Action Is The Antidote

Two articles that reveal increasing violence as it relates to resources and climate change:

“A sense of despair”: The mental health cost of unchecked climate change

Study on prehistoric violence published

I seriously doubt that the meaning of these reports is being fully grasped. This is a topic that I’ve given a lot of consideration and planning. In my attempted discussions with other people on these points (violence and resource competition), I’ve almost never found anyone else who has really thought this through and how it effects the present and future of civilization.[...] Read More

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Tide Rising

A very welcome (and timely) donation from Charles (France) of $400 was received! Thank you Charles!

I was planning on closing down the blog and shutting off the Internet at the end of this month, but this has made it possible for me to keep the lights on here for a while longer.
Two books were passed into my hands to read, which I’d like to recommend:[...] Read More

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Climate Change Will Devastate Civilization

I’ve issued an alert to whoever will find this and take the time to read it: Climate Change Will Devastate Civilization

Every day, I’m trying to digest more and more articles on climate change, sea level rise and environmental collapse. I can’t keep up. It’s usually about 50 – 70 articles a day pouring in. If ever there was a time to start screaming and sounding the alarm bells, it’s right now.[...] Read More

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I’ve made a decision on what to do with the blog – public viewing is restored, and I’m giving up on the proposed mandatory participation. Regarding new blog posts – I don’t know yet.

Copyright Notice: No portion of this web site, information, articles, books or material may be copied in any form without prior written permission of the publisher. © All Rights Reserved.[...] Read More

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