Mar 112017

If America does not implement some extremely aggressive climate policy within the next decade or so (as part of a concerted worldwide effort), we quite literally risk the destruction of the United States as an organized community.

Not my words, but I’ve written similar words like this many times. And nobody is paying attention. But these words are from this article, published in The Week: Scott Pruitt is a clear and present danger to American national security.

I’ve got a pretty good idea what climate change is going to mean to the world and the immense suffering and hardship this is already causing. It’s not a popular topic, but it should be considering what is at stake.

I will take the above quote a bit further, because it offers too much hope and therefore, dishonesty. We are already at risk; the destruction of the United States as an organized community will occur because we do not have ten more years to solve this problem.

Consider that the Trump Administration wants to insist they are the experts in climate science and that they alone know what is best for Americans (and the world, of course). They will waste at least 4 more years, enacting legislation and efforts that will have severe lasting effects on how America could EVER respond to dangerous climate change. This will put the country up to a decade behind emergency and essential response efforts that should have begun years ago.

Then, if ever – the opportunity to avoid our destruction will be that much harder (significantly) because climate change is accumulative.

The extra heat, emissions, melting ice, permafrost, water vapor, desertification and acidification and all the other points I’ve raised over the years will not be go away once “we finally decided to do something” whenever that may be. If you don’t understand this point, you should. We will have to live with these effects, however bad they get, essentially forever.

In other words – the Trump Administration is committing us (and the world) to a worse and worse future that can’t get better. This is the outcome you are not being told about “our delay” and inactions.

Venezuelans are currently surviving by eating garbage. Because of poor planning in a bad economy. Now they’ve run out of food. And medicine. And toilet paper. Yeah, it’s a real crisis. People are dying. In a modern country.

The only difference here is economic – in a time where food and medicine and toilet paper is still available elsewhere, this country can’t provide for their own citizens. Now consider how climate change doesn’t stop at national borders. It doesn’t restrict itself to certain countries or certain classes of people. It effects the whole economic system. The entire world. All human endeavors. The ability of our production and transportation. It won’t matter if you are rich or poor. It will only matter where you live and how fast and how severe your town begins to suffer. And how prepared you are for all of this.

Climate change is virtually limitless when you consider the contexts. It will be much, much worse then what the world has already experienced. The destruction of the organized communities around the world, whether they be nation states, cities or town, will be absolutely immense. Our ability to grow food and survive, to conduct any kind of activity or business, to engage in trade and transportation is ALL at risk. It will be the greatest unraveling in human history.

People just don’t get it. I don’t think that they want to. They would rather watch the NFL or some celebrities ass. Climate change is the most serious threat humanity will ever face. This is a fact being repeated by scientists, researches, the military, industry and the Pentagon.

And (almost) nobody wants to act. Or take this seriously.

It is truly, truly unbelievable.

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    It really is all about the effect of elevated CO2 on the oceans. And the news is pretty bad:

    ‘The world’s oceans have warmed at twice the rate of previous decades and the extra heat has reached deeper waters, finds data stretching back to 1960.

    By Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News
    Mar 11, 2017

    Oceans, which have warmed at an increasingly faster rate, account for as much as 50 percent of global sea level rise, according to a new study.

    Credit: TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images

    The rate of ocean warming has nearly doubled since 1992 compared with the previous three decades. And the warming has reached deeper waters, scientists reported Friday.

    The findings are important because the world’s oceans provide one of the best records of the excess energy trapped on Earth by increased greenhouse gases, largely from the burning of fossil fuels. As the seas heat up from climate change, the water expands and rises, causing coastal flooding and, in Antarctica, ice shelves to disintegrate…….’


    I can see why you think about shutting down the blog from time to time. What is there to say anymore that hasn’t been said? Nothing is going to change. Everyday we get closer to the cliff. We still burn 90 million barrels of oil per day. We still slaughter millions of animals per day to feed ourselves. We still add to the population daily. We still allow healthcare, finance/insurance, big ag, military industrial complex to persist, no prosper, as they never have before (record stock prices meaning their owners have never been wealthier in history). It’s like the Truman show day after day. What is the solution? There is none. The beatings and decline in quality of life will continue until the end. Thank you for playing.

    I should probably just get a prescription for Paxil and re-plug into the matrix. Enjoy the t.v. and such while the natural world around becomes more polluted and desolate.


      It’s been on my mind a lot lately (permanent shutdown). There are several points to share: I can’t keep the blog alive like this (indefinitely) with no income, I can’t even pay the Internet connection fees now or domain fees. Food Assets is not making any sales either and may shut down too and I’ll lose this location. If I just up and disappear, this is probably what happened.

      There is virtually zero sincere interest in preparedness now. This reflects the non-interest in climate topics by the general public. I’m also seeing widespread business failures, one of my old suppliers is having to do a Kickstarter just to drum up interest, otherwise it’s bankruptcy which I think will happen anyway.

      Yet it’s quite strange because I was in the dreaded city last weekend and it was very, very busy. There’s money flowing, obviously, people are shopping and buying and eating out, but nothing at all is happening in this direction. Its now weeks and weeks before a single $45 sale will come in to FA (profit margin of $2 or $3, you can’t keep the lights on with that).

      So I believe that the entire preparedness meme is utterly dead and it’s time to abandon this and let everything go. Not because preparedness is a bad idea, but because people are embracing bad ideas and refuse to see reality. They don’t want to take concern or responsibility for the future.

      The only thing that ‘saved’ me and my wife when this all collapsed on us is we stayed out of debt – until the medical bills occurred last year. That is still unresolved, but we’ve got food here to last us, so we’re not starving. But I find it harder and harder (and harder still) to try and keep up the fight and turn things around. I have never, ever, at any time in my life, seen such unwillingness of the people to face facts. I often wonder if it is just this country, but afeknowthetruth reports the same in NZ, so is it everywhere?

      I’m at a total loss on what do to? Regroup? With what? Where? How? I’ve even thought about selling my property and relocating. No idea what I might find out there or where. It’s just lip-service and disinterest as far as the eye can see (and a lot of disingenuous claims).

      I believe we’ve already gone off the cliff, but we’re still plucking the resources that can be obtained on the way down. Humans have an incredible ability to survive almost anything and this means that we’ll exploit the last possible resource to the bloody end. Common sense would dictate to avoid this self-destruction (you can’t pick a planet clean and expect to survive), but common sense is almost entirely absent these days.

      So let me ask my few readers here – where else do you go to get your information? Are there other hangouts for you? What are they reporting?


    My wife works for AOL small publisher services. In order to get on their platform and receive a portion of ad spending, you need 3 million ad impressions per month and they will put ads on this site. I’m not sure how to drive that much traffic, but your content and writing style could do it in my opinion. I think you have a good message to sell and it’s very honest. At 3mm impressions, you might earn $1-$4 CPM (cost per thousand) impressions – or $3k-$12k per month.

    I am sure Google dictates alot of information flow. Shudder to think what they filter and block out.


      I’ve never run ads here or on SA either. Think it’s against my ethics, but desperation calls for change.

      Google has been horrible. The FA site (which I’m responsible for tech work) keeps getting hit by Google, again and again.

      Literally drops out of the listings or gets ranked so badly its never found. I swear to the invisible God that Google is doing this on purpose (probably think I must be a Trump supporter or something). I have absolutely no idea how to solve this issue. It’s happened about a dozen times now in the past year.

      Quite frankly, if I could drop a nuclear weapon on Google, I’d do it, I’m that pissed at this horrible company. They make or break businesses at the drop of a website and there is nothing anyone can do about it (except pay them extortion fees for “ads” which don’t work – over 90% of the ads are never seen by humans and yet you have to pay for them). I’ve done extensive research on the Google issue.


    Check out the Automatic Earth. I think you could turn your blog into something like a combination of what they have and Desdemona Despair. You could link articles the way AE does and write a little snippet about your thoughts on each article and what it means to your stated point of view. Automatic Earth always reiterates its position on deflation and debt and each day getting worse despite the official rhetoric and narrative of “growth”. And then sometimes you can have your own opinion articles like you post now.


    Also – I hope I didn’t sound like a know it all and it would be easy to get all that traffic. I know the AE people are out marketing themselves and their ideas all of the time. They are on Twitter etc… as well. I think you’d have to be like Guy McPherson and give lectures everywhere to get that kind of a following, and even then, who knows! A lot of the successful ones have hit on topics of what is in certain foods and what to avoid, so they generate a lot of clicks that way, for example. An example might be reviewing some of the long-term food storage products and identifying those that have artificial flavors, colors et cetera that you’d want to avoid.


    Worth reading – good bullet points and short reading.


    “The most sobering statement made during the conference, one challenged by none, is that in some circles the conversation is not only past discussing whether climate change is real, it’s even past what we can do to mitigate it in time to avoid major instabilities, civil wars, mass migration, and food shortages. The conversation the adults in the room are having now is: how do we deal with the consequences and who do we save?”

    Ha! I’m laughing because it’s already obvious. It’s called the LIFE program you dunderheads. I’m waaaay ahead of everyone.

    I’ll be sure to have the instructions inscribed on my headstone, how about that?


    It does not matter which ‘advanced western democracy’ you live in, the economic system was hijacked by banks centuries ago, was hijacked by corporations over a century ago, and was hijacked by so-called economists nearly a century ago -their version of economics being an utter travesty of the original meaning

    Governments act as agents for banks and corporations, and foist the absurd notions and bizarre theories of economist on the general populace, whilst encouraging opportunists to game the system if such opportunists are members if the right ‘club’.

    More-or-less complete destruction of most natural systems in inevitable because the system demands it. And anyone who seriously challenges the system gets ignored, persecuted, and then annihilated (in that order).

    I have been through stages one and two, and decided to stop before I got too close to stage three because I live in a ‘slave camp’ in which the vast majority of inmates are oblivious of their condition and regard anyone who can see the truth as something of a ‘nutter’.

    That said, it is becoming blatantly obvious to increasing numbers of people around here that the system is failing.

    Because NZ is perceived to be a good place to run to -perhaps even THE place to run to- immigration has surged (there were times in the not-too-distant past when NZ lost population, mostly to Australia, but that trend it definitely reversing as the Australian economy languishes under the new regime of depressed commodity prices, and climate change delivers ever worse weather extremes).

    The current rate of immigration to NZ is just over 70,000 a year (versus a more normal level of 5,000 to 20,000 a year) and the government will do nothing about it because the government is dependent on house and other construction to maintain employment and tax revenue. And of course, government ministers and MPs in general, have their snouts in the property speculation trough.

    Although continuing destabilization of the earth’s geochemistry is THE major issue of the times, the destabilization has not yet reached the point of becoming utterly catastrophic, and until it does governments will do nothing to address climate change, and will continue to promote everything that makes it rapidly worse -worshiping the consumption ‘god’.

    Energy is the key to everything: without energy nothing happens. And the entire economic-social-political system is dependent on fossil fuels which peaked in quality decades ago and generally peaked in net energy return (EROEI) long ago. Increases in the efficiency of use (lighter cars constructed of thinner metal and plastics, and more efficient engines etc.) have allowed the economic system to persist well beyond its ‘use-by date’, but matters are coming to a head with respect to energy, and I personally thing we will witness a great unravelling within 5 years, possibly 3 years in some locations.

    I know someone who has personal connection with the oil service sector (drilling, fracking etc.) and bills are not being paid because ‘no one’ is making any serious money when oil is priced at the current level.

    WTI $48.61
    Brent $52.68

    In fact, oil majors are slowly going broke.

    On the other hand, the scumbags who are in control of the global system are well aware that high oil prices ‘demolish’ the system, so they have to keep oil prices depressed to prevent immediate economic implosion.

    I have had little time to participate here recently because it is the peak of the harvest season. Also, after many years on my own, I met a delightful, hardworking and compassionate woman a few weeks ago, and if there is one thing a man needs more than money it is a delightful, hardworking and compassionate woman.


    Good for you. I’m with a great woman, and know the value of having someone like this in your life (absolutely priceless).

    The lack of interest in issues that matter in America (and probably the rest of the world) continues to stun my ability to comprehend. I’ve sat through some more documentaries on Netflix for example, and the message is the same as ever: consume more, embrace the techno-wizardry future – we promise, it’ll be great. By any and all means possible.

    Actually watched my only television channel last night, the Jimmy Kimmel show (not sure of spelling). What I noticed the most however was the 12 – 15 commercials between each segment. All designed for morons and idiots, geared towards a 12 year old mentality. The disconnect from life, nature and experience was tremendous. Not the message the advertisers wanted you to notice I’m sure, but I noticed.

    There is this odd and strange desire to distance oneself from any connection to the real world. Sanitized homes and offices, artificial constructs and fake experiences of life and living that has nothing natural within them. Each commercial I saw (and there must have been nearly 100 in the one hour show) was like that.

    As a kid, I watched television. Commercials used to be 3-5 at a time as I recall. And they didn’t pander too much to idiots, they respected their audience (unlike today). Today, the propaganda and brainwashing is at an unbelievable level. This represent corporate America and how they cater to the brainwashed masses.

    I’ve come to realize that I see the world very differently then most people do. I unplugged myself long ago and refused participation in many areas and venues. This caused a perception change. Then, many years later, when I deliberately ‘re-exposed’ myself to what the current programming is, I find it really offensive and shocking.

    I can only imagine what someone from the 50’s or even further back in time would have to say about our world.

    The agenda seems to keep up the false paradigm of connedsumption, technology, privilege and indifference to the real, suffering, horribly impacted world. All fueled by fossil fuels and indebtedness as “freedom” and “happiness”. Fiat money, fractional reserve banking and “borrowed money for happiness” as the world’s populations sell their souls to the devil.

    I got out of debt long ago and steadfastly refuse to go back (except for medical bills, which I didn’t have any until last year). I’ve been “encouraged” to rejoin the debtor slaves many times, but refuse. People think that is strange – I think it is stranger still to be sucked into the vortex and claim it’s all normal (or better).

    I’ve been in discussion with Food Assets on what to do here. It is perfectly clear there is almost no interest in the topics and points I bring to the blog. It is also perfectly clear to us that we have reached the end of the line. Abandoning the blog and the country to self-indulgence, indifference and ultimately, starvation is “on the table” now. I’ve no doubt at all that as the future continues to worsen, there will be deep, deep regret on all fronts that people did not listen to the advisors who issued the warnings. But that does not have any relevance to what is happening today, right now.

    We’ve reached the end of the line. I sold my toolbox the other day which helped me out some. More belonging will go up on the chopping block. The massive “downturn” in the entire preparedness meme has meant a stupendous lack of support, sales and interest in anything related. I stupidly thought that as the climate worsened, people would clearly respond (correctly). I was dead wrong and admit it. They’ve mostly gone in the opposite direction now. It seems that after Trump got elected, it was okay to shut down critical thinking and await “making America great again”.

    So far, I’ve seen absolutely nothing but worse from the Trump Administration. They claim the economy is improving, but I’ve seen no evidence of this at all. The attack upon science, reason, education, immigration, climate and more, all in favor of corporate America and Big Business has not provided anything at all for Americans that I can see. I still don’t have health insurance. I’ve still haven’t seen anybody with any more money. But I have seen a constant, continued decline as these planet-raping monsters slobber over how to divide up the remaining resources.

    Fuck these assholes. I’d shove a hot poker right up their ass if I could. “Little” America is suffering more and more now. Trump has utterly betrayed his promises in my opinion, but I don’t expect anything from politicians except more lies. These whores would do anything to stay in office. They’re busy screwing over the world as fast as they can.

    We need a revolution on a massive scale. But the apathy is so pervasive now, so deep, that it will simply never happen.


      People have been talking about revolution for a number of years. I mentioned to word to a politician over a decade ago, not in terms of physical revolt but a change in mindset: it hasn’t happened yet, though the survey which ranked who New Zealanders trust and ranking city/district/regional councils very poorly and politicians and government ministers around 6 to 8% trustworthiness ty suggests a kind of revolution is underway, even if people continue to consume their own progeny’s futures.

      Interestingly, Russell Brand’s book ‘Revolution’ didn’t trigger much of a revolution….and Russell Brand seems to have gone into semi-retirement while he waits for things to get bad enough to trigger one.

      By the way, Robert Atack gave up on the ‘generally dumb public’ in 2013, not updating his website but not closing it either…..just subsidizing it from income earned elsewhere I assume.

      It sure would be a pity to lose what for me is the best place to discuss the issues of the times, but I fully understand the ongoing situation. I went through a long period of low income, and cut my costs accordingly.

      Interestingly, the guy who interviewed me a decade ago for local television (shut down soon after) rang me this morning and asked for a comment to be aired on radio with respect to

      “Beds Are Burning”

      Out where the river broke
      The bloodwood and the desert oak
      Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
      Steam in forty five degrees

      The time has come
      To say fair’s fair
      To pay the rent
      To pay our share

      The time has come
      A fact’s a fact
      It belongs to them
      Let’s give it back

      How can we dance
      When our earth is turning
      How do we sleep
      While our beds are burning

      How can we dance
      When our earth is turning
      How do we sleep
      While our beds are burning

      The time has come
      To say fair’s fair
      To pay the rent
      Now to pay our share

      Four wheels scare the cockatoos
      From Kintore East to Yuendemu
      The western desert lives and breathes
      In forty five degrees

      The time has come
      To say fair’s fair
      To pay the rent
      To pay our share

      The time has come
      A fact’s a fact
      It belongs to them
      Let’s give it back

      How can we dance
      When our earth is turning
      How do we sleep
      While our beds are burning

      How can we dance
      When our earth is turning
      How do we sleep
      While our beds are burning

      The time has come
      To say fair’s fair
      To pay the rent now
      To pay our share

      The time has come
      A fact’s a fact
      It belongs to them
      We’re gonna give it back

      How can we dance
      When our earth is turning
      How do we sleep
      While our beds are burning’

      However his focus was the Exxon Valdez disaster -which I pointed out was a product of the economic system, which required oil to be extracted where it can be, and transported to centres of population.

      We are definitely close to the long-anticipated Great Turning, but not quite there yet.

      Maybe the thing to do is to close the blog to cut expenses, and perhaps return when the coin toss that keeps delivering ‘the face of apathy and denial’ lands with the face ‘shit, now what am I going to do’ exposed.

      I ceased activism around 3 years ago when it was clear that ‘they were not listening’. However, all the groundwork has been done and I’ll be back with a vengeance fairly soon, I suspect.


    Have been a longtime lurker.

    Unfortunately, I’ve found myself in the position of having two dysfunctional parents who need/ expect taken care of (yet another of our cultural screw ups) & haven’t worked out how to walk away & leave them to it – it’s not in my nature.

    Like everyone here, I’ve tried engaging with others around me but no one’s really that interested & generally think I’m nuts.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve very much appreciated your take on things & for managing to keep this blog going for so long.

    My best wishes & good luck.



      Hi – I remember you, think you mentioned this once to me before.

      Thanks for the kinds words. You’re doing the right thing, all we have in the end is the ones we love.