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The Julian Assange article I wrote got picked up by Reddit and a few other websites, resulting in 7,000 views already. Not a record for this blog, but a big spike nonetheless. Whoever did this, thank you.

There has still been no proof of life. Even his lawyer was denied access during the so-called “interview” conducted at the Embassy (and to me, she looked very nervous and her body language evidenced dishonesty). Even the Swedish investigator was denied access to Assange. Questions were passed through an Ecuadorian official, so to date (still), nobody has actually seen Assange and can prove it. All very strange and high weirdness. But it all makes sense if my theory proves true regarding his status and whereabouts (see comment section on link above). I also think I know what Pam Anderson’s involvement really is.

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Electoral College and the Rise of The Inorganic Protests

CNN has an article depicting the effort to block America’s Electoral College vote on December 19. Technically, President-elect Trump isn’t chosen yet, until the Electoral College casts their votes.

These ‘anonymous’ (not, we can easily find out who they are) voters are trying to be persuaded to change their vote on December 19th. This has happened many times before as the article shows, with ‘faithless’ voters switching their vote. But it’s never changed the outcome.

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The Bad News, The Worse News and The Trump News

It’s not written in stone yet – Trump’s picks, but this is shaping up for America as bad news and worse news (more of the same, only worse):

Meet Team Trump

Well, at least we’ll all finally get this “show” on the road (towards our annihilation and the extinction of all life on the planet).

But it’s not definite yet, that is to say, who Trump finally picks. So for the rest of you, there is some hope. It may not be that bad (but it probably is).

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Now For Some Common Sense Opinion & Facts

I like putting up videos that depict some common sense. This one qualifies:

Hmmm, now failing to show up. Youtube is owned by Google, who endorsed Hillary, who also censors the Internet and search results.

Well, there it is again. Very strange. Google does seem to be very erractic lately, I’ve been trying to solve site issues all day for the same thing (appearing / disappearing results). Never did solve it.

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The Scary Delusions Developing

For those that are interested in how the Democrats have responded to Tuesday’s upset, well it’s all over the news. But there is a lot more going on then this.

This is an article that actually reads like an Onion satire – but it’s not:

It’s been a magical and truly unforgettable eight years under President Obama’s leadership. Our economy has recovered from one of the worst financial crises in US history, thousands of jobs have been created in our booming service sector, our stock market has made record highs month after month, healthcare has become affordable and available to all, Bin Laden has been brought to justice, and Libya has been freed from Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule.  Things Obama Needs to Do Before His Term Ends

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