Summary: Why We Are Failing To Save Civilization – We Have Seriously Underestimated the Existential Threats Facing Humanity

Humans are incredibly naive. I see this everywhere, even among the most learned, respected people in the world. Some of the brightest minds have issued stark warnings on what lies ahead, but then turn right around and make unfounded claims that things are going to work out. This has always puzzled me, but cognitive dissonance isn’t something Harvard graduates are immune to – it affects us all.

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Anybody besides me “fascinated” by the speed of the planetary disintegration now taking place? Huge, utterly irreversible changes are now unfolding faster and faster. Sure looks like the non-linear effects of climate collapse are well underway.

For the second time in less then a month – in the dead of winter – the North Pole has risen above freezing. Hah! I can’t even image what the melt profiles must look like up there.  A whopping 90% of the human-induced heat energy has gone into the oceans.

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Mayo Update

Dr. Arpey from the Mayo Clinic called me yesterday. He’s finally received and reviewed the MRI images I had done on my shoulder. He’s moved the surgery date by two days, so that a second surgery can be performed the following day by Dr. Rose, who is a orthopedic oncologist surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. So it looks like two surgeries now, including a muscle graft, and a longer stay will be necessary.

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A Heartfelt Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who have donated for the Mayo Clinic fund!

James, Matthew, Alexandre, Gail, Anne, Kathryn, Ryan, Andrzej,  and all all five Anonymous people! This amounts to $741, plus $359.55 from Food Assets!

For some reason, food sales remain incredibly slow for the past several months so I don’t think this is going to help much towards my fund raising goals.

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Civilization Is Not Carbon Neutral and Never Will Be

Human civilization is represented in these pictures from around the world:


Most cities require massive amounts of energy, even at night. These energy sources come from nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, thermal, coal, gas and oil fired power plants, each which is a carbon emitting source contributing to the pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Their structures, the buildings, towers, glass, steel, copper and concrete used in their design and construction is carbon and energy intensive.

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Scientific & Technological Hopium

It’s time to examine, if only briefly, the list of assumptions being made today that will allegedly solve our climate crisis. This is only a brief (incomplete) but important list. Blog articles need to be short (so that they’re actually read) so I’ll try to be brief. Here is the short list:

a) The IPCC reports, assessments and estimates accurately portray the current state of the world’s climate and what might occur in the future.
b) Technology will be developed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere before catastrophic changes occur.
c) Zero carbon, and / or negative carbon ‘activities’ will be developed to halt human emissions into the atmosphere.
d) Stop burning fossil fuels and we’ll stop the planetary warming.
e) Human population will manage to sustain sufficient food production in a warming world.
f) Cooling technologies will be developed, in time, to slow or even halt planetary warming.

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Earth Changes

The biosphere of the Earth is changing in profound, and in increasingly alarming ways. It’s a familiar story to those who are watching, but it’s still largely unknown by the majority of people. The distractions and demands of our civilization have divorced millions of humans from what is unfolding around the world.

One more time: If these creatures cannot live here, neither can we. We are intricately linked to the health of the biosphere. Many of these animals are dying from starvation. It’s not temperature that’s killing them – it’s the lack of food, but there are other things causing the die-off too, like pathogens which are thought to be linked to a warming climate.

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Help Me Go To The Mayo Clinic

This is a hard blog entry to write.

I’ve been preoccupied with a medical condition that is affecting my time and ability to focus on other issues right now. About 3 years ago, after a minor surgery, a very rare form of cancer (Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans) was found in the pathology specimen taken from my shoulder. It was apparent that the initial surgery did not get it all.  After seeing a oncologist specialist, I was told I had ten years or so to deal with it, so I shelved the ‘problem’ for the time being.

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