Escape From North Korea

Everyone is probably aware that North Korea is threatening war.  Kim Jong Un is a true nutcase at the helm of nuclear weapons, but it is still pretty doubtful still that these latest bellicose threats are to be taken seriously.

North Korea is a “dark country”, that has been long reported as a brutal regime.  The story below describes one woman’s escape:

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Huge number of discontinued products!!!

Alpine Aire and Richmoor (now both owned by Katadyn North America) have issued a huge discontinued products list – all told we’ve lost over 315 items from our product offerings.

This is the third time this year we’ve been informed of discontinued items from 3 different canneries. With the continuing economic situation and raw resources becoming more difficult to source, we are expecting to see many more before it is over.

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President Obama – A Fraud In The White House

Guess this makes Joe Biden the new President of the United States, or then again, maybe not.  If Obama couldn’t legally run for Office of the President, then where does that leave Biden as part of the (s)Elected Democratic ticket?

Lets’ see if Congress can finally find their balls and do something about this.

And the other good news: all the laws, decrees, executive orders issued during Obama’s “term” should also to be declared illegal.

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The Horrors of War

Chris Hedges has written an essay on the Horrific Industrial Violence the American Military Is Capable of, shown below.

These crimes are not limited to the US Military and the millions of Americans who support the war industry here at home. These crimes encompass all wars, everywhere in the world.

There is no such thing as a “gentle war”. We should care about these crimes, and what is being done, but we really don’t. The constant denial, coverup and participation is our evidence.

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The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

Greg Palast has released a free download video about Venezuela and Hugo Chavaz and what is behind the machinations to (re)gain control over Venezuelan oil, an amount which truly dwarfs Saudia Arabia.

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

There is a lot of online speculation regarding the assassination of Chavez. Here are a few, which notably includes the other cancer-struck victims of South American leaders:

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