You’ve got a decade (maybe) – July 2012. Another prescient post covering (s)Election, climate, collapse. Winter 2016 shows the lowest sea ice in human history, with ice melting even in winter. Not yet a “blue ocean event” but getting closer. Albedo will trigger total catastrophe and cascading events.

Why (s)Election 2012 Does Not Matter – November 2012. Funny how accurate this post turned out to be. Right now, rabid fever is overtaking many “supporters” of this side or that. And there is a LOT of violence being exhibited. It’s all rather pathetic because none of this is going to make any difference at all – but now they’ve got us attacking each other. Dumb. We are indeed at yet another “crossroads” and the “anointed one” to come will definitely make things worse or at best, just delay the worst (a bit). It won’t get better. But a lot of people are once again, falling for the propaganda. Just like they always do, every four years. Every day. Rinse, wash, repeat. Wake up people, there is far more to life and living then this.

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Engineering Collapse .vs. Planetary Survival Strategies

I do not believe that we are going to “solve” the climate crisis (even marginally) for the following reasons:

a) Humans are poorly suited to coping with large-scale emergencies. Short-term and instant gratification has overtaken long-term efforts towards solutions.

b) We have still failed to grasp the true significance (scale, scope, resources and energy required) of the issues, to try and solve the many interconnected problems we’ve caused.

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Arctic 18F Above Normal

From Record-Shattering February Warmth Bakes Alaska, Arctic 18°F Above Normal –

“It was so hot last month that large parts of the Arctic averaged more than 18°F (10°C) above normal.”

And something quite ominous – Arctic News is predicting extreme jumps in temperatures over land (surface of the Earth, not just the Arctic) that are unsurvivable in just ten years.

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R.I.P. Cupcake

I just had to shoot our cat. Went outside to check on the critters and couldn’t find him. Last night there was some kind of ‘altercation’ where the cats were howling at something. I got up and went to the window (which is what I usually do) to break it up. I didn’t see anything, but then again, I never do even when I go outside with a flashlight.

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Planetary Emergency

There is a growing sense of panic now being expressed within the climate change community. This panic is the result of rather alarming levels of warming occurring during Winter and the corresponding increase in extreme weather events, ice melt (yes, even in winter) and what some call, “the lateness of the hour” for a human response to global warming. To put it very simply, non-linear acceleration of climate related events is happening decades sooner then expected.

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TED Talk – The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

Want some more awareness (news) and some hope?

Worth watching: Al Gore: The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

My comments:

Al’s got nice energy levels and optimism (pun intended), but he failed to prove his case with a lot of distracting rhetoric. Still the politician I see.

Force of will is all well and good, but it’s got to be greater then the cause and effect, which absolutely MUST be addressed.

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Major Earthquake Prediction

If you’re not following some of the science blogs, you may not be aware of a major earthquake ‘prediction’ taking place right now for the west coast of America.

I’ve been following this – and have no clear thoughts on what might or might not happen. There has been a tremendous carbon monoxide spike (to over 40,0000 ppm) that is thought to proceed a major quake as there is evidence from past quakes and observations that this goes hand in hand. These observations can occur days, weeks or a even a few months before a big quake strikes (but don’t always happen).

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