No More Food

It’s been obvious for years that the world’s food supply is at severe risk from climate change and other effects, including drought, severe weather and infestation. The same situation applies to the world’s oceans which are nearly out of fish.

Global Fisheries Are Collapsing

What is astounding is how very little aware people are of these collapsing food sources. The world will flat run out of things to eat sometime in our lifetimes, but very little is being done. And it appears (to me) that almost nobody even cares.

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Open Thread – Surfing the Apocalypse

If anyone wants to post links or news bits, here you go.

Climate scientists continue to be “shocked” with a serious “wow” factor thrown in at the rapidly escalating melt / temperature acceleration globally. Personally, I don’t find this particularly newsworthy, it was already well known that 2016 would be “the worst ever” for the world’s climate and rising seas.

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