Feb 122017

I’ve made a decision on what to do with the blog – public viewing is restored, and I’m giving up on the proposed mandatory participation. Regarding new blog posts – I don’t know yet.

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    That all seems very sensible to me.

    On the other hand, the culture we are surrounded by is completely mad.



    Great decision — but please keep posting your commentaries. Everything you write provides a unique perspective on the issues that can’t be found elsewhere, and you just might start waking more of the dead up by going public.

    Do we still log in?


    The Day of the Triffids was great. We would be lucky to collapse that way. More than likely, there will be a lot of shooters with eye sight, at least here in ‘Merica. Those other issues are very real though, including how to farm at a scale to feed oneself or many others when you are starting with no information on how to do so. Wyndham kind of glances over that part in the book. There would definitely be some saved capital to take advantage of for awhile, but at least in the U.S. it would be under armed watch more than likely unless the devastation was extraordinarily fast. I think some could make it – probably through luck of location and available resources at that lucky site.


    Yes, you still log in for commentary.

    I’m watching the dam failure in California with interest. Readers don’t know, but I wrote the original reporting software for some of the dams in California. I called it the Structural Integrity Report Information System (SIRIS). The Oroville dam was not a part of this.

    The software tracked the various instrumentation used to detect dam leakage, water flows, deflection and so forth at Shasta, Trinity, Whiskeytown, Keswick and I actually forget the rest of the dams involved. Essentially, it was for the Sacramento River / Central Valley Project flows.

    So from this experience, I know that all dams leak. A lot. But the leakage is managed by the design of the dam and monitored for abnormal conditions. The inflows in the CVP of late have been absolutely huge. It is my opinion that none of the dams in California were designed for extreme inflows (climate change). So what we are seeing right now are climate change refugee situation (being enacted as emergency measures).

    This will be repeated as extreme weather events occur with more frequency and severity.

    Yet the message is still not getting through. I’ve said this before, it will probably take many deaths for people to finally wake up. The anger and even panic people are expressing is misplaced – they’ve had ample opportunity to prepare ahead of time for just this sort of emergency but almost nobody has. A lot of this anger is misplaced in my opinion. Everybody should have had an emergency plan in place complete with emergency provisions and an escape route. Know what to do if your area / region is impacted by anything. Don’t assume your going to be taken care of.

    But that didn’t happen and public officials are scrambling to accommodate this disaster.

    Related and important – Food Assets has not seen a single sale since January. No inquiries, no phone calls, virtually nothing (except one scammer who tried to use a stolen credit card about a week ago). The point being people STILL don’t understand that theire own lack of responsibility and taking the initiative for what could happen to them STILL isn’t sinking in, even though there is nationwide coverage of this current emergency.

    It’s fucking weird. It’s as if stupid has taken hold and caused massive disbelief and denial and “it can’t happen here or to me” even thought it is happening. Thousands of (temporary) climate change refugees already in 2017 right here. More to come no doubt, as there will be more effects and more disasters.

    Our world and especially our country is completely mad.


    No doubt there is a high inverse correlation between the stock market and food preparedness. It seems the more fascist we become, the higher the stock market goes. It seems the faker the news, the higher the stock market goes. Everything is managed for perception while reality continues to poke holes in the perception, yet only a few notice and even fewer are pointing it out (such as SAB).