143 Million People May Soon Become Climate Migrants

I’ve been warning about this for years: 143 Million People May Soon Become Climate Migrants

Worth reading. The actual number is 2 billion or so. But not before the first several hundred million show up… somewhere.

The United States is not immune to climate refugees of our own, either. The entire Deep South and Southwest will become uninhabitable as wet-bulb temperatures exceed human survivability. No amount of cooling will be possible to make living in these locations doable.

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I’ve finally come to realize that the many decades that I have now spent publishing words, stories, research and articles online has been an enormous waste of my time and my life. That is not to say that it hasn’t been informative, entertaining, educational or even appreciated – by me and by readers, which it has been. But it has come at an enormous cost of “life spent” that will never be gotten back.

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch Now Larger Than France, Germany and Spain combined

Since nothing has been done about human wastes and pollution, the Pacific Garbage Patch has grown enormously.

Netflix has a video on the plastics industry that reveals the incredible disinterest by plastic manufacturers to stop producing toxic pollution. No amount of global suffering and death will change their minds, or anyone else’s.  And if you think this is hyperbole, then consider this: Amount of Plastics to Triple In World’s Oceans

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Fresh Water Disappearing

Surprise, surprise (not) – More than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050 due to climate change

Unless you’ve been living under a well-watered rock for the past few years, the notion that water shortages won’t be a problem for billions in the years ahead is factually false.

Glaciers are going to continue to keep melting for decades – Well, duh! That’s what glaciers do – but what they reporting is old news here.  If all carbon emissions were stopped instantly, there would still be massive glacial melt for decades. Of course – it’s called climate inertia and it’s as unstoppable as the rising sun. This is another puff piece that doesn’t do this topic any justice – like just how will 5 billion people survive without this essential melt water that provides drinking, irrigation, sanitation and industrial activity? Hint – many of them won’t.

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Cambridge Analytica

This video is worth watching – it exposes the incredible rot and corruption that goes on behind political campaigns (bribery, blackmail, manipulation and more) at the highest levels around the world.

This is also the same company that was used by Trump to manipulate the American people in the last (s)Election:

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More Reality

The Troubling Realities of Our Energy Transition – Some food for thought, but it does not actually go far enough.

Even worldwide economic collapse won’t save the climate from the most extreme warming. This is a topic that has already been covered elsewhere. Economic collapse will lead to additional climate pollution – not less.

The refusal to admit to the climate crisis, and the baked-in-results (4C+) that cannot be avoided under any conceivable circumstances, and what this actually means for global food production (collapse) has created widespread blindness (and endless hopium) to this global crisis. We do not have years or even months left to “solve climate change”. We cannot solve it. Ever. We can only now prepare for the effects. Which we’re also failing to do.

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Stephen Hawkins Dies

If you want to gauge how hopeless the human race really is – just read the comments the are being published regarding the death of Stephen Hawkins tonight.

A great many of them are absolutely horrible. Absolutely unbelievable.

Apparently some people just think it’s perfectly okay to take a massive shit wherever they want. A lot of them are in England (apparently) and in America. Brain dead fools spewing hatred and vile comments. Animals – every last one of them.

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Future Fisheries Deception

Global fisheries to be, on average, 20 percent less productive in 2300, study finds

This article contains numerous misrepresentations and omissions.

a) Global fisheries are already down over 50% NOW.
b) A temperature rise of 4C will result in a catastrophic collapse of civilization.
c) A 9.6C increase will literally mean human extinction (long before).
d) The resulting food chain collapse @4C or even 9C will mean massive species extinction of all mammals. It is also extremely unlikely that any fish will survive at the higher temperatures.

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Technology Against Us

There is an odd quest to always be driven to embrace the latest technology. Whether cars, cameras, motorcycles or televisions, the need to “have it all” seems to be a constant factor.

Owning the best of the best always comes at a terrible price, not the least which is cost. But the feature you inherit are rarely ever needed, and many are simply never accessed and used.

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Finding Hope – Not!

Desdemona shared a good article from a climate scientist: We need courage, not hope, to face global warming – “Hope is a creature of privilege” (source here).

These words by Kate really resonate with me. It is deep grief that I feel – every single day now. But despite Kate’s own words – she has refused to allow my comments below to be published. So ask yourself – who is faking their grief, and who is not?

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Limited Digital

I’ve always been at odds with our digital world. Fast-paced, cookie cutter “designer” plasticky crap being churned out at a breakneck speed. I’m nostalgic for the world of before.

I can’t seem to help myself. Today’s surveillance society has run the same race as going digital. I don’t want to be a part of it, but admittedly, I use what I like and avoid as much of the rest if I can. I have a smartphone with limited apps, and a computer, and a digital camera, but I ditched my FitBit, went back to air-cooled motorcycles and grind my own coffee – by hand. Why not?

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