate-related events for the message to sink in about climate change, to which he replied: “How many more incidences do we need?”

“Each year we see more and more [of those]. Now, here is the problem: why is the media not reporting them as caused by climate change?”

“Instead of reporting each incident as if it was isolated, why can’t the media develop this notion that this is the portent of things to come?” he said.

Translation for those who still don’t get it: The “challenging” world will be deprived of food. So the challenge will be how you intend to survive on the scraps you will be paying exorbitant prices for. The whole connedsumer paradigm is swiftly changing. In a world designed to exploit and profit from every possible resource, this method of doing business falls apart in a world deprived of food.

The media is utterly failing the general public (and the business world) by refusing to investigate the cause of the extreme events and rightly pointing the finger directly at escalating climate change. What we’ve experienced so far is but a tiny fraction of the disasters to come and it’s absolutely critical that this message finally be told.

But nobody listens to me. Not even when I’m right.

Feb 202017

I propose we stop using the term “climate denial” and “denialist” as these two terms fail to convey what climate denial really means.

We should use the term “extinctionist” to properly describe what it really means to pretend climate change isn’t real, isn’t happening and won’t have any effects.


On the one hand it is sobering. By 2050, climate change has put the world and its inhabitants under incredible stress. Rising sea levels have inundated many coastal cities, including Dubai; water and food scarcity have created hundreds of millions of climate refugees. These outcomes are not presented as a threat, but a certainty.
Dubai’s bid to cash in on climate change

This is almost hilarious. While admitting to hundreds of millions of climate refugees, Dubai – one of the most energy intensive and wasteful cities of all, wants to “cash in”. Their “verticle indoor farms” are insane. Not only will they not produce enough food or calories, the cost will be ridiculous.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Reimagining Climate Change solutions actually all work. Who will be able to afford these niceties? The hundreds of millions of displaced refugees? With what? Dubai is hoping to use its immense wealth to help itself, and its investors – make no mistake about it.

This is why the LIFE project makes more sense.

Feb 162017

I’ve issued an alert to whoever will find this and take the time to read it: Climate Change Will Devastate Civilization

Every day, I’m trying to digest more and more articles on climate change, sea level rise and environmental collapse. I can’t keep up. It’s usually about 50 – 70 articles a day pouring in. If ever there was a time to start screaming and sounding the alarm bells, it’s right now.

Many of them are not unique in their content and information, but some of them really are and these are the ones I’m paying the most attention to because they reveal breaking news, science and data.

Readers will already know that I’m not requiring any “convincing”, having long ago determined the trajectory of this course civilization has taken. I’m not even focusing on the question of “when” anymore, or at least, not much. I’m much more interested now in what can be done, if anything, to preserve what is left. What I’ve noted from the literature is that there is scant little consideration to this idea. It’s as if it hasn’t even really occurred to enough people, particularly scientist and researchers and especially journalist and authors.

This isn’t surprising however, but it is an indication of just how far ahead of the pack I’m running. Humanity really needs to start focusing on this question as soon as possible. For now, the main focus seems to be on just reporting what’s unfolding. It’s not enough. Massive efforts need to be launched to preserve what is left and reducing what we demand. The “less is more” meme that I’ve long advocated.

Share the link above if you can. We need billions more people taking an interest in their own future – as soon as possible.


Jan 242017


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