The Secret Drone War

Hard to believe (for me anyway) that we’re actually doing this. This undeclared war by assassination is killing thousands of civilians, none who are ‘involved’ in any way with alleged acts of terrorism.

Oh, in case it matters to anyone: 30,000 drones have been authorized to fly over American skies.

I do hope everyone realizes what this means. This is about far, far more then ‘civil liberties’ being trashed (again).

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Owned & Operated

Quote from the video:

“Everytime that I open my mouth, critically, with regards to this country, everytime I feel like I want to criticize this country, there’s this little niggling voice in the back of my head that says ‘how dare you Paul!

You know how fat and lazy are? You know how privileged you are? How dare you criticize this country!  How dare you sit there in your life of abject luxury and criticize this great country!

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Apocalypse, NOT!!!

Well, I’m still here…. and so are all of you. Or at least most of you.

The dreaded apocalypse didn’t happen. Guess I’d better finish clearing the roads from the gigantic snowfall.

This would be a GOOD time to make some new resolutions.  The heck with waiting for the New Year.

We just got handed a new life!!!

No reason to delay our thanks or our resolve.  To never, ever fall for the crowd insanity that overtakes the world from time to time.

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Hysteria Building

Growing HysteriaI don’t know how many of you are reading the news links regarding the Mayan hysteria, but it’s building very rapidly.

There are links all over the Web, but I’m not going to encourage any of this now by posting them here.

In addition to this, the gun crowd has gone absolutely ape-shit. So has sellers of rifles, ammunition and magazines.

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America Reacts (badly)

Parts of America are having an aneurism over “gun control”.  I completely agree.

A firm grip will do wonders for your aim.

I find the whole  issue irrelevant. Gun owners are convinced that the 2nd Amendment keeps them free from a tyrannical government, while they stood by and watched the wives and girlfriends get groped at the airports around the nation for years.  Lest we forget — they flew too.

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Only 7 Days To The End Of The World

NASA releases a video (early), warning about the 12/21/2012 Mayan prophecy:

There is obviously a HUGE problem with this video.  First off, it was released early by a government agency, so it must be wrong (more propaganda). The Internet subculture is full of the Mayan predictions and reactions right now, so whatever the government is saying must be false.

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AMEG Strategic Plan

I’ve been mulling over whether to post this or not.  The AMEG Strategic Plan lays out the case for collapse (very soon) pretty clearly, and the need to respond immediately.

I think there are a lot of omissions in the plan and a whole lot of “I sure as hell hope this works” sort of things.

You should read it.

I doubt very much that anything now is going to avert the massive coming famine [which they underestimate], as crops are one of the weakest and easily affected areas to be impacted.

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More Bad News for the Planet

Blog readers SHOULD know by now how dangerously incorrect some of the science is on what we can soon expect. For example, the IPCC report (due in 2014) completely omits permafrost melting from any projections.

Now, there is a new report that should be digested.  Degrees are in Celsius:

And now a new study has shown just how unrealistic the 2-degree goal is. “If we keep going on as we have been, it will be 5 degrees,” says co-author Glen Peters, who works at Norway’s Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO). And scientists agree that such a dramatic warming of the earth’s temperature would have devastating consequences.

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Doomsday 18 Days and Counting Down

The secret of the Mayan “Doomsday” prophecy has been unraveled by the top world’s scientists:

Mayan Calender Predicts Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportions

The final image decoded is the venerable “Twinkie” treat, loved and enjoyed by millions and millions of people around the world.

Dr. Richard Hawkins of the Science and Research Institute in Belgium, has this to say:

“The Mayan civilization was very advanced for it’s time. By accurately measuring the movement of the planets and stars in the night sky over centuries of measurements, they developed a very sophisticated means of understanding forthcoming events on the Earth.  We were simply shocked when we discovered how eerily accurate the Mayan calendar turned out to be.  The world already knows that the demise of the Twinkie is an actual fact.

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Propaganda – Detoxify Thyself

[This is a followup to the issue I’ve been discussing with Rainlover — the suppression of dissent and opinion by site owners, journalists – Admin]

There is a an interesting article (interview and video) with Julian Assange and RT reporter about the control and flow of information.  Assange asserts that this control is happening on an international level now, controlling virtually everything that we know.

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