The Devil Is Laughing His Ass Off

I had a Black Friday sale, but was afraid to announce it for fear of being trampled to death.

I need not to have worried.  A new television is a lot more valuable and important then having any storable food.

The holiday season is upon us, but it would be nicer if it weren’t. This is when the real crazies come out. Either H.A.A.R.P. is pumping out more electromagnetic crazy or it’s just something Americants “do”.

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Losing Habitability of Planet Earth

Big news. Many of you have already read about this topic right here over the past several years.  We’re going to lose the planet, ie., it is becoming “inhabitable” for humans and other living things.

Warsaw – Day 12: Too little too late to save the planet


 By Paul Brown in Warsaw

 The Climate News Network’s Paul Brown has been in Warsaw for two weeks at the UN climate talks – the 19th Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. With the talks in their final hours, he reports on the probable outcome, a  depressingly familiar one.

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The Uninhabitable Earth

I have been without a functioning ISP for the past 24 hours due to a snowstorm. Not much snow, but it wiped out a lot of power in the area for some reason. So I got a ton of email all at once (doom news).

So here’s a quick update and assessment of what this means.

Scanning through all of this, I read:

Prepare Now For a 4°C Rise In Temperature (Climate News Network) – A “bleak future” is now guaranteeed for the human race because little progress has been made to slow global warming. We must “prepare for a world temperature rise of 4°C because scientists no longer believe that politicians are capable of holding the temperature rise below the internationally agreed limit,  2°C above pre-industrial levels.” Some parts of the world were already in danger of becoming too hot for humans to inhabit.

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Understanding Truth

I’ve been quiet lately, pondering many thoughts, stories, articles, books and sources of information. Which means I’ve been pretty busy, just not busy writing here.

I’ve picked up a number of good books by Richard Carrier which has me totally engrossed in their contents. At any given time, there must be five books or so that I’m reading, picking them up between other tasks and chores, reading until I stop, and then perhaps returning to them the same day or even a month later.  I find that this works pretty good for me, I still manage to get a lot done while keeping up on the material that interests me.

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Climate News Network reported a day or so back that by 2025, humans will produce enough garbage and waste to fill a line of garbage trucks 5,000 kilometres long every single day. Over six million tons.

Imagine (if you dare) what that means for the world’s resources. All that “garbage” is coming from somewhere, harvested, mined, milled, molded, fabricated, produced – from raw materials.

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