You Will Either Live Through This, or You Will Die Because Of It. But You Will Not Be Able To Ignore It.

The large majority of people from scientists to policy makers addressing the issue of climate change still assert that we can stop global heating by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. But is this a fact or an unsupported assumption?

Why is it reasonable to assume that we can still stop global heating & the resultant climate changes, which some estimate could be the largest climate change event in 50 million years, and will end civilization as we’ve known it even with a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, let alone 50% by 2050?

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Food Trafficking The Biggest Business in Venezuela

With much of the country on the verge of starvation and billions of dollars at stake, food trafficking has become one of the biggest businesses in Venezuela, the AP found. And from generals to foot soldiers, the military is at the heart of the graft, according to documents and interviews with more than 60 officials, business owners and workers, including five former generals.

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Review: 10 Most Important Climate Stories of 2016

This is the time of year when bloggers and websites will publish their 2016 Year in Review, Photo essays and other dubious human “achievements” for 2016. I am not going to bother because by and large, it’s all bullshit. Under-reporting our global crisis is not what I do.

I like Climate Central, so this isn’t a slight against their efforts. But it is very, very important that we not get enamored with bogus “achievements” (hopium) that do not accomplish what is claimed. So here are the 10 Most Important Climate Stories of 2016 from Climate Central.

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The bells are tolling

Here’s an editorial from a foreign source – obviously “they get it”. Or do they? On one hand, it’s game-over, but then like most articles today, they immediately start backtracking on their own comments. Bolded by me for emphasis, commentary in brackets [mine].

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24 Hours of Climate News

How climate change transformed the Earth in 2016 – Food and coffee failures, coral reef collapse and more.

Zimbabwe: Zim Response to Climate Change Will Determine Economic Direction  – 75% maize crop failure, effects of climate change already severe.

Dipshit Scott Walker’s repetitive disrespect for environment, climate change reality  – Ruining the future ever faster.

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US Brig Gen Stephen Cheney: Climate Change Could Lead To Humanitarian Crisis Of Unimaginable Proportions

US Brig Gen Stephen Cheney: Climate Change Could Lead To Humanitarian Crisis Of Unimaginable Proportions

Where will these displaced peoples go? What will they eat? What sorts of conflicts will be set off by their movements? What sort of lazy scapegoating and projection (both on the side of non-displaced and also displaced peoples) will we see? What sorts of cultural conflicts can we expect?

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Dream Solutions Into Reality (or not)

Ok, ok. Everybody here already knows I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I just stumbled across something that makes me really shake my head in wonder. It’s called and I found it while researching climate change articles, such as this one here – Climate Change Unanimous & Effective Solutions 2028.

There’s no content. None, zip, nada. It’s a concept apparently, an idea. That requires funding of course. Ok then, so far, so good… I’ll bite. Let’s see what they’re offering there.

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As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms

As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms

I’ve never really thought that the connections between soil, temperature, water, weather and seasonal variability were well appreciated by the general population. Most of us live highly insulated lives from the outside world. What food is produced is done by others, our role in this is simply a visit to the grocery store.

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My Gift To You

Rolling Stone magazine has a new article featuring James Hansen: Will We Miss Our Last Chance to Save the World From Climate Change?

Hansen is another scientist, who having done a tremendous amount of work informing the world on climate change, does not believe his own data or the conclusion it means.

He does admit that even reforestation and improved agriculture practices won’t work, but at the same time advocates carbon-taxes to be given back to the peasants in a fantasy move of combating climate change and thus lowering individual carbon footprints. As if that would be enough now, or would even work because it certainly won’t.

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I was recently asked by a young woman what my definition of freedom was. I thought for a moment and replied, “Without coercion”. She got quiet and pondered the meaning of what I meant.

I do not support the State. Coercion is a defining principle in any controlling entity. I recognize the need for the State, but that does not change my opinion about it. The State is most likely the logical outcome of a coercive and combined effort of former individuals who established their definitions of “common interests”. It is self-perpetuating, generation after generation, an entity unto itself, but neither alive or dead.

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Blog Notice

Welcome to all who have recently visited this blog.

Non-participation here reached a critical level after years of declining returns. There will be a change of content, intention and goals.

You do not have my permission to share my posts, commentary, opinions or research anywhere else. You can invite anyone you want to register here whom you think may benefit from the information and material presented here.

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Watch this video. This is what is keeping you alive. This is the lifeblood of civilization.

It’s called oil. And it isn’t going to go away, no matter how many idiotic scribblers there are claiming otherwise.

This is why we will fail to save ourselves. Be sure to turn on your speakers for the narration.

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Information Victims

I’ve always had issues with the so-called “right wing” spreading lies and falsehoods. They’ve reacted to all the fake news articles that have recently come out, targeting them and their websites.

But there is of course, as one would reasonably expect, no end to the fake news from these sources. They always have to “up the ante” in a gigantic bluff of hysteria and distraction.

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National Connedsumer Day Nearly Here

National connedsumer day is nearly here again. I won’t be celebrating, as I never do. I did brave the misery monkey’s briefly, making a mad dash for more victuals for the winter. It was jammed packed. Cashiers always wish me a merry xmas, but I never really know what to say in return. It’s not xmas. It’s not anything, certainly not the birthday of Christ, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. But it is national connedsumer day, which for whatever reason, is widely celebrated.

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What Humans Have Done

Some of you may have seen this, but consider the “other” side of this story that the video fails to mention.

The title is “What would happen if humans disappeared“, but it should have been “What humans have done.”

The video is highly inaccurate with regards to the Earth recovering from our pollution. It would only be true in a perfectly re-balanced world (where the energy imbalance does not exist) – which will not happen for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Ocean Apocalypse Now

Jeremy Jackson Senior Scientist Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution and Professor of Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Mean sea level rise of 13′ – 14′ feet in a couple of years when the West Antarctic Ice Sheet disintegrates @27 minute mark. This video should be watched all the way through.

Posted here before, but more important now then ever. Things are even worse now.

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The Politics of Pretend

Arctic News: Over 20 Of The Most Terrifying Images on 2016 (already posted in the recent comments, but I didn’t have the rest of this article ready).

Warning of 10°C increases within 10 years fails all calls to action. It’s been clear for some time now that nothing will cause us to act, so let me discuss this observation:

There is a lot of talk of what it is going to mean to scientists, Americans and the world at large to live under the Trump Administration. Within climate, environmental and human rights groups, there is a plenty of hand-wringing, finger pointing and complaining going on right now (where WERE you people two years ago?).

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Scientists “too frightened” to tell truth on climate impacts

“Professor Wadhams told Climate News Network that colleagues “were too frightened of their jobs or losing their grants to spell out what was really happening”. He said it makes him very angry that they are failing in their duty through timidity.” Scientists Too Frightened To Tell The Truth

They know it is happening, but they do not want to frighten the horses [alarm people]. It is bordering on the dishonest, he says.”

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