Black Alert

It’s become painfully clear that U.S. journalism is poorly equipped to report the actual news. Why this matters will be covered in a moment.

It’s also become painfully clear that climate scientist are poorly equipped to sound the alarm. They’re great at their job, just no so great when it comes to telling us what it all means.  Why this matters will be covered in a moment.

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NSA Spying – New Revelations Of Huge Importance

This is a must watch video. The NSA spying is FAR more then we’ve been told (so far).

News organization, financial institutions, American companies, State department, Colin Powell, high ranking military generals, journalists, law firms, lawyers, admirals, Supreme Court, wanna-be Senator Barack Obama, Congressional offices, district offices.

Emails, phone, unlisted numbers, private residences, contacts, relationships, family members, spouses, virtually EVERYTHING was being monitored, recorded and databased.

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Humans Are Approaching a State Shift In the Earth’s Biosphere

I keep plugging away at this, because this is serious stuff (versus the absolute insanity of the daily media garbage), but widely ignored.

Humans Are Approaching a State Shift In the Earth’s Biosphere

The news is NOT good (how COULD it be – nothing has changed). Warning signs are screaming from the sidelines WORLDWIDE and yet, the world continues to fixate on absolutely STUPID SHIT that has no meaning or relevance or importance.

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Thought Crimes and Deceptions

The ridiculous race baiting being promoted by the media isn’t even worth my time or yours. But here is a common sense facts about the Zimmerman / Martin fiasco:

It has always been dead obvious that Martin was a thug who overstepped himself this time and was killed in self-defense as a result. Zimmerman should have never been brought to trial. Anything less then an acquittal would have been a crime.

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Filming Animal Crimes = Acts of Terrorism

More unbelievable attacks on conscientious humans who try to expose animal crimes and cruelty:

Factory farms are Dante’s vision of hell on Earth for millions of slaughtered animals (daily).

Over 9 billion animals are killed for food each year. Most suffer very short brutal lives in horrifying conditions before being killed.  Hundreds of millions of Americants religiously march to the supermarket every day to buy cellophane wrapped meat. They have no idea how it got there, or the type of conditions these animals were made to live in.

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WTF? Armed Mercenaries Patrol Wisconsin Forest

This story is truly beyond bizarre.

Forested land in Wisconsin is being contested by protesters and developers who want to build a 4.5 mile long open pit iron mine.

In a allegedly ‘violent confrontation’, a security guard wrestles a camera away from a protestor.

The developer (Gogebic Taconite) then goes bezerk, and hires a private mercenary force with camouflage, face masks and assault rifles to ‘patrol’ the forest and ‘protect’ their interest.  The group is later then caught spying on campers who ‘might have been vandals’.

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Climate Change and the Forests of the West

Sent in by Lonewolf, this is a really good video on what is happening with the forests in the West by Dr. Steve Running.

If you like facts, science and good commentary, definitely watch this.

Although from 2010, it’s even more valid today as truly huge temperature changes are taking place.

I got a chance to watch this all the way through, since being in the West will definitely be of interest to me. What is happening in our forests is very scary.

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Too Many Coincidences

Have you ever wondered why the alternate media is often so wrong?

I’ve spent a lot of time over nearly 25 years reading alternate media “news” on thousands of sites and printed publications. In that time, I’ve come to view much of the alternate media with the same distrust that I reserve for the mainstream media.

I’ve shared with readers before that I don’t subscribe to much of what is reported on any website as being accurate. But this is not to say that the main stream media is accurate either, because it’s clearly not. It’s the reason the alternate media stepped forward, but many of these sites left journalistic standards behind.

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Gigantic Explosion in Canadian Town

Another disaster: Sixty missing and scores feared dead as train carrying hundreds of tons of oil derails and explodes in fireball in Canadian town center

The center of a Quebec town has been wiped out, according to the mayor, after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in a fireball at 1am on Saturday.

About 30 buildings were destroyed and 60 people are believed to be missing, but the force of the fire has prevented rescue workers from searching for survivors.

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Surveillance Society – Fascist States of Amerika

More news on the Security State fascism: U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

Mr. Pickering was targeted by a longtime surveillance system called mail covers, but that is only a forerunner of a vastly more expansive effort, the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program, in which Postal Service computers photograph the exterior of every piece of paper mail that is processed in the United States — about 160 billion pieces last year. It is not known how long the government saves the images.

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