Painful Humor – Amerikstan Demokracy

If you need a funny to rub your nose into, here’s one:

Wouldn’t it be just great if somebody could give such a speech to the clowns “in charge” of this insane asylum?  I’d pay for a front row seat.

And a definitely non-humorous video:

The Apocalypse is clearly happening to millions of people all over the world – right now.[...] Read More

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Pick Your Apocalypse

Two videos you should watch (Netflix) – Plastic Planet and Patagonia Rising.

Pretty clear that we’re very rapidly ruining what little remains. Hard to imagine that the entire Earth is now covered with plastic chemicals and pieces. The oil industry very much wants to keep humans ignorant about how serious this has become.

Also read Why and How jellyfish are Taking over the World.  Good read. I’ve covered this topic before. Sent in by Lonewolf who’s been helping keep me informed as the collapse deepens.[...] Read More

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Japanese Revenge On America – MASSIVE LEVELS OF RADIATION

Oh boy, is this a apocalyptic event now unfolding….

Fukushima Meltdown

We’re about to have our food, water, soil, air, bodies, fish, wildlife and everything else irradiated by 14,000 times the amount released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb if things get ANY worse than they already are.

You absolutely must read Washington’s Blog on the latest developments.[...] Read More

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Egypt: Apocalypse Now

A good short read on what happened in Egypt (resource collapse): Egypt: Apocalypse Now

More information here: How Resource Shortages Sparked Egypt’s Months-Long Crisis

This is happening here (in the Untied States), so we can probably learn a bit from how others have collapsed.

Beans, bullets, bread, and preparations will go a long ways towards your current / future survival, at least until it can’t.[...] Read More

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Oregon Prepares for Massive Quake

Somebody is thinking ahead – although insufficiently: Bracing for the Big One

Here is the full Oregon Resilience Plan.

There have been a lot of quakes lately around the Pacific Ring of Fire. I rarely mention them, only because predicting what / where / when isn’t exact and the overall message of “be prepared” and attain some level of self-sufficiency remains the same anyway.[...] Read More

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Disaster Week – And the Greatest Threat Of All

It’s been a week (or more) of bad news, disasters and human suffering, with much, much more to come.

This is what collapse looks like.

I’m not going to gloat, or advertise, or say anything other than “what did you expect?” to the people of the world.

I’m still angry and disgusted at the ongoing denial that is still evident even among the affected by these disasters, but frankly, this isn’t my problem. Idiots will believe whatever the hell they want even when they are drowning or being burned out.[...] Read More

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Climate Change 2013: Greenland Ice Sheet & Northern Polar Jet Stream

Sent in by Lonewolf, a great video on what is happening @ 2013 with climate change effects in the Arctic, Greenland and the jet stream:

The significance of what this means is humanity is in DEEP SHIT. Please take the time to watch and self-educate.

A few of my own comments:

Sad to see the video end with the bogus hopium “good news”. 400,000 Hiroshima bombs DAILY energy imbalance is NOT going to be turned around by ANYTHING we can now do (except collapse). Sinclair needs to do the math and calculate what it means to replace all that lost ice and absorbed energy. Hopium dictates that you do not tell the whole truth and admit just how utterly fucked we are. The “good news” is a just a pinhead on a map of ongoing disaster and nothing more. We’re facing a mortal threat alright – an extinction level threat.[...] Read More

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