Malcom Light – 6C within 13 years – How Stupidity Is Leading To Our Extinction

There’s been an unending series of bad news (unreported by me but available elsewhere). As expected, the sum-total of these developments continues on the same tragic course and what this means for human survival.


The following comments refer to Figure 224 below. All historical floating ice appears to have been lost in the Arctic by September 2015 so we can assume that the 5+ year old ice pack has largely gone by this time. The 5+ year old ice pack was only predicted to melt back by 2021.7 consequently this year’s volume of ice melting has occurred 6 years earlier than the previous prediction. The previous estimate of the final loss of 1 year Arctic floating ice from polynomial data was 2037.7 which now corrects to 2031.7, 16 years in the future.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Interesting short essay over on Nature Bats Last. I’ve almost never stopped by over there, preferring instead to keep my distance. But I find this post very timely, because I’m feeling exactly the same way. I’ve said what needs to be said and pointed out what needs to be pointed out, but am feeling increasingly frustrated over the near-total defeat of any effective resistance to planetary death or sincere action to combat climate change and the resulting inevitable human extinction. Nothing is working. Nothing is going to change the outcome as far as I can tell. And even though I’m still convinced we should try, I’m really tired. Really, really tired. I can barely bring myself to write anything these days which is why the blog has floundered (again).

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Beheading, Crucifixions, Then Appointed to United Nations Panel On Humans Rights

Nobody should require any proof that the U.S. Government is 110% bought and paid for, but here is something that should make your blood run cold, no matter who you are, what you believe, or where you live, anywhere in the world:

Saudi Arabia: Butcher, Slavery & History of Revolt


One of the most brutal regimes in the world, now appointed to the United Nations Panel on Human Rights.

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