Midwest Flooding – Major and ‘Historic’

Everybody with a television should know by now about the historic flooding occurring in the Midwest. Pretty normal, right?

No, not really. In fact, it’s really abnormal. Here’s why:

a) There has been no spring rains;

b) There has been no snow melt that occurs with the usual flooding of rivers;

c) It’s December. Absolutely not Spring or the “rainy season”.

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More Happy Hopium

No mention of deep water ports being lost to rising sea levels in this article – Who pays the enormous cost of moving all our stuff?

But you will read a happy note:

“Not anything within a year or two, but within a decade or so we could see very interesting stuff,” says Rodrigue. “A lot of vehicles will be self-driving, dropping stuff automatically at some specific, pre-set points, and the loading and unloading will be somehow automated, and people will just need to pick up their stuff.” The reduced energy costs of automated vehicles and optimized routing and deliveries could mean we’ll need fewer energy-sucking vehicles on the road to get all the stuff we need.

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It’s Raining In the Arctic – Right Now

This may be far away and out of sight / out of mind, but it has serious implications.

Warm Storm Brings Rain Over Arctic Sea Ice in Winter

In the dark no less, in an area that hasn’t seen the sun for two months. Where it should be bone-chilling cold.

So… maybe the idiotic denialisphere will wake up? Nah… there’s been plenty of opportunity for that. Ok then, never mind, they’re the walking dead anyway.

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Too Little, Too Late (and a “I told you so”)

This has already been posted elsewhere – but it’s a great read and deserving of a posting here.

Too Little, Too Late

Last week, after a great deal of debate, the passengers aboard the Titanic voted to impose modest limits sometime soon on the rate at which water is pouring into the doomed ship’s hull. Despite the torrents of self-congratulatory rhetoric currently flooding into the media from the White House and an assortment of groups on the domesticated end of the environmental movement, that’s the sum of what happened at the COP-21 conference in Paris. It’s a spectacle worth observing, and not only for those of us who are connoisseurs of irony; the factors that drove COP-21 to the latest round of nonsolutions are among the most potent forces shoving industrial civilization on its one-way trip to history’s compost bin.

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2016 Will Smash, Destroy and Devastate

Right now, this is what is happening: Freak storm in North Atlantic to lash UK, may push temperatures over 50 degrees above normal at North Pole

Computer model simulations show the storm, sweeping across the north central Atlantic today, rapidly intensifying along a jet stream ripping above the ocean at 230 mph.

People do not seem to realize exactly how much heat is being pumped into the Arctic – but it is absolutely GIGANTIC.

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Network News Faults and Lies

Battered, bruised and jumpy — the whole world is on edge

It’s not a surprise, not to this writer anyway, that the media continues to completely fail to grasp the significance of climate change and how this is driving the majority of issues plaguing the world.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY knows that something is amiss. The world of yesteryear is gone. Some of us recognize that it is gone forever – it’s actually extinct, never to return. The reason is obvious, but you still won’t find it in print on the popular websites and news outlets.

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Hansens Carbon Tax Concept – why it won’t work

I suggest anyone interested in learning more about one of the carbon tax ideas watch these videos.

I have listened to this series by James Hansen a couple of times. I have never been a supporter of the carbon tax concept because I do not believe it will solve anything. But I have no doubts about it being tried for many years by most of the countries around the world.

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Daffodils in December

Paul Beckwith (University of Ottawa) gets it:

Door A: If we carry on business-as-usual and continue to burn fossil fuels, the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans will continue to change, trapping more heat in the former and destroying the marine food chain in the latter.

The enormous Arctic warming has already disrupted Earth’s heat balance from the equator to the poles causing global circulation patterns in the atmosphere to go haywire, and now recently the ocean currents and surface heat patterns are completely changing. Extreme weather events around the planet are wreaking havoc on our cities and infrastructure and global food sources. If continued, with abrupt climate change, first cities will drop like dominoes cascading to nation state failure and even societal collapse.

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News Links – December 2015

Isn’t it strange that so many of us humans can now foresee our imminent demise – and yet do nothing about it?

Isn’t it strange that we can intelligently discuss this topic and still, despite all of the meetings, conferences, scientific papers and research, and do nothing to stop it?

Isn’t it strange that with collapse now spreading like ripples in a pond rising into a tidal wave, eliminating species, homes, farms and crops, we’re still strangely fascinated by all of it?

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