Feb 132017

Two short articles I’ll ask you to read: People in Hong Kong are moving into 20-square-foot ‘coffin homes’ to save money

Also read this: Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income: ‘It’s going to be necessary’

The future revealed. Unchecked growth, overpopulation and dwindling resources (same as now, just worse).

If any of us are alive in twenty years, you could expect to be living as a refugee. Perhaps you’ll have a monthly stipend to ‘support’ you, but probably not. Most likely, you’ll be living in crowded encampments where crime, disease, hunger and competition for basic resources will be a daily fight for survival. There’s going to be a lot of dead bodies lying around.

The future isn’t going to be better. It’s going to be much, much worse – precisely because we are unable to restrain ourselves.

If you pay close attention here, you will see this unrestrained appetite everywhere you look. You’ll also notice a corresponding decline in basic human rights, freedom, space and opportunity too.

What happened in Hong Kong will happen here in our crowded cities.

I can’t even imagine this kind of existence, which it isn’t. No life of your own, not even a pretense of personal privacy or hardly a pot to piss in. A nearly unimaginable horror already being realized, and yet… nothing is going to avoid this for millions of people, unless civilization itself manages to collapse.

If you want to know the future – just look now. The species isn’t going to change its ways. Innovation just means more, faster and faster with humans, animals, spaces and life itself being pushed aside to make ‘room’ for the golden future the technologist, industrialist and business interests rape, plunder and pillage whatever is still left.

It’s a horror show.

And you’re living it.


I need to give up on the ‘survival’ meme, the idea that people are going to take interest in their own personal preparations. They’re not.

I also need to give up on the hope that people will finally come around to the extreme danger they are already in. They won’t.

Other things I need to give up:

That people will stop doing what they are told.

That they will learn to think for themselves.

That they will hold those who speak untruths accountable.

It’s 2017 and quite frankly, I’m not enjoying the show anymore. This theater of the absurd is filled with idiots and morons, liars and thieves, indifferent and apathetic zombies devouring all the popcorn, soda, candy and hot dogs they can find, poisoning their brains and tossing their trash everywhere, while wildly cheering the on-screen ‘hero’ for more bad acting and a poorly written script. It’s yet another rerun which we’ve all seen before. Nothing changes, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

No, I am not depressed. Just disgusted.

It’s always a horror show, it’s the only show in town no matter where you live.

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    The bankers’ Ponzi scheme requires continuous expansion of population and continuous expansion of consumption. Corporations prefer continuous expansion of population and continuous expansion of consumption. Banks and corporations control governments. Therefore, no action will be taken to restrain overpopulation or restrain consumption; indeed both will be vigorously encouraged by governments, corporations and banks until banks universally fail and cannot be bailed-out or bailed-in by governments.

    Anyone who talks sense will continue to be marginalised or vilified.


      Sea level rise will destroy the global economy. Nearly all sea ports in the world will be ruined and there are no adaption efforts underway (that I’ve been able to identify). This will collapse the global economy and nearly every country, including yours and the US. China might be ok, and perhaps Russia, but our economy is totally dependent upon shipping and the movement of goods.

      Fiat money will forever be in our future until computers are eliminated (not going to happen) and the move the digital currency will continue, but I don’t buy the cashless society claims anymore, there will always be a market demand for cash.


    Well we could put an end to this stuff, but no one is willing to do it. All you have to do is take your money out of the bank and either put it under a mattress or buy gold with it. If we have deflation, you’ll want cash, inflation gold. It’s pretty simple really. Yet, here we are. Pretty much sums it all up – people are too stupid or too lazy to take any action. So as far as I can tell, we are going to get what we deserve.


      Well, I think you know that I’m definitely not a fan of gold (or silver). I’d like to see a non-monetary society to be honest (no money at all).

      But I realize that we’re just kidding ourselves. Nothing of substance is going to be done, ever. Humans are going to screw everything in the end, even themselves. Asking people to stop or take interest or help out is almost a complete waste of life now.

      I’ve never been one to settle for ‘too little’. But I am giving up on expecting anything.


    Counterintuitive: Global Hydropower Boom Will Add to Climate Change

    There is no such thing as “green energy”. All forms of energy creation are derivatives of fossil fuel burning.

    With energy consumption always going up, greenhouse gases will always go up (and stay there for 1,000 years), accumulating to the point where we wipe ourselves out with an atmosphere that become literally toxic to life (trapping heat and changing its chemical composition, causing ocean acidification, etc.).

    I know this is old – but “more” is not “better”. It’s WORSE. Some f’n day, the idiots in charge may finally have to admit to this.


    Nah – they all think they’ll upload their consciousness to a cyborg and then travel the galaxy.


    You may be on to something with this civil war thing. If the intelligence community keeps leaking information and successfully has Trump impeached, then look out below.


    We are used to seeing reports of massive fires in Australia and the USA, but out-of-control fires are more-or-less unknown in NZ.

    However, the weird weather patterns this year have resulted in the west side being cool and wet, and the east side being hot and dry.

    Now parts of Christchurch (still not recovered from the major earthquakes of 6 years ago because certain people in high places are more interested in making profits than providing for the needs of people) are burning, and a state of emergency has been declared.


    Here, in what is normally the hottest period of the year, it’s another cool day with a maximum of about 22oC and yet more rain forecast.


    ‘Canadian glaciers now major contributor to sea level change, UCI study shows

    Nine times more ice is melting annually due to warmer temperatures’



    Lots to learn here, including a few “I told you so” points – The rationale for accelerating regionally focused climate intervention research

    Actually, what this paper contains is SCARY AS SHIT if you take the time understand it.

    Oh, if that didn’t perk your interest, this just might: Climate effects of a hypothetical regional nuclear war: Sensitivity to emission duration and particle composition



    “warming and overall weather and climate disruption appear to be intensifying more rapidly than expected while the international community is moving more slowly away from fossil fuels than is needed to avoid potentially catastrophic and irreversible environmental and societal impacts”.

    And on an “it’s getting worse” note


    And shame on us for not giving a damn…just awful


    And civil war and/or nuclear war just around the corner?


    But everything is awesome!!! – new DOW/S&P/NASDAQ record highs



    You may have already posted this, but DUH…
    Study: Civilization Doomed by Overconsumption, Wealth Inequality (Infographic)
    Advanced societies frequently collapse unless steps are taken to regulate resource consumption and economic stratification.