‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

An interesting read (pdf file): ‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

There are quite a few people who could learn something from this – or not. The problem is confirmation bias – people who subscribe to connedspiracy will only seek out what validates their bias, i.e., they do not want to actually learn anything new – certainly not anything that might confound or confuse their particular bias.[...] Read More

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Descending Into Madness

I am totally tuning out the ongoing idiocy in Washington, Korea, and well, just about every place else. The reason is simple. All this crap is irrelevant. There is nothing anybody can do about any of it anyway. It’s just another page of rising stupidity.

None of these so-called “issues” has anything to do with me or how I conduct my life. I refuse to be a part of the misguided rage, the hatred, the xenophobic reactions, or engage with any of it. It is all irrelevant.[...] Read More

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Worst Fears Realized: 8℃ (14℉) Making Earth Uninhabitable For Humans

A British global investing firm has issued a warning:

If we keep consuming oil and gas at current rates, our planet is on course to experience a rise in global average temperatures of nearly 8℃ (14℉) by the end of the century. This would make Earth basically uninhabitable for humans.

As you could always expect, the article immediately begins to dissemble its own claims. “Cautious optimism” is called for because[...] Read More

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What Is Wrong With America

Be prepared to get your stupid on. The Atlantic discusses the trends and changes that have occurred in America.

The facts presented might surprise you. I do recommend you find the time to read this article all the way through. There are some real nuggets of observable truth in there. I don’t agree with a few of the statements of facts made, but the rest is spot-on.[...] Read More

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The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

Hedges, all fired up:

Listen to the words. The anger, resentment, disgust, rage and loathing.

Oh wait, I’m supposed to be talking about Hedges and his speech. Well, he’s in a growing company of Americans that really have had enough of this shit.

I covered the collapse of complex societies years ago – and have patiently waited (at times) for this one too, to collapse.[...] Read More

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When Should We Stop Listening To Climate Scientists and Climate Reporters?

Dare I say it?

I’m still waiting for some honest reports. From both camps. One can’t (or won’t) and the other, well you decide. They only publish what they assume people want to read.

I’m sitting here under and awful cloud of smoke, it’s like living in a pall of fog. You can’t see the sun, can’t see the moon and what light does get filtered through is eerie. Breathing has become hazardous. The fires aren’t close, but the smoke has been here for days now. I’ll try to remember to post a picture, too late tonight.[...] Read More

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Heatwaves Deaths Projected To Increase 5400%, Coastal Floods 3780%, Wildfires 138%, River Floods 54%, Windstorms 20%

You need to dig a little (read) to find this nugget in this article:

Deaths from heatwaves were projected to increase by 5,400 percent, coastal foods by 3,780 percent, wildfires by 138 percent, river floods by 54 percent and windstorms by 20 percent.  European heatwave deaths could skyrocket: climate study

Heatwaves are expected to do the worst damage, jumping from 11 people per million currently to about 700 per million.[...] Read More

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Examples of Good & Bad Reporting

Two articles of interest, one valuable and the other not:

1) Planet has just 5% chance of reaching Paris climate goal, study says

2) The World According to Anomalies

I provided the hint on which one of these articles is relevant, accurate and important.

Unfortunately, it will be the Guardian article, stuffed full of it’s dishonesty and misrepresentation of reality that will garner all of the attention.[...] Read More

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