Selling The Apocalypse

Salon has an article about doomsday preppers and the hucksters behind this movement. Some may not agree, but the article is dead right. I’ve publicly come out against the false reasons that so many have embraced and the liars in the movement that are behind this. And I was right and still am – not a single ‘event’ that was claimed happened. But the prepper movement has died and hucksters are desperate to find another way to shove their products at you while fleecing your pockets.

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Climate Criminal

Plenty to be angry about today.  The latest Criminal in Chief betrayal to the world:

This pretty much says it all. The man does not care about anything except power and greed. His message to the world: drop dead.


Without once mentioning the myriad harmful effects that climate change is increasingly visiting on the world including the U.S., minimizing the enormous potential economic benefits of the upcoming renewable energy transition, and looking backward to coal, Trump announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. He specified that neither the U.S. Nationally Determined Contribution nor contributions to the Green Climate Fund would be upheld. He did not specify the legal modalities of withdrawal, which vary between one and three yearsTrump did say that Paris or another agreement more favorable to the U.S. could be (re)negotiated. More information on the Paris Agreement can be found HERE.

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Hundreds of Giant Seafloor Craters Found in the Barents Sea

Hundreds of giant craters erupting methane have been found in the Barents Sea. Some are over a kilometer in width.

This was expected by scientists and those who have researched this issue. Rising level of methane in the Arctic have been increasing to higher and higher levels for quite some time now. These craters are still leaking methane, but this is similar to the gigantic blowout craters also recently found in Siberia.

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