Mar 252017

Over 90% of all life wiped out. Rising temperatures of 8 to 11°C triggering huge methane releases. This melted vast amounts of methane that had been trapped in the permafrost and sea floor, causing temperatures to soar even further to levels “lethal to most life on land and in the oceans”.

It happened before, and it can happen again. Some of the names you’ve heard before are mentioned in this article, Peter Wadhams, who remains concerned about a major methane release that could happen in a blink of an eye (geologically speaking).

But like most articles, there is supposedly reason for optimism. I disagree since I’m not beholden to any editors or paid advertisers. Even my wife hates what I write sometimes because it is so damned depressing. But not telling the whole story, or glossing over what we already know about methane, permafrost and hydrates is like claiming Donald Trump really IS the messiah. Which is of course, not true (I saw him wearing a devils costume just the other day). Continue reading »

Mar 252017

Everybody knows the legend of the elephants. When elephants die, they leave their group and go off to die alone, in the “elephants graveyard”. Their bones can be found years later, piled up with the skeletons of many elephants.

Where do corals go to die? They’re animals too, but lacking the ability to move like elephants, they die enmasse in place. And they’re dying all over the world. Continue reading »

Mar 252017

I spent a little time checking out the other news. We actually got some sunshine here (in between bouts of more rain) and I kept popping outside to enjoy it. I can actually see my dead garden now. And reach my greenhouse. I’ll be planting in there very soon. Yeah!

As always, if you really look at the news, there isn’t anything positive to report. There is however, always a lot of bad news, signs of a failing economy, angry citizens and more police-state tactics. More and more of the same, and always worse.

I’m still waiting for the “let’s make America great again” to unfold into reality. But it’s a good thing I didn’t try holding my breath for this empty promise because I’ve seen nothing to indicate that this will ever materialize.  I’m quite certain that at no time in the entire Trump presidency will I ever experience anything that I would call a fulfillment of a promise because that is who Trump really is. So yeah, I’m just kidding about all of this. The Trumpanzees are still enamored, but probably not for much longer as he shows his true colors.

Then what? Rage? Probably not enough to accomplish anything more then the rage we’ve all expressed at a failed government. Sigh… always the same.

There is an ongoing “bleed” unfolding, with more and more retailers closing their doors. Most were indebted to the limits and have found themselves in trouble with their suppliers and vendors. But what I think is also occurring is brick and mortar has smacked up hard (and final) against the digital revolution in shopping. Retailers just can’t compete with the higher overhead required for a store versus a giant warehouse somewhere and they’re finding this out in greater and greater numbers. Don’t expect these retailers to come back.

I also think that the Affordable Care Act in America has absolutely ruined most families. I was glad to see that crappy “reform” from the Trump Administration get shot down, but this doesn’t excuse the theft this “Act” has waged against Americans. It’s not affordable and hasn’t save anyone any money. Healthcare has gone SERIOUSLY downhill here. There is also a clear agenda to demonize anyone who may be in need of pain medications (like me). The agenda seems to be to fuck over all the little people every which way they can.

I’m up to 25 miles on the gym bike – but I pay for it in loads of pain for days on end. Still, I keep trying. Eating better and working out (keep moving) seems to be the best medicine of all. Even got my bike muddy today! But it’s far too dangerous still to try to ride this on the roads (ice and sanding debris). Spring has sprung and I can’t wait to get me some!

Check out this asinine policy being forced upon farmers: John Deere Tractors Can’t Be Repaired By Their Owners

“If a farmer bought the tractor, he should be able to do whatever he wants with it,” Kevin Kenney, a farmer and right-to-repair advocate in Nebraska, told me. “You want to replace a transmission and you take it to an independent mechanic—he can put in the new transmission but the tractor can’t drive out of the shop. Deere charges $230, plus $130 an hour for a technician to drive out and plug a connector into their USB port to authorize the part.”

I’d be among the very first to tell John Deere to go fuck themselves. I repair almost everything I own myself and have all of my life. I can tear out an engine or a transmission or rebuild a drive line. If I buy it – I own it, but John Deere has a different idea. Most likely to ensure they get the repairs into their shops and no where else. This is absolutely crazy. Signs of desperation imo. Hold your customer hostage… now there’s a thought…

This is interesting: A Single Bitcoin Transaction Takes Thousands of Times More Energy Than a Credit Card Swipe. When you understand how bitcoins are “created” (algorithms are processed by armies of computers), you’ll appreciate why each bitcoin is a massive waste of energy. I’ve never supported the concept of bitcoins myself, finding bitcoins non-valuable, but now there is another reason to dislike bitcoins.

Music I’m listening to – “We are all just prisoners here of our own device” – Hotel California

Yeah, I get it. If you get bored, or fed up, or just need a change of pace, turn on some music. Sometimes, when it’s really bad, I even reload.

Mar 252017

This story is kind of interesting. If you have ever wondered about “surviving in the wild” and how it might work out, you might want to read this and check out the links.

My own research into “bugging out” and in conversation with professional survival instructors, reveals that abandoning civilization in favor of “survival” is a damned bad idea. Most people would die, quickly. Few would last longer then a couple of weeks. It is very unlikely that anyone alone would last a year or even six months totally cut-off from civilization.

I do know of one person who tried – and he disappeared, never to be found. Long ago, I had even posted a “Survival Acres Challenge” which nobody ever attempted.

But this television show, is different. 23 people were asked to go into the woods on a private estate and “build a new society”. They were given a lot of resources to do so, including farm animals, equipment, tools, weapons and even skilled people were included in the group. They actually had everything that they needed – but what they didn’t have was the right attitudes. Coming from a modern, pampered civilization, they were poorly prepared for living off the land.

Problems began immediately. Out of the 23 that started, 13 quit within four months due to boredom, hunger, deprivation, infighting, sexual tensions and backstabbing / bickering incompatibility issues.

The rest managed to survive the year (with help) only to then learn that their television show only aired 4 episodes.

Alone in the Wild for a Year, TV Contestants Learn Their Show Was Canceled

Eden volunteers refuse to let quitters back in, after eight exit Channel 4 reality show

Hounded out by the beasts of Eden: Contestant tells of bullying, sexual tension and bitter rivalries in Channel 4’s TV experiment to create Nirvana

It looks to me like “fame” also factors into the reasons some participated – and quit, to return to their normal lives. It’s also evident that this was not “in the wild” at all – just a tract of ground that didn’t have any other humans on it. There were people around which some participants somehow managed to engage in trade with (junk food and alcohol). The lack of seriousness in the participants is appalling.

What I think is interesting is how the survival meme in the past dozen years has been so heavily promoted by the media with different reality shows. I’ve lost track of how many different versions there have been, but it’s been dozens and dozens.

Most are entirely fake. Scripted events and “crisis” acting, staged conditions and dialogue. The Scottish show doesn’t sound much different (although I’ve never seen it myself). Beyond the efforts to promote anything to make a buck – is there something more to the survival reality show meme? Like trying to find out if humans are going to be able to survive the future?

Could be, but they’re going about it all wrong if that was the secret goal. Modern humans lack almost everything for adaption to survival existence and as every show has shown, immediately return to the comforts of “better living”. Food, alcohol, sex, cell phones, television and the near-impossible-to-break desire to return to the modern world.

The psychological mindsets of the participants dooms the experiments. Every participant knows “this is just an endurance contest” and they’ll get to return to the real world. So they last as long as they deem necessary – returning to fame, fortune and comfort. Monetary rewards await them all – no matter what the show’s original agenda was, even the “unpaid” and “unrewarded” will get their monetary rewards afterwards – even if they do not last long. Television and radio appearances, book deals, speaking engagements, endorsements, it’s all waiting for them – so this awareness will have a HUGE impact on their willingness to participate, and their “showing” (efforts, actions, activities, willingess and so forth) during the show.

In other words, just from a psychological standpoint – none of these shows are real. Not even close. There’s just too much incentive above and beyond “survival” at play here.

IF there was no civilization to go back to; IF cooperation, participation were required (or you die); IF there was never going to be any reward, fame, fortune, notoriety – then the results would be different (all else being equal, including the support they receive). But if there was no support, no chickens, pigs, goats, tools, weapons, skilled people – then the results would be very, very different. Nobody would have survived from the modern world. They’d have all died from hunger, exposure, injury, sickness or stupid mistakes.

I’ve long said that survival is really about finding your way back to civilization where you can survive. Nobody can do this alone and expect to live long. Everybody is mooching off the system is some way – whether it be recycled plastic water bottles for carrying water, steel to make knives and cut nets or gut fish, or the clothes your wearing – we’re all very depending upon the products and production of civilization to keep us going, even in “survival conditions”.

The closes I’ve seen to reality with any of these shows is the naked survivalists. But even they are play-acting, following a helpful script and even helpful show events like making sure a tame goat passes by where the actors can kill it for food. None of these shows are as real or honest as they should be.

I’d have loved to try this, even at my age and condition. I rather like the woods and prefer the rural mountains to a city any day (that’s why I live here). But I well recognize that “survival” here or anywhere else without the support of civilization and all the stuff it produces would be impossible. I would die. So would you.  It’s something to think about as our collapse deepens.

Mar 252017

The Siberian Times reports that 7,000 underground pingoes are set to explode in the Arctic region, releasing more methane and carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere.

Scribbler has a post about this, but I don’t post anything of his anymore as readers know. I’m absolutely fed up with his dishonesty about renewables and his past ridicule of “climate alarmists” that he engaged in, especially on the methane threat which he chose to ignore while several of us “doomers” didn’t. He is now having to back track from this position. If you want to read it, you can go find it yourself, it doesn’t add anything that anyone here doesn’t already know.

In any case, the melting permafrost is getting some more attention worldwide, which is of no surprise.


Mar 242017

I’ve had to move the site back to here ( Sorry for the “dancing around” with the site, but I really don’t have any choice. You do whatcha gotta’ do when your back is up against the wall.

If there is something that does not work for you, please let me know, as it is impossible for me to check everything. Login issues fixed.

There will be some additional changes here as I figure this all out, but supposedly the user registrations / comments all ported over.

Mar 232017

This is hilarious. It’s a Pew Research poll, that reveals how much Republican and Democrats differ on “science knowledge” and whether or not science is having any impacts on the two different groups:

Picture this: no matter what the science says, or even when these climatic events actually happen – Republicans refuse to change their “beliefs” about climate change.

Amazing, isn’t it? I don’t hate Republicans, but I can’t stand willful stupidity. Science and knowledge don’t mix with this group. NO surprise to any American living here (who is honest), but it will piss off the idiots, again. I don’t care. It’s really hard to sit here and watch these fools destroy everything in their insatiable quest for, what? More?

I consider this group absolutely hopeless, and if you belong to that group yourself, you’re hopeless. Me? I don’t belong to any group other then the human race…

Original article here.

I’ve not looked, but I’m sure a similar graph would convey how religion affects beliefs and how knowledge about religion, history and evidence shows the same kinds of disparities.

I recently wrote to William Blum, what I’ve uncovered about religion. His reply was that I was certain to go to hell… I still can’t tell if he was joking or not, but in any case, this imagined place is no more real then the imaginary Sky God so I’m not the least bit concerned. I base ALL of my views on evidence and feel quite confident that these “beliefs” (which they aren’t – they’re actually facts) will carry the day in the end. We all die, but we’re definitely not all going to heaven (nobody is).

I’ve been enjoying a Netflix series, “The West“, narrated by Peter Coyote. It’s about how the West (United States) was “won” (stolen from the people who lived here). Going back to the 1500’s or so, the story begins… and it portrays a terrifying tale of murder, mayhem, robbery, slavery, theft and abuse – all coming from one particular segment of the people (and it wasn’t the natives). It dives pretty deep into the “untold stories” you never heard.

Highly recommend. Not taught in your high school social studies classes, or probably in any school book. Despite the hard-work, deprivation, struggle and dangers associated with the settling of the West and the “spirit of the pioneers”, I’m left with increasing levels of disgust and shame at my own race. So this is how “civilization” was forced upon the world… You should watch this.

Television is good for something, sometimes. It’s another propaganda tool just like anything else, so pick your viewing habits carefully.

Mar 222017

Baby Boomers Happy For Nothing To Be Done About Climate Change Until After They Die

It is this kind of attitude, exhibited throughout many of the developed countries (apparently in spades in Australia and the United States) that guarantees total destruction and then extinction of all living species on the planet (except slime, mold, some bacteria and cockroaches).

Indifference, arrogance, apathy, ignorance and outright stupidity – in spades. Welcome to the future, where death and suffering will rain like manna from heaven.


Mar 202017

Food Assets shared a link with me a few days back, Mike Adams: Natural News, “everyone’s favorite über-quack #1 anti-science website”. It’s an interesting read, especially to someone like me, who not only has dealt with this clown before, but has also run into some of his ‘converted’. Adams had thought to also get into the food storage business a while back, which we exposed as a dishonestly advertised product. Typical of Adams however, he has long played a shell-game of three card Monte.

I’ve long known the man to be a fraud and a quack. His associations and claims were always highly questionable. The food storage industry has tended to attract a lot of quacks and dishonesty. Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, even Glen Beck who has made millions and millions in ‘advertising fees’ have all thought to ‘cash in’ with the preparedness industry.

Except it has all backfired now, rather badly. A lot of people have woke up to the fact that these people are simply profiteers who will sell virtually anything to try to make money. The end result is their activity, actions, and bogus claims and outright dishonesty has put the preparedness industry in a bad, bad light. Even the term “survivalists” now has connotation of whacked-out conspiracy nuts with guns.

But it wasn’t always this way. In the 20+ years I was in the business, I ran into some pretty level-headed people. But this began to change as the entire meme became infected with hucksters and propaganda artists like Jones, Rawles, Hodges, Quayle, Loyd, Slavo, Smith, Durden, and many, many others who began to pollute the message of preparedness with conspiracy. Some even preached “aliens among us” conspiracy nonsense. Even Boston T. Party (Kenneth Royce) sold out and became a conspiracy nutter and bible-thumping “true believer”.

Everyone had to have their own “truth” which was anything but the truth. It was all propaganda and bullshit with a cult-of-personality tossed in, a fear-sells approach towards personal and family preparedness. Hundreds if not thousands of book titles were churned out, each breathlessly declaring to portray each particular “truth” by their respective, fear-makes-profit authors.

It is my opinion and experience, that these people have utterly ruined the preparedness industry and anything to do with common sense. It’s not only the bad reputation of these people that have created such distaste for anything to do with personal preparedness, it is the lies they propagated that are still around today. There are now quite a few people, numbering in the millions and millions that have their heads filled with their complete and utter nonsense. And this garbage thought has become generational, the converted are teaching this nonsense to their children.

Buried deep within this entire meme is almost no real truth – and blanket denials of what actually is real. None accept climate science or climate change as reality. All declare themselves better qualified then the real climate science experts. It was this realization that contributed towards my own public departure from this mix of snake-oil salesmen many years ago. I used to spend time writing preparedness articles for free, which were then ripped-off and copied for a profit. Preparedness took on a whole new attitude – how to get rich telling others what to do.

All of these clowns think themselves better experts in matters which they know absolutely nothing about. They’ve got their particular audiences convinced of this deception too. Yet none – not one of their bogus claims and predictions has ever come true, of which there have been many thousands and thousands. This standard test of proof and accuracy however, goes ignored by their brain-dead followers who I wrote off as lost souls long ago and still do.

There is a strange corollary about truth and profits. Truth often dies for a long time and becomes distorted lies for profits. In time, truth is resurrected when it is no longer has immediate relevancy. More profits are then made “finally revealing the real truth” with books, documentaries, interviews and speeches. This is what happens in nearly every meme and is what is underway right now with the preparedness meme – and climate science and climate change movement. The profitable, exploitable “truth” gets the attention, while the real truth is derided and ignored.

It won’t always be this way, and it will last as long as it remains profitable to lie. Then a long period of time will pass and the real truth will finally become more publicly accepted.

This is of course a real problem when it comes to climate science and climate change. Nobody gives two-shits about some conspiracy nutter “truth” and their whacked-out connedspiracy that has no meaning, relevancy or importance except in the minds of the deluded, but climate change and how it is affecting the real world, the true habitability of planetary life and our real survival matters quite a lot. The timing of this truth-acceptance is also critical. We can’t afford to let an entire generation of brain-dead idiots poison the real truth and wait for its final acceptance. If we do, it will be far too late to do anything about our survival on this planet.

And that is the problem in a nutshell. The real truth can’t gain acceptance because it is being derided by brain-dead morons (Trumpanzees) who are grabbing the reigns and jerking this train-wreck off the tracks. So that we can follow them…. where? They don’t have a real plan or direction except profits. If you drill down through their propaganda and deceptions and outright lies, you’ll find a pot of gold glittering at the foot of their cross. That’s what it is all about, which they claim is going to make America great again. Money. Profits. Exploit the rest so that THEY can profit and bask in the (temporary) privilege of those profits. While utterly destroying any chance for a future.

I saw one site that was glad Trump cancelled the Meals on Wheels programs for seniors. The justification? “They didn’t make smart life choices”. So letting the elderly starve was “fine by them”. It is this callous disregard for life that disgusts me intensely. And their assumption that they “know everything” about everyone else and how they “should” have lived. Obviously they know almost nothing except their own selfishness and disregard for life. On one hand they will spew out their claims for the sanctity for life and then in the same breath, declare who should die. Ignorant, self-righteous assholes to the bone.


I spent the weekend away from home, stuck in another damned city. I’m still desperately trying to find a way to make a living. The opportunity gave me a chance to reflect upon everything I’m seeing. People are too distracted to care about anything outside of their immediate lives. Their heads are filled with non-stop propaganda and advertising, there are screens screaming for their attention everywhere, there is no connection to life, nature or the nature world at all, everyone is embracing a “fantasy future” that explodes from every commercial, every advertisement, every movie, replete with success, superheros and super-abilities, their daily lives are super-insulated from the real world, carting themselves about about in glass and steel, everything is plastic-wrapped, cellophaned and perfectly presented, huge portions are the norm. And millions and millions of talking screens everywhere, constantly reminding them all of the “good life” to be had.

Well, it’s all lies. A lot of us are being thrown under the bus and a lot more will be joining us. There is real truth out there but you sure aren’t getting it from the sources you’ve been watching.