Criminal Minds

The modern society requires its participants to subscribe to a peculiar mindset that is counter-productive to life, happiness, contentment and purpose. These points may not seem readily obvious, but under any honest examination, they will reveal themselves to all be true.

In order to participate within society, and to be “valued” as a “contributing member”, every single human is expected to submit to the expectations and demands of society.

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War Criminals

The man hasn’t changed, but the perception of him has. This is because public perception of the Bush administration is being very carefully managed and manipulated. And this is happening for a reason.”

The real fault lies with Americans – that brain dead, idiot-inspired, connedspiracy fooled, stupidstitious group of complete morons that takes no responsibility for the daily dose of pablum they greedily suck down into their pea-sized brains. Staring at screens all day long is THEIR fault. Not reading books, quality news articles or remembering history and facts is also their fault.

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