American Meme

Netflix has a incredibly vapid movie called “American Meme” that depicts social media ‘celebrities’ cashing in on the social media craze. I forced myself to watch this all the way through. The only celebrity in the movie that I’ve ever heard of was Paris Hilton, but I didn’t have any idea who any of the other celebrities were despite their hundreds of millions of followers.

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Arctic Old Ice Now Down to 1%

The title is not a misprint. Artic old ice (4 years old or older) is now down to just 1%.

This poses severe issues going forward, because it means that sudden melt of the Arctic is now possible.

NOAA’s 2018 Arctic Report Card is definitely worth watching – there is some very scary information contained within this video:

If you didn’t watch it, here are a few highlights:

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Business World Massively Underestimating The Effects Of Climate Change

In a new study published Dec. 10 in the journal Nature Climate Change, scientists working with environmental non-profits Conservation International and the Carbon Disclosure Project report that the business world might be massively Companies are seriously underestimating how climate change will affect business on their work.

In an analysis of 1,630 companies’ corporate disclosures about the effects of climate change, the researchers found that the aggregate risk reported by companies only adds up to tens of billions of dollars, whereas most experts estimate the actual cost will climb into the trillions (pdf).. The authors note that this huge discrepancy “reflects both that a large number of companies do not report financial impacts and that many that do are probably underestimating them.”

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The Real Climate Crisis is Immigrants & Refugees

Central America’s “dry corridor” is a large region extending over Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – which are the same countries the immigrant caravan came from. Climate change, derided by the Trump Administration (and Trump himself) is the real reason why thousands of immigrants are seeking to move north.

Frequent droughts exacerbated by climate change have struck the region. In 2014, another drought struck the dry corridor. Farmers were still scrambling to recover when another untimely drought hit early this year, wiping out the first harvests of beans and maize. Many of these asylum-seekers who joined the caravan were caught up in Trump’s family separation policy were indigenous Guatemalan farmers fleeing the specter of starvation.

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Decline of the Empire

Dave Cohen of Decline of the Empire, has written a short post about what’s happening with the Internet social media platforms: Warning To Humanity

He’s right about several points, but he might be getting it wrong about who to blame:

It appears that you are conflating “free speech” with private platforms. Private platforms (any service you use that isn’t your own) can generally ‘restrict’ anyone they want. If you are calling this a “restriction of free speech” then you’ve not understood the issue.

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Saudi Arabia Funneled Money To Trump

Now we know why Trump is protecting Saudi Arabia: It Sure Looks Like Saudi Arabia Used Veterans to Funnel Money to Trump

According to attendee Gary Ard, the source of these open bars and lush hotel rooms was never directly disclosed, unless it “slipped out later, after repeated questioning or strong drink.” Ard, a Navy veteran from Texas, says one of the organizers who had been drinking at the Trump Hotel “raise[d] up his hands, and he [said], ‘Thank you, Saudi prince!’” (Ard told the Post he quit after his second trip, over guilt at having potentially gathered intelligence for a foreign country. “We’re taking that heart-to-heart conversation [with legislators], writing it down, and giving it to a group of people whom I don’t know,” he said. “And my fear in that is we’re going to create a pool of insight to what congressmen, what senators can be approached, and what their mind-sets are. And that’s completely wrong.”)

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The Mueller Investigation Nears the Worst Case Scenario

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally getting to the good stuff now:

We are deep into the worst case scenarios. But as new sentencing memos for Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen make all too clear, the only remaining question is how bad does the actual worst case scenario get?

The potential innocent explanations for Donald Trump’s behavior over the last two years have been steadily stripped away, piece by piece. Special counsel Robert Mueller and investigative reporters have uncovered and assembled a picture of a presidential campaign and transition seemingly infected by unprecedented deceit and criminality, and in regular—almost obsequious—contact with America’s leading foreign adversary.

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Ebola Now In A Major City

Ebola is back in the news, if you didn’t already know. This deadly, highly fatal disease has infected 471 Ebola cases, including 225 confirmed deaths in the Congo. But the really bad news for those watching is Ebola is now in a major city, Butembo, with over 1 million residents.

If the spread of infection continues, there is potential for thousands of infections. One of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, ebola has already killed over 11,000 people. Dense population areas pose particular concern due to the ability of the disease to become widespread. Any city in the world can be reached by airplanes, which can then potentially spread the disease to anywhere else in the world.

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Turning It Off

Try an experiment with me. It’s simple, but it will require a bit of discipline on your part. Here it is:

Give up your favorite website. Don’t log in, don’t check it, don’t visit. Got it?

I just did that. And it’s a bit… odd. I’m finding myself with a lot more free time to do other stuff, think about other things. I’m not one of those people addicted to social media, I absolutely hate Facebook (with a purple passion), Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and what have you. Never go there, don’t have an account either. But I do have websites that I check on a daily basis. And now I won’t.

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U.S. Involvement in Yemen – Complicit In Mass Murder

Yemen doesn’t get a lot of news in the American press. But the number of dead, dying and starving in Yemen is absolutely enormous (millions – as in at least 22 million who are afflicted). And much of the fault lies directly upon the United States.

Several articles I’d recommend reading: The war in Yemen is disastrous. America is only making things worse

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Greenland ice sheet melt ‘off the charts’ has a article on the rapid melt of Greenland.

Greenland ice sheet melt ‘off the charts’ compared with past four centuries

“Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet has gone into overdrive. As a result, Greenland melt is adding to sea level more than any time during the last three and a half centuries, if not thousands of years,” said Luke Trusel, a glaciologist at Rowan University’s School of Earth & Environment and former post-doctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and lead author of the study. “And increasing melt began around the same time as we started altering the atmosphere in the mid-1800s.”

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Turning A Blind Eye To Murder

Wow – this is worth reading all the way through: Jamal Khashoggi’s private WhatsApp messages may offer new clues to killing

This is part of the evidence that the Dipshit in Chief does not want to “believe”. As usual, Trump is backing the wrong person. Be that as it is, I think we can expect some additional fallout from this horrible crime. The evidence speaks loudly that Mohammed bin Salman did in fact know exactly what was going on. And ordered Khashoggi’s assassination dismemberment.

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Being Trump

The Guardian has a article, “What’s Trump hiding in the climate report? That global warming’s effects are here“. And of course, his talking head tried to claim that the climate report was “not based on facts“.

We all know that Trump is smarter then all of the world’s scientists combined, and Sarah Sanders is an obedient lap dog, saying whatever she is told to say. But that still poses some pretty big issues, such as why does the media and over half of the American public continue to disbelieve Trump? It’s truly inexplicable.

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Actions Always Speak Louder Then Words

Always more bad news (how could it be any different?) on the climate front –

Traceable evidence of the impacts of climate change on humanity

Greenhouse gasses triggering more changes than we can handle

Ongoing greenhouse gas emissions are known to increase atmospheric temperature, in turn enhancing soil water evaporation resulting in drought, wildfires and heatwaves in normally dry places, or massive rain and floods in commonly wet areas. In the oceans, warmer waters also evaporate faster, increasing wind speeds and the downpours of hurricanes, whose surges can be aggravated by sea level rise. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions can aggravate simultaneously multiple climate hazards.

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