September Surprise!

Surprise, surprise!!!

If you’ve been waiting for the Blood Moon, Shemitah, God’s Judgement, the September Surprise, or whatever ‘filter’ you routinely apply to unfolding world events, keep waiting. Nothing is going to happen. It’s glaringly obvious that the ‘grand delusion’ is landing dab smack square on the profit [sic] crowd.

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Batshit Crazy…

Batshit crazy… (facebook video link – oops, it’s now been removed!).


Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You really should watch this first for context. It’s now been removed, most likely because this idiot is just another false prophet who has always been proven wrong.

This dude is a certifiable crazy nutter. He’s promoting long disproven claims that keep making the rounds in the nutter / connedspiracy circles. He’s not even bothered to fact check anything. If you watch any of his other videos, he’s clearly one of the nutters, although only one video was enough to prove this point.

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Worst Fire Season On Record

Several development on the fire season in the Pacific Northwest. Smoke here in Idaho is very bad, you really don’t want to be outside much and it’s not much better inside.

Others have ‘noticed’ this too, but I’m up close and personal to it this year. It’s the worst fire season on record.


US Experiencing Worst Fire Season on Record as Blazes in Washington and Oregon Explode Twelvefold to Over 1 Million Acres

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Fire Preparation

The fires in the area are making the air quality really poor. Evacuation orders have been given to friends of mine, everyone is watching nervously. Sadly, several firefighter have now been killed as fires with strong winds have overtaken their positions.

Gina from Australia sent me this list of preparations. After the terrifying fires of 2003, Australians are very familiar with the risks and what to do if fires come near.

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Breaking the Dominant Paradigm In The Survivalist Movement

In numerous posts on this blog, such as More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots and Morons Unite!, I’ve made the argument that the escalating ‘climate of fear‘ being incubated today in America and within the so-called ‘survivalist’ movement is a deliberate campaign designed to take advantage of people and liberate them from their money.

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End Time Fantasies

Salon magazine’s article on Michelle Bachmann Creepy End Time Fantasies is an important read for those who do not yet grasp the dangers of the Republican right’s desire for nuclear Armageddon.

I find it hard to believe that such idiocy has risen to a position of candidacy for the office of the President of the United States (impro-‘bable’ as it may be). But we’ve seen it before in Bush, Reagan and quite a few Cabinet members. There is also the Senate and Congress where the religious fervor to destroy the world and usher in the Second Coming is a heartfelt desire by these deluded idiots.

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The Dying Earth and The Future Of Mankind

A 17 second video showing what’s happening during the summer heat shift, from 1958 to now. Worth watching several times:

This summer (2015) has seen a huge shift in summer temperatures. Madrid, Spain broke summer temperature records in June and July, Germany did too, England, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt and Washington state (and many more, I’m not going to bother trying to list them all, just know, “it’s too damned hot”).

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‘Godzilla El Niño’ – ‘Strongest In Recorded History’

As predicted, it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse. A ‘Godzilla’ El Nino event is already unfolding.


El Niño intensifying, could rival strongest in recorded history.

2015 will for certain be the hottest in human history. Which probably means 2016 will be even worse.

More details can be found here: El Nino Crosses Monstrous Threshold

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The Quake That Will Rock The West

Rainlover shared this link with me, a worthy read on just how huge the earthquake zone really is in the Pacific Northwest:

The Really Big One

The Cascadia subduction zone is 700 miles long, running from Mendocino, California all the way up through Oregon and Washington. Seismologists have only recently uncovered the fact that this fault line is well-overdue for another major quake (running 8.7 or higher on the Richter scale).

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More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots

The profit in chief [sic] spins out more lies:

Somebody silence this moron. While entertaining (if you’re bored), he’s doing a lot of damage to Americans. Selling fear and incessant propaganda, Jones has become the bottom-feeding standard by which all other hucksters and charlatans hope to obtain (including similar riches). He who shouts loudest, is the most belligerent, outrageous and ridiculous “wins” while deluding millions.

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Morons Unite!!!

Someone sent me this link, knowing that I’d not be able to ‘resist’ a reply. They’re right. But as I’ve said before, nothing I write is permitted to be published anywhere else, so here you are.

If you want to read some (more) ignorant moronic crap from Michael Snyder, check this out.

Of course they won’t publish my comments, but virtually everything written in this article is a total lie. There is NO shortage of food. There is NO rush for orders. There is no September panic. There is NO rush for gold. This is simply yet another ploy by desperate fools to fleece the idiots among us.

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