House Joint Resolution 76 Passed – Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes

This is another ominous development (found this over on Rice Farmer).

Congress Quietly Passed a Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes—Only 1% Opposed It

It’s got a limited reach – for now. But it’s still illegal and against the Constitution. Passed and approved. Trump also approved military equipment for domestic law enforcement, rolling back the Obama ban on this activity. So now we have martial law to look forward to – while they kick your door down without probable cause or Constitutional authority.

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More Texas News You May Have Missed

Texas has a bit of ‘other news’ that you might have missed, but it’s worthwhile read (please do) –  Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Wait, Do People Actually Know Just How Evil This Man Is?)

Wow! What do you do when the President of the Unites States pardons a monster like this?

There is such an incredible amount of evidence and consistency to this man’s actions over many years that it defies all probabilities of his claimed innocence. And yet – Donald Trump, bigot in chief pardons Arpaio.

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Harvey Hammers Houston – Hell Unleashed on Global Petrochemical Hub

An enormous storm has engulfed southern Texas – which everyone knows by now. Texas and of course, Houston is a major world-wide petrochemical hub.

Texas has, for the most part, chosen to deny the reality of climate change. The warnings issued years ago fell on increasingly deaf ears:

To the frustration of many, however, that looming threat of the day when, not if, a powerful storm surge descends on one of Texas’ economic engines – ripping above-ground pipes from their fittings, tossing chemical storage tanks like empty soda cans and deluging entire manufacturing plants in brackish salt water – hasn’t led to enough political and economic pressure to build what some consider the region’s only option for keeping a hurricane from sweeping billions of dollars of Houston investment into the sea.

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I’ve refrained so far from making any comments about the deluge occurring in Texas, but definitely have a few things to say. First off, do the math:

Increased temperatures = increases evaporation = increases precipitation = increases storm activity = floods = some which will be ‘catastrophic’

It’s very simple. I’ve seen a lot of claims that this is NOT due to climate change, which is patently ridiculous. When did Texas EVER experience something like this? Or for that matter – anywhere in the world?

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Growing Your Own – It May Not Be What You Think

Today I tore out my failing fruit trees and tossed them into the burn pile. The soil here is poor and not well suited for the location these trees were planted. I’m going to have to start over, someplace else, but I took the initiative (finally) so that I would not delay this any longer and lose more years of effort.

I’ve learned that 5 years, even 10 years it is really not enough time to learn how to grow your own food. There are still plenty of people who think their “Survival Seeds” in a can will save their sorry asses when the shtf, but I’m here to tell you – it’s never, ever going to work like that. You will die from starvation long before your very first crop comes in, before it’s eaten by pests and bugs and deer and rodents and killed by drought or too much rain or an early frost.

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More Headlies On How We Are Going To Save Civilization

Climate Central has an article title Can Business Save The World From Climate Change?which was reprinted from here.

Go read it if you want to read more absolute garbage and lies. It’s a pathetic attempt at pretend.

It’s futile to speak the truth these daze, on any subject, but I keep trying. This gets the False Narrative tag and Truth tag for obvious reasons:

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The Insane Exploitation Plans Of The Arctic

Reprinted here from –

(timely reasonable observation on the insanity developing over the Arctic – Admin)

Arctic riches: A most insane discussion by Kurt Cobb

As climate change rips away the icy armor of the Arctic, nations surrounding the North Pole and companies eager to exploit the area’s mineral wealth–particularly oil and natural gas–are growing giddy with anticipation.

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Dominoes To Disaster

The blue line shows the rise in temperatures of the world’s oceans (according to NASA).

The red line, well that’s where you and I live. On the land. It’s warming up twice as fast as the world’s oceans which cover vastly more of the Earth’s surface then the land actually does. But the oceans cannot keep up with the fast pace of what is happening on the land.

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Religion and Human Responsibility

I have long harped on the topic of responsibility and accountability here on this blog. Many industries, politicians and people have refuse to accept these fundamental human concepts and employ them within the context of their lives and actions. This refusal has dramatically helped lead to widespread environmental destruction, abuse of the public trust, denial of science, facts and evidence, and has spawned some of the very issues discussed found at the core of this blog for the past several years: climate denialism.

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2 Rats x 3 Years = 482 Million Disease Carrying Rodents

I scan tons of articles for useful information. This one in particular stood out. It’s not often you’ll see a concern about pandemics or how they can come about, but this is a sobering fact:

Two breeding-ready rats can spawn an extended family of 482 million rats in just three years

Now mix those numbers into a highly populated, dense urban cities with most have major garbage collection problems. You get the idea. We’ve got another problem and it’s a big one.

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Trump States Suffer Most – Poetic Justice?

In a interesting twist of ‘fate’ (if you can call man-made climate change such a thing), the Trump states will suffer the most under a warming world:

There are a few takeaway messages. First, the color scale is not symmetric – that is the orange and red values represent pretty large economic losses whereas the green values are notably smaller economic benefits. Secondly, there are more regions that will lose than there are that will win. When interpreting an image like this, we have to be cognizant of the fact that more people live in the Southeast than in the central west.

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Everybody Dies: Super Heatwaves Of 55°C To Occur Every Other Year

Desdemona has shared an article that is of extreme importance to the entire world: Super-heatwaves of 55°C to emerge if global warming continues – “Humid-heat waves with these conditions were never exceeded in the present climate, but are expected to occur EVERY OTHER YEAR at 4°C global warming”

Heatwaves amplified by high humidity can reach above 40°C and may occur as often as every two years, leading to serious risks for human health. If global temperatures rise with 4°C, a new super heatwave of 55°C can hit regularly many parts of the world, including Europe.

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Our Minds Have Been Hijacked

A former product manager for Google has broken the iron-clad grip about technology, privacy, freedom and the zombie-like state of minds being orchestrated by Google, Apple and Facebook.

Just to reiterate, the problem is the hijacking of the human mind: systems that are better and better at steering what people are paying attention to, and better and better at steering what people do with their time than ever before.

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Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

This is a worthwhile article to read – Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

I’ve been harping on the the alternative stupidity expressed by Scribbler for a reason – alternative energy sources are NOT what is being claimed. I am no fan of oil, having covered the abuse, destruction, pollution and harm fossil fuels and the companies behind them have caused. But the alternative energy mantra being embraced by Haney and others is another false narrative.

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‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

An interesting read (pdf file): ‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

There are quite a few people who could learn something from this – or not. The problem is confirmation bias – people who subscribe to connedspiracy will only seek out what validates their bias, i.e., they do not want to actually learn anything new – certainly not anything that might confound or confuse their particular bias.

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Descending Into Madness

I am totally tuning out the ongoing idiocy in Washington, Korea, and well, just about every place else. The reason is simple. All this crap is irrelevant. There is nothing anybody can do about any of it anyway. It’s just another page of rising stupidity.

None of these so-called “issues” has anything to do with me or how I conduct my life. I refuse to be a part of the misguided rage, the hatred, the xenophobic reactions, or engage with any of it. It is all irrelevant.

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Worst Fears Realized: 8℃ (14℉) Making Earth Uninhabitable For Humans

A British global investing firm has issued a warning:

If we keep consuming oil and gas at current rates, our planet is on course to experience a rise in global average temperatures of nearly 8℃ (14℉) by the end of the century. This would make Earth basically uninhabitable for humans.

As you could always expect, the article immediately begins to dissemble its own claims. “Cautious optimism” is called for because

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