The False Narrative #2

My apology to my readers and what I’m now witnessing – followup on censorship at Scribbler’s blog.

It’s very clear that there is no “one best source” for information. Certainly not here, I don’t have the skill or the time.

But I truly despise the false narrative(s) and illusions / deceptions that gets promoted, even within that “community” that I subscribe to (and those that I don’t) such as – (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7). There are many, many more on this blog like this and this.

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The Leading Cause of Death

I really am planning on taking a break here, but these are really important videos that every single person should watch and absorb. No reason not to share them now:

These videos are produced by (Dr. Gregor). I’ve zero affiliation with this website, but the information here is amazing, timely and urgent. Please find the time to watch them – they will change your life (for the better).

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The Walking Dead

The AMC channel featuring The Walking Dead has been a hit televison. series. I’ve been able to watch this on DVD and then a couple of the new episodes while in the hotel at the Mayo Clinic. I’ll miss the rest of the season until it’s out on DVD.

The analogy of The Walking Dead to America’s mindless zombies is quite profound. I’m finding this series fascinating because of its incredible analogy to how life really is. But I’m absolutely broke now and need to go find a way to make a living, so I won’t be back any time soon. But what I really want to do is start a revolution.

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Lost Tribes

Desdemona Despair has posted an interesting article, titled “Why are the lost tribes now emerging from the Amazon?“.

This is an interesting story. But it is always one that winds up ending badly.From the article:

“They may well be what we once were, but they quickly can become like us. For good or bad.”

We’re far removed from “what we once were”. We stomped it out of ourselves and everyone else in endless campaigns of bloody violence. The mold is to make everyone a corporate asset. Now to figure out how to do that to them (tourist attraction most likely).

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Glen Beck Skips A Meal

Glen Beck is ‘fasting’ for Ted Cruz.

Lets analyze this.  Hypocritical man fasts and prays to an the Invisible Sky God for another hypocritical man that wants to be President.  Both are rich. Both are famous. Both seek inordinate amounts of attention.

Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world…

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Will A Major Economic Crash Prevent Environmental Suicide?

Spotted this over on Radio EcoShock:

“This adds to my conviction that only a major economic crash can possibly stop civilization from environmental suicide.”

If you simply take the current trend of global environmental and political events into account (and nothing else such as doomerish predictions from any source, including science – just assess the current facts) it is perfectly obvious that nothing whatsoever will stop environmental suicide. Far, far too late for that. Not even a full-stop of civilization would stop this now.

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What follows is very graphic, depicting what was done on my shoulder and back. Don’t look if you are easily grossed out.

Below: Reconstruction begins. They made the hole bigger and got down to the scapula, removing muscle. Sorry for brief notes, one finger typing right now.


Scapula was exposed, removing muscle and fascia. This was necessary to get out all the DFSP.

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Shark Attack! Out Of Surgery

Well, it’s done.  Surgery went well. I’m typing with just one hand and will be for quite a while.

The surgery was pretty involved and took hours. My right hip is badly bruised from laying on the table for hours, and I don’t bruise easily.

The muscles on top of the scapula were removed and the bone exposed. This had to be done because of the remaining DFSP in that area. So it wound up being bone deep but not attached to the bone or underneath it.

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Moh’s Surgery

Today I had my Moh’s surgery. Actually, I had to have two of them. The first go-around didn’t make a large enough perimeter around the DFSP, so this had to be made larger. These two procedures took over 8 hours today. The lab has to test the removed specimens for cancer, so in between cutting operations, you just wait.

This is the first patch – we weren’t able to get a picture of the first surgery (undressed wound):

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Mayo Clinic Update #3

Well, another update on the Mayo Clinic visit. I was able to see the spine surgeon today, going over the new MRI from this morning and the new xrays taken. Good news: nothing has gotten any worse in 2+ years since the stem cells were injected which he thought was amazing. Whatever I’m doing must be right.  I attribute this to diet and exercise and maybe the stem cells I had injected in the lumbar epidural space.

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Mayo Clinic Update 2

Big changes for my cancer treatment. Now that I’m here at the Clinic, I’ve made the rounds between doctors, imaging and more doctors. This place is fantastic! Not like the treatment you get somewhere else in the so-called ‘real world’. That’s where you call in to make an appointment with your doctor and wait and wait, oftentimes weeks or even months to be seen, only to repeat the entire process again (and again) to see the next set of doctor(s) if your condition requires it (or not get any referrals at all). And the diagnosis / treatment that you may get may be terribly inadequate or even wrong. At least, that’s been my experience, so when I came here, I was a bit gun shy.

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Bernie Sanders – The One You Should Vote For

One of the disadvantages of sitting around in a hotel room is there isn’t much to do. So I did the absolutely unthinkable: I watched Fox News (a television station I truly despise for its sheer stupidity). And I did something else – I watched the ‘acceptance’ speeches of the Presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

All I can say is I’m nearly speechless. I’m also angry. Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Bush, et. al, are absolute IDIOTS. I can barely believe these candidates are what Americans think as “Presidential” material because they’re not. Phony, deceptive, lying frauds.

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Points To Ponder – The Terrifying Future Facing Humanity – The Meocene

If the Greenland ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why aren’t low-lying coastal regions preparing to move their infrastructure, businesses and homes?

If the Western Antarctic ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why isn’t humanity preparing for a flooded world?

If the Arctic ice cap is going to disappear (melt into the oceans), why are our global leaders still pretending that all of this isn’t a global emergency?

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The False Narrative

I’m done trying to post anything over on There has been a disturbing trend going on over there to scrub out any commentary that doesn’t fit the current ‘narrative’. I say current because Scribbler has very slowly come around to how bad things are getting and the rapid acceleration of climatic and other events. The narrative has changed in the last few years out of necessity. He, like many writers and probably all scientists these days, has had to constantly change their assessments as the real world crisis reveals itself to always be worse then expected. Nothing wrong with that. But what is wrong is the unwillingness to allow dissenting perspectives that appear to ‘challenge’ the present narrative.

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Lendman – Democracy in America, The World’s Greatest Hoax

I’m wasting my time here telling Americans what they do not want to hear. But I’m not alone. There are a lot of voices out there doing the same thing (and getting the same results).

Why can’t this country learn from its mistakes? a) Because we don’t want to? b) Because we’re brainwashed? c) Because the propaganda is now so thick and steady that there simply is nothing else? d) Because the system is now so controlled that there is no hope of any internal change or reform?

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To All Of My Supporters

I’ve just belatedly “discovered” that there have been about a dozen private messages of encouragement sent to me via the GoFundMe campaign that neither my wife or I were aware of.

These were sent to a private email account and I was not aware that they were even there until last night. I didn’t know that GoFundMe did this – I thought that all messaging was all done within their website (which we have seen) but the private comments some of you sent do not show up there, they came via email.

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Population Growth – How it Exploded Around the World

Spotted this over on Desdemona Despair: Population Growth – How the World Went 170 Million to 7.3 Billion

  • The map begins at 1:18, showing human population a little more than 2,000 years ago, with each yellow dot representing 1 million people in an area. At this point, there are 170 million people on Earth.
  • At 3:20, the Mongol invasion of China begins in the early 13th century, killing huge segments of the population. The Mongol conquests are still considered one of the deadliest wars in history, killing tens of millions of people at a time when the world population was much smaller — around 360 million.
  • At 3:30, in the 14th century, the Black Death spreads around the world, killing more than 20 million people in Europe — nearly one-third of the continent’s population — and 75 million around the world, when the global population was about 380 million.
  • At 4:20, the world population explodes thanks to the Industrial Revolution and modern medicine. From 1800 to 2015, the global population grew from about 910 million to more than 7.3 billion.
  • After 4:40, you can begin to see how the world population will expand in the future — to nearly 9.6 billion.

You can move the video slider forward to the present day. Really scary when you consider what this means in the near-term future, only a few years away.

There is a fully interactive map at

I can’t see how this will happen. We’re absolutely running out of everything essential to live. We literally all now living on the dregs of what little remains.

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