Severely Degraded Permafrost Reveals Massive Carbon and Methane Source

I suspect that it will take a bit before this gains the traction that it deserves, but it’s hugely significant and is having a major impact upon the unfolding climate disaster.

Millions of lakes throughout the West Siberian Subarctic region are releasing gigantic amounts of carbon dioxide and methane gas. The area is larger then Scandinavian, Canadian and Alaskan wetlands several times over. Over 80% of this area is covered by these thermokarst lakes.

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Deadly Flash Flood Kills 16, Carry Away Cars

Found over on Desdemona Despair (a site everyone should be reading daily):

Flash flood in Utah traps hikers, carries away cars – 16 die in ‘100-year event’.


From the article:

Flash floods are not uncommon in the area, but the volume and pace of Monday’s rain was a “100-year event” in Hildale, said Brian McInerney, hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.

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Evolution or Revolution? Americans Being Micro-chipped?

200 Feet of Sea Level Rise

The bad news: If we burn all of the planet’s fossil fuels, we’ll melt all of the world’s land ice.

The good news: You’ll be long gone so … party on!

You can read the news release of the study here.

My main issue with this modeling study is that it is doubly conservative. First, it lowballs how fast rapid sea level rise can start, given the latest observational studies from Antarctica, as leading scientists have pointed out. Second — and equally important — it lowballs how fast temperatures might rise.

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Infowars Money Bomb – What you are not being told

For Alex Jones followers and fans, there is an ‘event’ being held to tomorrow to fleece your pockets of even more money.

Infowars is holding another ‘moneybomb’ event, trying to raise another million dollars for Alex Jones and his alleged television broadcast.

I’ve never liked this moronic clown, finding him a dishonest creep; a true faketriot extraordinaire. Virtually NONE of his claims have proven out as I shared in More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots.

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Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

Please read Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I if you have not done so already. I’ve outlined what climate collapse really means. In Part II, I’m going to outline steps you can take to prepare yourselves whether you are a business or a family.

Extreme Weather Events

Climate collapse means more extreme weather events, seasonal disruptions and unusual weather phenomenon increasing in frequency and severity. Human civilization has been designed around predictable weather patterns.  Our cities, businesses, industry, homes and infrastructure were built to endure normal weather and climatic events. We’ve also organized our agricultural practices and harvests around the seasons, which since time immemorial have also been reasonable predictable. “Bad years” usually meant bad weather, sometime it meant pestilence. Insect infestations are also heavily affected by weather patterns. A dry winter or warmer then usual will mean more insects and their larvae will survive. Food production has usually been able to account for these weather variations – but not always.

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God Strikes Back, er no…. Just an Extreme Climate Event on 9/11

A massive crane has collapsed upon the world’s largest mosque in Mecca today, with 87 dead and over 150 injured.

It won’t be long before the connedspiracies begin in earnest, so I’ll beat them all to the punch.

Only 1 of these is true, sensible and provable:

a) this was an act of God seeking vengeance upon the Muslims with the “proof” being this occurred on 9/11 and in Mecca;

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It’s A Big Deal and It is Being Ignored

There are a couple of important new articles that should be read by everyone watching the climate crisis unfold.

They are 3.27°C Warmer by 2030? and Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster then Forecast.

Both articles fit right in with my last post, Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I. Part II is going to be about what each of us can do. But I’d like to share some comments from these two articles and what this means.

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Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

The climate crisis affecting human survival on Earth is still accelerating in the wrong direction. Increasingly strident warnings are now being issued by climate scientists that the world is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions and risk. Unfortunately, they are continuing to be ignored on the scale and scope of what will be necessary for effective human response – nothing less then a World War II scale of effort, mobilized across the entire world is required. But the evidence is already clear – the world lacks the political and industrial leadership to change course. It is very much an unknown when – or even if – this will ever change.

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West Coast Facing Severe Weather for Fall & Winter and What the New Normal Will Really Mean

The entire West Coast looks to be getting setup for some extreme weather events for fall / winter 2015.

For a few years, a “hot blob” of immense proportions has been growing the Pacific Ocean basin.

This has also been termed the “ridiculously resilient ridge” (RRR). The good news is this situation is about the change. The bad news is it may be changing for the worse.

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