The Real Threat Explained

Much has been written about the escalating methane threat.

I’d like to clear something up regarding this topic: There is no threat and there never was. A threat is something that that “is likely to cause damage”. Calling methane a threat is erroneous and entirely incorrect. There is no threat.

Methane eruptions have occurred on Earth 11 times (known). Each time this has caused global massive extinctions. A rise in temperature always preceded the release of methane. Methane then drove the temperatures even higher, past biosphere survival. Extinctions were widespread, each time wiping out most life on Earth.

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Climate Manifesto

Pretty sure I’ve not published this link before: Climate Manifesto. Plenty there to get your doom on for the weekend. The gist of it is it’s bad and it’s going to get worse, and all of our dickering around pretty much ensures our extinction.

A few comments: There is no saving civilization. I’m pretty sure that there are already survival “caves” being constructed (I’ve been invited). I also don’t agree with several most of the action plan points. Their weak, ineffective and wrong-headed and will fail to accomplish enough.

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Cell Phones Are Carcinogenic

From Mother Jones: “Game-Changing” Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

I’ve always believed this, having investigated the published literature some years ago. I turned off all wireless devices in my office and home and switched to a headset whenever I could.

Now we get to watch the cellphone industry continue to deny and obfuscate these claims. Pretty much par for the course. Industry categorically refuses to accept any responsibility (until forced at the point of a judge and multiple lawsuits) that “they” are responsible for any health effects, including electromagnetic “pollution”.

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Alien Thoughts on Our Chances of Survival

This should get your attention:

The author defines sustainability as the condition that must be developed globally for humanity to flourish until technology advances extraterrestrial travel that will allow migration to another planet once conditions here deteriorate. The emphasis is on anthropogenic climate change caused primarily by changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere due to dominant use of fossil fuels. Energy and sustainability, from the point of view of environmental physics

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Funny how some things are so synchronistic. Today, I was outside weeding the pathway to my greenhouse. This year, I’ve tended to ignore this, but with all the rain, it was a good time to yank the buggers up. The job is easy, but not anymore. This activity aggravates the snot out of my stenosis, but I did it anyway.

While bent over, my thoughts wandered back between the task at hand and what I’ve been doing here. What was the point? The weeds would come back, but like the rampant stupidity that I often rail against, little progress is actually made. The are more births occurring faster then enlightened minds… It does not seem like there is any ‘progress’ being made anymore.

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If I Were The Devil

If I were the devil, I’d fabricate a story about man, his creation, his history and his claim to dominance over the world, other nations and other people. I would put the story in a collection of books, obscure its creation in history, and kill its detractors. I would wage war for the benefit of the believers, subjugating the entire world to its tenants and teachings.

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There’s No Money

An interesting article from the Atlantic, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans“.  Americans are not only broke and getting broker, they are “financially illiterate” – 65% of Americans. A huge percentage are so broke that even small sums are financially impossible for them. It’s an interested read.

Not mentioned is medical debt, which is odd since millions of people have been literally wiped out by medical costs. My recent Mayo Clinic experience destroyed me financially, creating massive debt, and my GoFundMe efforts (cancelled due to lack of interest) only came in at $2800. Prior to this, I had remained entirely debt free. Now I’m cancer free but struggling terribly.

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Seeds of Time

Netflix has the documentary on the desperate race to save the world’s seed biodiversity in the film “Seeds Of Time”, one man’s quest to save the world’s future food supply.

If you’re a member, I suggest you watch it.

93% of crop varieties in the United States have gone extinct since 1903. This little known fact really caught my attention, because only today I read were Bayer is considering buying Monsanto, the world’s most hated company, which would reduce the number of GMO seed companies down to just 6. The relationship between heritage crops and seeds and GMO food is actually a race, with the “winner” to become one of the most valuable assets on the planet.

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Money Will Not Stop Runaway Climate Change

I want to dispel a widely held myth:

Money will not stop climate change.  You heard it here first (afaik).

Anthropogenic climate change (human caused) is the physical result of economic activity (growth). Every nation on Earth continues to pursue economic growth.

I recently read some ridiculous comments about spending money to ‘combat climate change’. This won’t work. Spending money (economic activity) anywhere will only contribute to climate change.

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Nuke Map

Here’s a map for all you doomers out there – get your weekend doom on: Nuke Map

This thing allows you to play around with all kinds of settings and sizes and locations.

Zoom out to find your location or area.

It’s apparently pretty popular to blow shit up. There are 75.9 million detonations and counting so far.

Oh, if this bores you, there is even a 3D version available, here (uses Google Earth). You can even find your own house on this map.

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Everyone In America Is Going To Become A Survivalist

Looks like we may see a blue ocean event this year (from Arctic News):


Another graph of interest – U.S. Bee Keepers lost 44 percent of their bees in 2015 – 2016 (from Desdemona Despair):


Shaping up to be a devastating year. The loss of Arctic sea ice will be a “first” in human history and will set the Arctic on fire (too hot) and the surrounding ocean, warming up the rest of the planet even faster, accelerating methane hydrates and permafrost melt and raising ocean temperatures even more. The Jet Stream will become even more erratic then it already is, dumping huge storms in different places as the hydrological cycle goes absolutely ape-shit. Increasing atmospheric moisture will go even higher.

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Mass Die Off Events Begin

Leave it to the American media to ignore most of these stories, or simply fail to connect the dots. As you read the articles, realize that the “mystery” of “why” this is happening is being deliberately ignored or glossed over. Red algae is caused by warming water. Warming water is caused by climate change.

The water is warming far ahead of the habitability of the animals that live there, impacting their food supply and oxygen levels.

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Denying Reality Means Disaster

Serious, serious development now unfolding in the Arctic… the ice is rapidly disappearing and then all that incredible heat goes directly into the world’s oceans… accelerating devastating storms, wildlife deaths, plankton die-off, oxygen levels dropping, etc. Summer 2016 will be either ice-free or nearly so, and that means RAPID AND DANGEROUS ACCELERATION of climate related events WORLDWIDE.

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