Amendment No 1096

This is something to be aware of – and to watch out for in the coming daze ahead: Amendment┬áNo 1096.

This has the potential to silence information and dissent. Another brick in the rising fascist wall.

It’s ironic – America was rabidly anti-communist for decades, declaring that communism, the Red Threat was everywhere. They brought down the house so to speak, during the McCarthy era. And now, decades later, it is a former communist country that is broadcasting news and opinions into America, about America. They have revealed a lot of the shenanigans going on in our own government. Shutting it down is an attempt to silence criticism.

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How Not To Make America Great Again

Most of us can relate to how workers, those that actually “do” and produce, laboring in offices, shops, warehouses and factories are always rewarded less then those that don’t actually perform any real work.

Decision makers as they like to be called, reap the rewards. And so do owners. The higher muckety-ups that drive the businesses. My wife related a story to me about her career. She was one of the workers, but their year-end reward for an entire year of labor was a coffee cup and a few slices of pizza. The supervisors and managers got free vacations, car rentals and lobster dinners. They didn’t produce anything, or even do much of anything but chatter away in their offices every day.

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Why September 23rd, 2017 Didn’t Disappear Millions of People From Earth

This day will go down in history as another day of stunning…. human stupidity.

Today, millions of people were scheduled to be Raptured from the Earth by a magical, mysterious, invisible and silent Sky God who once again, failed to deliver as promised.

It’s stunning that so many people fall for these claims every year (always in September, which generally coincides with the Jewish Rosh Hashannah, the New Year and ‘birthday’ of the Universe).

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How A Few Scientists Get It Wrong On Our C02 Budget

If you’re interested in knowing whether or not we have a “carbon budget” left, read the article found over on Real Climate.

There has been a highly misleading paper out recently that has claimed we can emit more carbon before smashing into the 1.5 ┬░C limit. Well, we can’t, but that’s because the paper is based on various assumptions and inaccurate data (and it’s a good example of a totally useless “debate”). The Real Climate article discusses this.

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Surviving Trump

I listened to Trump’s speech (so you don’t have to endure this torture) and read through many of the comments from John Q. Public that followed.

It’s very, very clear that there are two worlds unfolding. The one that adheres to reality — and the one that doesn’t.

For Trump supporters, they were falling all over themselves with glee that this wondrous man, truly a gift from God, had the balls to issue such threats from the floor of the United Nations.

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I’ve Lost Count

I’m staring to lose count…. how many hurricanes this year? It’s going to be bad one, again.

We just had to drop another food supplier. We discovered a marketing scam that definitely does not pass the Survival Acres / Food Assets “sniff test” (something stinks, so we’re walking away).

It’s getting mighty hard to find reputable food manufacturers (and impossible to find an ethical dealer). I’ve lost count of the companies I’ve had to drop due to their bad business practices.

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Dying in America

My father in-law is dying. He was supposed to live for perhaps a week or so at most, but he’s still here. Modern medicine is a torture chamber of horrors, keeping the ill and infirm alive far longer then what should be allowed by law. His last few months have been pure hell, with numerous tests, diagnoses and misdiagnoses, an endless array of drugs and being shuffled back and forth to the hospital and “rehab”. It’s a complete money-making circus.

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American Apathy

I’ve had to make a trip for a family emergency. The blog was disabled during this time, mostly to see if it would help ranking. It didn’t.

The problem is, the more disasters, the more suffering people are experiencing from climate change — something I’ve mentioned once or twice on this blog — the less people are preparing. It’s really, really weird.

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